China’s Red Cloud & Co. To Remove Red Tab Detail From R400 Denim

Red Cloud & Co. R400

The last time we featured Red Cloud & Co., it was highlighting raw denim from China – a country that is typically (and perhaps unfairly) only associated with cheap labor and poor quality garments. This time around, the brand is featured again because they have decided to discontinue their usage of the red tab detail on the R400 model.

While the reason isn’t explicitly stated, we’ve got a hunch that there was some legal reasoning behind the Shenyang-based brand’s removal of the red tab (which have caused some companies to respond cheekily to). Either way, the R400 will continue on sans tab after the current batch sells out.

Constructed of 17 Oz. unsanforized long-stapled cotton TURPAN denim, the Red Cloud & Co. R400 features a straight cut and a comfortable mid rise. The right hand twill fabric has a unique aesthetic, helping the Chinese denim to stand out a bit. The jeans also feature a Japanese goat skin patch, Japanese YKK buttons and rivets and laurel buttons on the fly. Due to the fabric being unsanforized, the brand calls out that customers should expect 5-10% in shrinkage after the first wash.

Check out all the details and photos below before heading over to Tuckshop Sundry Supply if you’re interested in grabbing a pair while the red tab is still intact.


  • Name: Red Cloud & Co. R400
  • Weight: 17 Oz.
  • Fit: Straight cut
  • Fabric: Unsanforized 100% long-stapled cotton right hand twill TURPAN denim
  • Other details:
    • Japanese goatskin patch
    • Japanese YKK buttons and rivets
    • Laurel buttons on fly
    • Made in China
  • Available at: Tuckshop Sundry Supply for $249.00


Red Cloud & Co. R400 -

Red Cloud & Co. R400 -

Red Cloud & Co. R400 -

Red Cloud & Co. R400 -

Austin Bryant

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  • Devan Prithipaul

    Wow thats some monstrous looking denim.

  • Aaron Tsuru

    Levi’s owns that red tab (as well as their back pocket stitching) and protects it vigorously, suing your ass off if you use either.

    • Chief

      It’s not just a red tab they own. They convinced a judge that ANY tab made of any material on any back pocket was their’s as well. If they had it their way, they would claim back pockets are their intellectual property as well.

      • Aaron Tsuru

        Very true! I remember when designing some new labels and back pockets for one of our customers back when I did private label, anything that even smelled like Levis you stayed as far away as possible.

  • DDavil

    Levis should be able to protect their products, but at the same time, without the arcurates, I don’t think anyone is going to confuse these jeans, or many others with being levis. Especially taking a look at the patch and seeing Chinese.

    • Lucia Rodrigues

      Why can’t Chinese be original just about everything they make.

      • Johnny Chen

        What about those Japanese retro brands like sugar cane? They have coped Levis and a lot of American products for 20 years.

  • Richalicious

    dont know if its just the pics…….. but they look awful !!

  • bryan solid

    These don’t look like they have a very flattering cut. Denim looks interesting, but I doubt you’d catch me buying such a wide-legged straight cut jean.

    • DhaDha

      they are not too bad. not as wide as the fit pic would indicate. I own these and the fit is comparable to LVC 1947, and by comparable I mean almost exactly the same, just shorter rise. But what really stands out about these is the denim. To sub it ‘stand out a bit’ is a very big understatement.

    • Grandier

      i think they’re trying to doing the same straight cut as available in the past when denim is still a workwear.

    • Thomas

      Different strokes for different folks. Fuller cuts aren’t for everyone but neither are the skinny/tapered fits that are pretty popular atm.

  • jawnzer

    This is on all models, not just the R400… It’s also going to affect the union made patch in the rear pockets.

  • Made in China