Fade Friday – Naked & Famous 32oz Weird Guy (18 months, 5 washes)

Naked & Famous pretty much ended the denim weight arms race when they released their infamous 32oz Super Heavyweight Weird Guy jean nearly two years ago. The details required to tolerate the denim’s ridiculous weight ranged from a zip fly, belt loops stitched on at an angle, and an unsanforized fabric – no sanforization machines could handle it. The jeans were made in a Japanese factory that took nearly a day and several broken sewing needles to produce each pair.

Not unlike Howard Hughes’s famed Spruce Goose, the 32’s seemed too grand for this world and produced more for novelty and prestige than for anyone to actually wear. Even creator Brandon Svarc gave them the tagline of “Guaranteed uncomfortable or your money back,” mocking anyone who thought themselves up to the task of taming these two-pound pants of insanity.

Well at least one man has proven himself worthy. User kingsofbabylon from Reddit’s raw denim forum has been wearing his 32oz jeans for the last year and a half and shown us fades you really have to see to believe. Look below for the heaviest fades the world of raw denim has to offer.


  • Name: Naked & Famous 32oz Super Heavyweight Weird Guy
  • Weight: 32oz
  • Fit:  Weird Guy, Slim, Tapered
  • Denim: 100% cotton Japanese unsanforized indigo selvedge denim
  • Worn: 18 months
  • Washes: 5
  • MSRP:  $495.00 USD
  • Other Details:
    • Zip fly
    • 15oz Leather Patch
    • 1″ x 1.5″ carpet thick yarns

Photos – Before

32oz N&F before


32oz after profile

32oz N&F after side

32 oz N&F kneetracks


N&F FF After combs2

backblock N&F 32oz




David Shuck

David is the Managing Editor of Rawr Denim. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

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  • Geoff Dick

    That man has balls (well probably not anymore due to how tight those are). I never expected fades this great to come out of a pair of those bastards. Excellent work sir. Now get those framed, and buy yourself a nice ‘light’ pair of Iron Hearts or a set of plate mail

  • DDavil

    Beautiful new webpage! Great FF! Nice denim, I just don’t think I can handle 32oz or a zipper fly. It has been a real long time since I’ve had a zipper fly now that I think of it.

    • Cruel_Angel

      Imagine trying to button up 32oz button fly. Kiss your thumbs good bye.

      • Grandier

        imagine trying to open the button off your 32oz button fly while you’re desperate to go to the toilet. kiss your thumb AND dignity goodbye =p

        • vacations_on

          But the whiskers potential in this situation…

  • Grandier

    this guy didn’t just won fade friday’s weekly featurette, this guy won the Balls of Steel contest.

    and here i’m struggling with 21oz jeans, this dude who is skinnier than me is taming a 32oz jeans….

  • johnnybravvo

    (Looks at 23oz Iron Heart’s laying on chair – sulks – walks away)

  • Richalicious

    i doff my hat to you good sir….. you deserve a medal !!!! i’m struggling with my 21oz Unbranded’s but now that i see the great fades you could achieve on a super heavy denim i shall grow a pair and wear them more often :)

  • Ghost Poop Johnson

    Win on the jeans and the liturgy shirt. this dude is a champ.

  • Big L

    This guy is a champ for wearing these on the regular.

  • Unnmd

    (Stands up and starts a slow clap) Those honeycombs….

  • anteezy

    Makes sense only jesus could wear these.

    • Eyechild

      He suffered for us though.


    whaaaat the… is there ever a point of wear on these that they become comfortable at all??

    • xstan

      very inspire , make me want wear mind more often.

    • Grandier

      at the very least, you’ll get your money back as Brandon said it himself; “guaranteed uncomfortable or your money back!”

  • Damian

    Wow. What more can be said of this entire post?

  • santosbear

    how is that feel? 32oz, burn your balls?

  • swissjeansfreak

    This is one of the toughest guys I have ever seen taming such a heaviest weight denim fabric.
    I really admire you. And those jeans still have plenty of life left in to them. I really would love to see them here back again in another year.
    Congrats to this great denim evolution with awesome fadings and wear marks all at the right places

    It would be an honor to display them for a few weeks in the Jeansmusuem of heaviest fadings some day in case you retire them later @kingsofbabylon

  • MrMofoness

    The contrast is amazing, one of the better fades I have seen surfin.

  • Abdul

    how about the sizing of this monster ? and will it shrink much post-soak ?
    and is the true size same with tag size?
    I have a big thigh, still not sure about the sizing

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  • meow

    Leather patch 15oz, jeans 22oz end of story

  • xstan

    Great jeans but I wish next 2015 they will do the straight cut .

  • Dreamlo

    Bought those pairs in 2012, decided to give them a wear now will keep you posted!