Fade Friday – Levi’s 514 (20 Months, 2 Washes)

514FF Feat

Today’s Fade Friday features a well broken-in pair of Levi’s Slim Straight 514 raw selvedge denim. The owner, forum user Kleetz, wore the jeans for 20 months and washed them twice, resulting in some impressive features including heavy honeycombs on the back of the knees, light whiskering across the front and a deep wallet fade on the back right pocket.

While some of the fades, including the knees, are very high contrast; much of the fading through legs is more subtle, slowly gradating through the blue spectrum until the jeans turn almost white. This is aided somewhat by the fit the 514 model gives as the fit brings the jean in nicely in traditional fading areas. With almost two years down and no apparent repairs, these jeans have a lot of life left in them.

For more information, see the full forum thread.


  • Name: Levi’s Slim Straight 514 Raw Selvedge
  • Weight: 14 Oz.
  • Fit: Slim Straight
  • Denim: 100% selvedge denim
  • Length of wear: 2o months
  • Number of washes: 2
  • Number of soaks: 0
  • No longer available

Photos – Before

514FF Before

Photos – After

514FF After Fit

514FFc After Front/Back

514FF After Combs

514FF After Combs

514FF Wear

Ryan McDermott

Ryan McDermott

Ryan McDermott is a writer and journalist living in Washington, D.C.

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  • DDavil

    And some people don’t believe that cone denim can produce high contrast fades? These are beautiful! Great FF!

    • DhaDha

      IIRC, these aren’t made of cone denim. Levi’s never stated where the sourced the denim for mainline stuff but if i have to guess i’d say Turkish denim. However, you are right, Cone denim could produce high contrast fade, just not in the same way that Japanese denim does it.

      • DDavil

        Yeah, I guess I shouldn’t assume. Either way, I’m glad to see something worthy and a bit different on FF. Each individual fade is unique. This pair is probably the nicest 514’s I’ve seen. It’s nice to have an example to show what is possible.

    • Grandier

      personally, it’s not that i don’t believe that cone denim can produce high contrast fades, but i rarely see cone mills denim in fade fridays. the latest one would be the Railcar Fine Goods for women.

      yes, i know i could just browse other sites for sick fades, but i go to rawrdenim more often than those sites lol

  • Les Campbell

    I have a pair of these but don’t wear them enough to get this type of fading. Its good to know what I have to look forward to if I do end up wearing them everyday.

  • Dieter

    Where do you find a pair of selvedge levis or Lee 101s?

    • trehsu

      I have this same pair. I got these 514s and a pair of selvedge 501s at a levis retail store. I was lucky enough to find both on clearance.

  • BillygoatsGruff312

    Phone fades are wack as hell. Up if you agree, down if you like that lame ass shit.

    • JB

      I keep my phone in my back pocket… not as bad but you get the up arrow from me

    • Vinyl Scratch

      If you live somewhere warm and don’t wear a jacket/hoodie every day, where else are you supposed to put your phone? I for one am not going to eliminate carrying it around just for the sake of producing “more traditional fades.” Your fades are supposed to be a reflection of your lifestyle, and if your lifestyle warrants keeping your phone in your front/back pocket out of convenience, then there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it.

      Now, when you talk about people that *purposefully* put objects in their back pockets for the sole sake of producing “sick fadez” (like brass knuckles, a cross, etc.) then you may have a point.

    • euclid760

      phuck phone phades


      damn chill son. some people actually use their pockets for stuff. i keep my smokes up there, and if it fades, it fades. im not looking for rawrdenim naked and famous fade Fridays props, im just looking to kill myself slow.

    • MosquitoControl

      The phrase “wack as hell” is wack as hell. Up if you agree, down if you’re some kind of idiot living in 1999 or some such.


        1999, good joey badass album.

        • euclid760


    • Grandier

      i put my phone in my front pocket, so i’m not doing raw denim correctly?

    • fartman24

      Bruh how are phone fades wack? That’s where I put my phone on da daily.

  • JB

    20 months of wear… 2 washes and no holes??? somethings fishay fishay….

  • Kleetz

    Yay! Thanks for featuring my jeans! Kinda sucks I saw this three weeks later :(

    @disqus_cEjC1Swuiv:disqus There are some holes here and there (nothing major like a blowout), but the wallet pocket is torn, front pocket is torn from my phone, the cuffs have tear at the folds, and some of the honeycombs have begun to give. I don’t ride a bike or anything that would really stress them hard, I just wear them.

    Thanks again!

    p.s. I agree with the phone fades comments. I dislike them and won’t be doing that again. This was my FIRST pair, I didn’t know what I was doing and thought that fade would be cool. Live, learn.