Fade Friday – Imperial Shearer (2.5 Years, 7 Washes)

The busiest people have the ability to fade some of the most unique jeans. This pair of Imperial Shearer comes from Johnny Bravvo – a DJ, avid wood-worker, and raw denim enthusiast. His jeans for this week’s Fade Friday displays the intense wear and tear that only committed denim heads can accomplish.

Johnny Bravvo first bought his jeans from Self Edge and then proceeded to wear his jeans for a full year before washing or soaking. He has been wearing them for a total of 2.5 years and has since given them 7 washes. The jeans boasts vivid honeycombs and whiskers, along with highlights around his pockets from his phone and pocket-knife. They have required some repairs along the way in the crotch and back pockets, but have managed to stay strong. They even have some uncommon water-like fades around the leg openings, which is most likely due to Johnny wearing them with boots and his various of hobbies.

Imperial Shearers were designed to pay homage to the Australian Sheep Shearers‘ who needed comfort and utility, but also a slender and stylish fit in their jeans. It is made out of a mid-weight 14.25 Oz. Raw Japanese Selvedge and shaped into a tapered slim cut.

Johnny is a multi-talented individual who wears his raw denim no matter the task at hand. Wood-working, bike rididng, sanding, and DJing have all left their own impact on this pair of jeans. All of this combines with the high yoke and extreme taper fit of the Imperial Shearers in order to create the heavily worn look of these jeans. Get a more personal look at Johnny through his website, twitter, or instagram.


  • Name: Imperial Shearer
  • Weight: 14.25oz.
  • Fit:  Tapered Slim Cut
  • Denim: Raw Japanese Selvedge
  • Length of wear: 2.5 Years
  • Number of washes: 7 Washes

Photos – Before

Imperial Denim Shearer

Photos – After

Fit - Imperial Shearer After

Front Flat - Imperial Shearer (2.5 Years, 7 Washes)

Back Flat - Imperial Shearer (2.5 Years, 7 Washes)

Front Closeup - Imperial Shearer (2.5 Years, 7 Washes)

Back Closeup - Imperial Shearer (2.5 Years, 7 Washes)

Leather Patch - Imperial Shearer (2.5 Years, 7 Washes)

Pocket Bag - Imperial Shearer (2.5 Years, 7 Washes)

Knee Fade - Imperial Shearer (2.5 Years, 7 Washes)

Honeycomb - Imperial Shearer (2.5 Years, 7 Washes)

Crotch Blowout - Imperial Shearer (2.5 Years, 7 Washes)

Benjamin Simons

Outside of contributing to RawrDenim.com, Benjamin keeps busy with his collegiate volleyball team, learning Hebrew, riding his fixie bike, and being in the ocean as much as possible.

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  • whorebucks

    You had me at Johnny Bravvo.

  • Chris

    Stunning :)

  • DDavil

    Another great FF!

  • BrownTrousers

    You know, I don’t really get why you all seem to love your jeans so tight. For me this fella needs a size up, the button fly is straining, it doesn’t look comfortable.

    Over here in the UK, generally lads wear jeans, even a narrow cut with a bit more breathing space.

    • xJFK

      “I don’t like this so don’t do it anymore.”

    • johnnybravvo

      To each his own, however, I am a married man and that’s how the mrs likes ’em.


      I love this shit all the time online about how, “well in japan theyre doing it like this”, or, “in uk its done like that”. GREAT for you guys. maybe rawrdenim could highlight your fitting achievements in an article. or maybe all americans can start wearing baggy jeans again like its the 90s because some Japanese guys are dressing like farmers and tractor repairmen.

    • Altoclefchris

      Another possibility is that he may have gained a bit of weight, but not to the point that they don’t fit.

    • Gerhard

      Each to their own – I prefer a bit more room than Jonny Bravo and I wear Imperial Shearers and sized up. But then again, I’ve got a very different body shape to Jonny Bravvo. I’ve got a heavier top block which is why I chose the Shearers because they have more room in that area (unlike the Dukes, for example). I also prefer to wear high tops or shell toes, so I go for a slightly more relaxed look, rather than a sharper closer fitting one.

  • risandi pradipto


  • johnnybravvo

    Thanks, fellas! These are my legacy and clearly I was going for a Patrick Swayze in Road House type of look. rrrROAD HOUSE!!

  • Geoff Dick

    Props to @johnnybravvo:disqus for the best photos in Fade Friday. Not too much contrast and curve adjustment, fit pics, AND best of all he put the shit he has in his pockets next to their corresponding fade pattern (Hint: Everyone do this from now on). Oh and the jeans are nice too. In way better condition than I would have expected for a year without a wash.

  • simonking

    Road House.. Big Smile…. Nice Fade… I hardly even recognise the original jean in the fade pic after the shrinkage from that first years wash!

  • boogie with stu

    Fit is tighter than I would like (because I am a geezer), but the fades rule. Love them. Too bad about the ballbag blow out.

  • pugnation

    Aren’t all imperials made in japan now?; there aren’t any stores here that i know that sell them, and the only ones ive seen in Australia are the ones i own

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  • showbe

    What kind of wallet is that you wearing? Did it come with that leather braid too? Where can I get that?