Pot Meets Pop Fall/Winter 2013 Collection – Just Released

Pot Meets Pop Fall/Winter 2013 Collection - Just Released

Indonesia’s Pot Meets Pop aren’t that well known in North America, but their significant following in Southeast Asia hints at the worthy products that they put out. Most recently the brand released their Fall/Winter 2013 Collection with an accompanying look book style shoot.

The motto for the brand’s just released collection is “stylish yet durable”. Highlights include imported selvedge denim, two-tone twill parkas and M65 military jackets, an over-dyed chambray shirt and new all-cotton flannel shirts as well as the nicely crafted knit pieces to round out the collection.

The full collection is available now on their online shop where you can also check out Pot Meets Pop‘s full online presence and photos from collections past. For more looks from the present collection, read on.

Pot Meets Pop Fall/Winter 2013 Collection - Just Released Pot Meets Pop Fall/Winter 2013 Collection - Just Released

Pot Meets Pop Fall/Winter 2013 Collection - Just Released

Pot Meets Pop Fall/Winter 2013 Collection - Just Released

Pot Meets Pop Fall/Winter 2013 Collection - Just Released

Austin Bryant

Austin is a denim enthusiast that hails from Boston, Massachusetts. He works in the fashion industry and has a passion for all things visual. His photo blog is Men of Charisma and his adventures can be seen through his Instagram: @ausbry

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  • BillygoatsGruff312

    Cool brand name. Not trying to go to their website on my work computer though. I see the raw denim scene is blowing up in Indonesia though.

  • Devan Prithipaul

    Does anyone know why raw denim is so popular in Indonesia? America and Japan are obvious but Indonesia seems a little bit random.

    • mattdgold

      I’m confused as to how Japan and US are obvious to you and indonesia is somehow random but I’ll chalk it up to the tendency people have to think of any country other than G-20 as some variation on “culture-devoid backwater of the world”. The indonesian archipelago lies off the coast of part of thailand->raw denim’s popularity in thailand->my main guess.

      • Devan Prithipaul

        US is obvious because of Levi’s. And post-Meji (especially post-war) Japan is obsessed with western culture (, denim, automobile, etc.). It has nothing to do with “culture-devoid backwater of the world”. Also your answer is totally unhelpful, why is raw denim so popular in Thailand?

        • risandi pradipto

          If I’m not mistaken the era of the raw denim culture hype around Indonesia started up at some 4-5 years ago when local/international music stage showed you something new: skinny jeans.

          Then the local music scenes tried to get those jeans from the closest country with more product availability for skinny jeans: Singapore. After wearing those skinny jeans around, followed by some googling, they later on found out: the break-in process.

          But there was two main problems: first is the availability/price (hence some imitation items follow), and the second is the hype of do-not-wash-until-six-months-or-so. One thing that could possibly we put into considerations is: the climate. Some early adopter found out that the hot and humid weather in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and other SEA countries contributed to get the same fades within shorter duration of times (2-3 months will just doing fine), not to mentioned the discomfort of wearing those sweaty jeans for more than 3 months around the climate, hence the fading result came up, voila, you got some sick fades.

          Then some people realised that this could be a good market. Tailors from a city that had been known well for years of good youth market for customised jeans and leather goods in Indonesia (mostly Bandung), later on tried to make this new fit, skinny, followed with good result for such a much cheaper prize.

          That was the beginning, and the rest has always been: good news spreading fast, everyone try to make similar products, and if you organise, submit it for patent, put a good distribution chains, some publications, yeah, you need a brand, thus company rises.

    • Grandier

      “Does anyone know why raw denim is so popular in Indonesia?”

      while it may seem popular for others, it really is still a niche market here. business-wise, Indonesia is one of the strongest in SEA (there’s also singapore, malaysia, and also thailand) and have a very high consumer market. normally, anything that’s popular in indonesia will stay popular for a few years. Nudie and Cheap Monday was quite a big deal about 4-5 years back and still is (despite the number of knockoffs). nowadays? less than how it was.

      these days, there are a lot of local brands with their raw and/or selvedge denim selections like Oldblue & co, Akaime, Elhaus, and many more. jakarta just had this concept store (a la Kapok Tools in HK) boom thing quite recently (3-4 years?), so it kinda helps popularize raw denim to the masses.

      speaking of raw denim, there’s gonna be this event called Wall of Fades on 6th of dec iirc. i’m expecting tons of local brands inc non-denims to showcase their stuff there