Stephen Kenn x Simon Miller Naturally Indigo Dyed Sofa

Stephen Kenn x Simon Miller Naturally Indigo Dyed Sofa

Though 99% of our focus here at Rawr Denim pertains to raw denim, many readers here will know that we’re constantly keeping an eye out for other uses of one of the garment’s core components, indigo dye. Earlier last month, furniture designer, Stephen Kenn, who’s well known for combining minimalism and vintage military fabrics, teamed up with Los Angeles denim designer, Simon Miller, to create a naturally indigo-dyed sofa that evokes the best parts of a broken in pair of jeans.

Stephen Kenn x Simon Miller Naturally Indigo Dyed Sofa

The sofa features a steel welded frame plated with copper that is oxidized to mimic aged copper plated rivets on a pair of jeans. The canvas is dipped in natural indigo and then washed in vinegar to the point where it looks like a pair of denim after a few washes. The canvas is fastened to the frame with hand-dyed belts. While this isn’t a huge stretch for Kenn as he’s worked in denim and bag design prior to turning to furniture, the piece arguably could not have been better executed and takes indigo dye to a new level.

Dyeing Process - Stephen Kenn x Simon Miller Naturally Indigo Dyed Sofa

The is available through Stephen Kenn‘s official website for $6,000.00 USD.

Ryan McDermott

Ryan McDermott

Ryan McDermott is a writer and journalist living in Washington, D.C.

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  • dtho100

    This is gonna be the one time where my couch bleeds onto my other clothes. Whoa.

    • BelliCapelli

      Perhaps it’s a “one wash” couch? Either way, you’ll end up with SICK butt cheek fades!

  • Chris Tavalare

    Stephen Kenn is a genius

  • Richalicious

    $6,000 to ruin every item of clothing myself and anybody else who sits on it owns….. seems reasonable……

    • SunderM

      Agreed, don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of using indigo dyes, and denim in unique and different ways. But sometimes it seems that these companies are using it in a situation that s impractical. It’s a great looking couch, but indigo bleed is a big issue.

  • simonking

    Great looking sofa – The space created by the frame at the sides – very visual