Samurai S634VX 17 Oz. “Musashi Model Zero” 15th Anniversary Denim

Samurai S634VX-15th Musashi Model Zero Anniversary Denim

If there ever was a brand that loves to do limited edition releases, it’d be Samurai. Whether it’s to celebrate an anniversary or just because they want to, it seems like they are consistently releasing jeans that feature a long list of intricate details. Their latest model, the Samurai S634VX-15TH Musashi Model Zero, is no exception.

It can be challenging to get all their limited edition jeans straight, but the Musashi Model Zero is quite unique in that it is one of the few Samurai jeans to feature suspender buttons and a cinch back. The denim is their signature 17 oz. Zero denim, which is an unsanforized denim known for its slubbiness and red selvedge ID with silver lamé,  and comes in their fuller S634 cut.

Other details include a crotch rivet, Jacquard pocket bags that read “Shogyo Mujo” which roughly translates to “All Things Change”, as well as extras like the 15th anniversary coin pouch and button. This jean definitely gears more towards the denimheads who favor the repro style, but regardless of whether or not this is a jean you’d wear, it’s definitely one that stands out amongst Samurai‘s vast collection.


  • Name: Samurai S634VX-15th “Musashi Model Zero”
  • Weight: 17 Oz.
  • Denim: Unsanforized “Zero” denim
  • Fit: Straight Regular fit
  • Other details:
    • Cinch Back
    • Suspender Buttons
    • Crotch Rivet
    • Deerskin patch with serial number
    • Jacquard woven pocket bags
    • 15th Anniversary coin pouch and button
  • Available at: Blue in Green for $355.00


Samurai S634VX-15th Musashi Model Zero Anniversary Denim

Cinch - Samurai S634VX-15th Musashi Model Zero Anniversary Denim Coin Pocket - Samurai S634VX-15th Musashi Model Zero Anniversary DenimHem - Samurai S634VX-15th Musashi Model Zero Anniversary Denim

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  • cinch back mountain

    the cinch on the back, that’s all devan.

  • mf051404

    Would someone actually wear a belt on this? If yes, wouldn’t the cinch interfere? If no, why are there belt loops? It seems to me that cinch back and belt loops don’t go together

    • Typhoons

      The Cinch in the back wold not interfere, as it could be connected under the belt loot which would allow for you to pass a loop through it. If you really wanted to wear a belt that is, the Suspender Buttons would be in the way of a belt though, as bending over or movement would press the buttons into you. Ideally you have the belt loops there because thats how its always been done. But you would (typically) wear suspenders and cinch the back if needed.