Introducing Natural Selection Denim – Denim Meets Darwinism

Introducing Natural Selection Denim

Founded by John Park in 2009, Natural Selection Denim adds further proof to the fact that the Brits are just as passionate about raw denim and the fades they produce as anyone else. Calling themselves a “contemporary British denim brand,” NSD also takes to heart their name. In their words, the brand is “built on the Darwinian concept of constant evolution in a highly competitive world.” Whatever one wants to glean from that statement, one thing is clear – the British brand has plenty of options for the discerning customer.

Introducing Natural Selection Denim -

Besides an extensive denim collection, the brand also features a fleshed-out seasonal collection featuring knitwear, shirting, trousers, and outerwear pieces. Some may find this similar to the model that the well-known Kansas City, USA-based Baldwin Denim follows.

Introducing Natural Selection Denim -

Since the denim is what the majority of you may be concerned with, Natural Selection Denim offers its jeans in five different fits and four different “wash families”. The fits include Skinny, Carrot, Taper, Narrow, and Straight. Most of the fits are self-explanatory, but for the unfamiliar, the Carrot fit features a lower crotch and more aggressive taper below the knee than the standard Taper fit most denim aficionados are familiar with.

Natural Selection Fits

As for the wash families, they include Raw, Bruised, Broken, and Buried. Aside from the Raw that readers are familiar with, Bruised means rinsed and gently abraised, Broken shows even more authentic signs of wear, and Buried is denim washing and finishing pushed to its limits. For the Raw options, NSD uses a mix of Japanese and Italian selvedge.

Introducing Natural Selection Denim -

The last piece of NSD worth mentioning is their No Evil collection. The story goes that founder John Park purchased 1,000 meters of rare, 14 Oz. organic cotton selvedge from the renowned White Oak factory at the Cone Mills plant in North Carolina. Shortly after he purchased it, White Oak discontinued the fabric, and even attempted to buy it back from Park (which he politely declined). Years later, the current brand released limited runs of 360 pairs in this rare selvedge, some of which is still available.

For those further interested in the brand and their products, be sure to check out their website, lookbook, Twitter, and Instagram pages (among others).

Introducing Natural Selection Denim -

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  • Eyechild

    Could be wrong but I think the ‘No Evil’ jeans were made of the same denim Oi Polloi made their Edwin 10th Anniversary collaboration from last year. They have the same distinctive green selvage, anyway, and were both advertised as “deadstock Cone Denim”.

  • trehsu

    I don’t know what upsets me more about this brand, their logic behind the name or the face of the model they have wearing their clothes.