Fade Friday – Unbranded 21 Oz. 221 (6 Months, 1 Soak, 1 Seawash)

The combination of simplicity and quality of Unbranded jeans are quickly turning them into a fan favorite for denim projects. This week’s Fade Friday comes from our forum member, Schweizerth, who compiled a monthly progression of his Unbranded 21 Oz. 221. He’s clearly been wearing them well, and as a result we get to see how deep and vivid fades have come so quickly from this heavyweight denim.

Unbranded’s are already known for its quick fading. Schweizerth gave his jeans 1 soak, 1 wash, and 1 seawash, which all undoubtedly add to the fast fade progression of his jeans. While some prefer a slow fading process in order to preserve the raw look and feel for a longer duration of time, you can’t deny the aesthetic appeal of this pair. The 6 month fit pics show off the long whiskers that keep forming all the way down the thigh, as well as the intensive fading in the thighs, backside, and honeycombs.

The 21 oz. 221 fit is tapered, which leaves more room in the seat and thigh, and then cuts down from the knee. When Naked & FamousBrandon Svarc launched the sister label, the goal was to simply create affordable, uncompromising denim jeans. It’s easy to see this mantra has come to fruition today; check out the pictures  below to see the month-by-month progression.


  • Name: Unbranded 221
  • Weight: 21 Oz.
  • Fit: Tapered
  • Denim: 100% cotton sanforized rope dyed indigo selvedge denim
  • Worn: 6 months
  • Other Details:
    • Button Fly
    • Hidden Rivets
    • Chain Stitched Hem
    • Leather Patch
    • Blue Ear Selvedge
  • Available at: Unbranded for $110.00 CAD

Photos – Before

Unbranded 221 Before

Photos – After 

1 Month

One Month - Unbranded 221 Tapered Denim

2 Months

Two Months - Unbranded 221 Tapered Denim

3 Months

Three Months - Unbranded 221 Tapered Denim

4 Months

Four Months - Unbranded 221 Tapered Denim

5 Months

Five Months - Unbranded 221 Tapered Denim

6 Months

Six Months - Unbranded 221 Tapered Denim

Benjamin Simons

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  • DDavil

    Wow, those are crazy fades for 6 months. It would be nice to get an update on these at 12 or 18 months.

  • BillygoatsGruff312

    Gotta love the UB221. Too bad I can’t fit into mine.


    these look great. the fades were crushing right out the gate. I always wanted to get a pair, but worry too much about them holding up for any long period of time. that’s really my favorite thing about quality denim, is being with them for the long haul, so I don’t mind forking over the extra $$$$.

  • whorebucks

    Do people really need to carry around notebooks or novels in their back pocket at all times or are they just doing it for “unique” fades?

    • Obvious

      You idiot, ever heard of a wallet and phone?

      • whorebucks

        You idiot, do you see the wallet fade and the larger fade on the other pocket? You’re telling me he puts his phone in his back pocket? Great way to crack the screen when you sit down.

        • you are dumb

          You idiot, he can take his phone out of his pocket when he sits down

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/jjimenezjj Mr_Plastik

      Taking a closer look at the grass pic, the right back pocket looks like its holding a full sized leather wallet. Taking a closer look at the fit pic, it looks like an iPhone in the other/left back pocket.

      I hate items in my front pockets so I place my wallet and phone in the back pockets, as well.

      Mr P

    • Schweizerth

      Lol actually I had 2 wallet. Leather wallet on my back right pocket for money and another pocket is card wallet . Sometimes I put my phone (note2) on my back and forget to take out when I sit , even when I drive.. but I never crack my phone.

  • Ji Chuen

    hmm, just wondering. would 21oz unbranded be able to stand on it’s own?

    • liemhusen

      Ub 21oz can stand on its own when they are new

  • NonHyped

    I always think if you want to start working with denim and work your up, start with Unbranded until you are sure about going into the better brands like Pure or Samurai.

  • new2jeans

    I’ve been wearing my unbranded jeans for over a year now with only 1 soak, and they dont look like this guy’s one month progression. what am i doing wrong?!

    • wolfe

      How often are you wearing them?

  • mattdgold

    did I get a weird pair of UB101’s? granted, I bought them at nordstrom rack (and there was a jack spade label on top of the unbranded one, but I digress) but the outseam looks like it’s been done wrangler style, AKA flat-felled…when I try to stack them it looks like shit. It might not be just the style of the out seam but I’ve worn them for a while now and it has stayed pretty rigid.

  • Schweizerth

    My ub221 now almost 1 year old. I have already take a shoot , upload and post to the forum, but my post was denied .
    you can see how my ub221 turn after 1 year mark on my instagram or twitter

  • b00n

    what wallet is that?

  • bayuzuhdi

    recently picked up that beauty, i wish i can wear it every day !

  • 1000km

    Superb. The UB 21oz fade beautifully.