Fade Friday – Rogue Territory Dark Stanton (9 months, 0 washes)

Fading dark weft jeans can be a mystery. With a standard indigo warp and white weft you have a pretty good idea of how they’re going to turn out, but throw some black or indigo on the inside and sometimes even the makers themselves don’t know what’s going to happen.

This week’s Fade Friday is one such jean from Los Angeles based brand Rogue Territory. The Dark Stantons feature 13.5 ounce over dyed indigo warp by over dyed black weft denim from Japan’s Kurabo Mills. The heavy amount of dye made many wonder how the jeans would fade or if they would even fade at all.

After 9 months of continuous wear, Rogue loyal customer Long Yau proved that they do indeed fade and they do it beautifully. Check out Long’s photos of the wear on his jeans as well as his 3 month old Rogue Territory Supply Jacket below.


  • Name:  Rogue Territory Dark Stantons
  • Weight:  13.5oz.
  • Fit:  Slim Straight
  • Denim:  100% cotton overdyed indigo warp by overdyed black weft Kurabo Mills selvedge
  • Length of wear:  9months
  • Number of washes:  None
  • Available at: Rogue Territory for $235.00

Photos – Before

Rogue Territory Dark Stanton

Photos – After

Rogue Territory After Fit

Rogue Territory Stanton

Rogue Territory Dark Stanton Back

Rogue Territory Stanton Fit

Rogue Territory Dark Stanton

Rogue Territory Dark Stanton Detail

David Shuck

David is the Managing Editor of Rawr Denim. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

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  • mf051404

    The jacket should have been the highlight of this FF :)

    • Altoclefchris

      I’ve got one past a year of everyday wear, and I can attest that the supply jackets fade very well!


        yes, your jacket looks awesome, as seen on RTs instagram.

    • Grandier

      agreed! i love the jacket so much that i forgot that it’s FF. it looks different and yet still look pretty (to me at least).

  • Devan Prithipaul

    Anyone know the boots in the pic? Also, the fades seem kind of disappointing for 9 months, they’re nice and all, but 9 months of continuous wear? The jacket seems better faded then the jeans and it was only worn for 3 months. Jeans look cool, but im not too sure about the fade (contrast) quality.

    • Zelch

      Black isn’t very quick to fade – so overdyed jeans take a little longer to produce results. If you’re impatient, buy pre-faded jeans.

    • Grandier

      i thought the fade is pretty good compared to the initial pic. the front thigh & crotch and back pocket area is looking good IMO.

    • dirtbox

      the boots ruin the whole outfit

  • DDavil

    I think the jeans look good for over-dye that have not been washed yet. I think after 9 months a good wash would have really made the contrast stand out. Even still Im impressed with the pants. The jacket really looks good after three months. The guy must wear it a lot I hope. Are the boots whites?

  • Cyberkip

    The boots look like White’s semi-dress, judging by the heel. Though it’s hard to be sure. I have a feeling there are going to be almost as many boot comments on this one as comments about the jeans.

    • amjake

      Their Zuriick boots co-branded with Nick’s. I have a pair with a wedge sole and love them.

  • Joe Kerley

    Incredible aging on this pair of jeans; the more I see them, the more I’m digging the dark warp/dark weft look. Also, I usually don’t like pocket details/arcuates as I think they are tacky, but the tonal stitching of the Rogue territory loop is pretty awesome.

  • Altoclefchris

    These photos are so heavily edited…

  • sporento

    Does anyone know if Long Yau has an instagram? he would be cool to check out.

  • Olek

    Over cool style, my respect. Nice watch to – Porsche Design?

    • Ty

      I believe the watch is a citizen nighthawk

      • Long Yau

        yes, i love it

  • johnnybravvo

    If he ate a couple cheeseburgers, he wouldn’t have the saggy butt. Ladies hate the saggy butt.

  • Johnson Benjamin

    Yeah. I was mostly paying attention to the jacket.

  • Long Yau

    Thanks for @rawrdenim posting my photos. I shot those photos just because i want to share my love of denim and jeans, nothing else. @rogueterritory is my favourite brand now for Jeans and denim goods. @rogueterritory Karl and @littlepellets treat all of us really good!! We have a big @rogueterritory family on Instagram, so join us and share the love. I am a photographer and I didnt do “heavy edit” on those photos because i want to show the true colours of the denim.

    any hate comments, please come to me @honkonlong

    • swissjeansfreak

      Congrats to this great raw denim love put in to your jeans and denim jacket. Keep go rock them hard and keep us updated on them!!!

  • swissjeansfreak

    Such a great denim evolution seen on those jeans and the jacket. Would really love to see them back again in a year! They have such an awesome fading potential if worn the hardcore way for another long time!!

  • MrMofoness

    Woo hoo, don’t need woolite dark no mo.

  • mikeylab

    is that a Sinn watch

  • superseiyan

    Nice looking. Curious does black denim “fade” too?