DC4 Berlin Robbed – Needs Help Recovering Stolen Stock

On Saturday, January 18th, Berlin-based denim specialists, DC4, announced their store had been broken into earlier in the week and robbed of all inventory. As many will know, their collection is made up of some of the most respected and desired raw denim brands; including Samurai Jeans, Toys McCoy, Pure Blue Japan, and Studio D’Artisan.

How We Can Help

Investigations are underway with local authorities and we can all help by keeping an eye out for any stolen goods. All of their stock bears a distinct DC4 stamp (see photo below), so if you come across any items with this mark, be sure to email their team ASAP via contact@dc4.de.

DC4 Stamped Pockets

If you spot any goods bearing DC4’s stamped insignia, email them ASAP at: contact@dc4.de

For more information, read DC4‘s announcement on their blog.

Nick Coe

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  • Zhao Xuyi

    Do they really need help? They charge $60 for a leather patch…. I think they make plenty of profit, more so then other brands.

    • thebottomclef

      Even if they are making a decent profit on their products, a great deal of that revenue goes back into the stock of the store. While I don’t know quite how much inventory they have, it’s probably over 100k. That can cripple any small business.

    • Nic

      They don’t make a huge profit… Raw denim and quality leather goods cost more because small children arent enslaved to create them and the raw materials used are higher quality.

      • gringo

        You can buy belts wallets and many other things for under 60$ that are made with horween leather, so i agre with zhao that their leather patch is over priced, but its still no excuse.

    • Chris

      What a terrible attitude. Even if it was Google (cash rich and controversial) we as a society should look to act to deter such behaviour.

  • Kevin

    Since there asking people to help find the products stolen I assume they are not making an insurance claim ? If they are than why should we help them ?

  • swissjeansfreak

    If I would find any of those stolen items or a lead to them, I would inform the team of the robbed store. Just because a store is selling expensive raw denim stuff , there is no excuse to rob out such a store. Otherwise you could say that people should rob out any jewelery store or similar shops or just should rob out a bank

  • whorebucks

    Does insurance not cover theft in businesses like this?

  • Benno Cooper

    I don’t think it matters how much money they make on anything that they sell. If you don’t like the price, you can always go buy from another store / product entirely. What if you returned home tonight to find everything in your home missing? I’ve been robbed before, and I can tell you that its no picnic and often times even if they catch the person you still won’t be getting your stuff back. Steeling is wrong…about the only pass I would give is for someone steeling food for their hungry kids or something like this. If people know, they should help.

  • wanted

    Im not saying its impossible but robbing a bunch of raw denims? it doesnt make any sense in many ways

  • NL

    Irrespective of any issues concerning profit I think that they are simply asking people to help in order to deter people from committing such a crime again and to bring the culprits to justice. Furthermore, there is a large lead-in/order time on most of their stock due to the rarity of the items and it’s no wonder that they want it back, otherwise they will have no stock and the store will be f**ked as ultimately, the rates in Berlin will be expensive.