Rogue Territory x Ben Deter Hand-Dyed Indigo Handkerchief

Rogue Territory Indigo Dyed Handkerchief

The last time we checked in with Rogue Territory they had just released a short run of indigo posters with artist Ben Deter. It was an interesting collaboration experimenting with indigo dye and ways of applying it to different material. This week they’ve followed up with a set of indigo dyed handkerchief designed again by Ben Deter.

Handkerchiefs have become a more common offering from brands as it’s a way to showcase design work that they normally would not be able to in a jean, as well it’s more accessible to a wider audience. For this run of handkerchief, they used a cotton poplin material that is hand dyed in indigo. As you’d expect, the handkerchief will fade a lot like any garment that is indigo dyed.

The two handkerchiefs, named “Propellers” and “Circles“, are simple with a Japanese influenced designs and are cut, sewn, and dyed in Los Angeles. At $35, it’s an easy addition to your everyday outfit that will age alongside your jeans.


  • Name: Rogue Territory x Ben Deter Hand-Dyed Indigo Handkerchief
  • Fabric: Indigo dyed cotton poplin
  • Other Details:
    • Two silk screened designs: “Propellors” and “Circles
    • Cut, sewn, and dyed in Los Angeles
  • Available at: Rogue Territory for $35.00 (Propellors and Circles)


Rogue Territory Indigo Dyed Handkerchief


Young Lee

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  • BillygoatsGruff312

    RT is doing some big things. I might cop one of these if they’ve got them at Mildblend. I laugh when I see $100 hankies; ridiculous.


    these look dope. I picked up a handkerchief from them a couple months ago from the last collab that they did at the same price. RT is nice stuff.