Iron Heart Jackets – Type IIII Modified, Blanket Lined Indigo Rider

Iron Heart Jackets - Type IIII Modified, Blanket Lined Indigo Rider

Iron Heart recently added two new denim jackets to their collection, one of which was created in conjunction with denim purveyor, Self Edge. The two rarely, if ever, fail to impress when it comes to their collaborative projects, and both pieces ooze with the heavyweight, sturdy details that we’ve all come to admire with Iron Heart goods.

1. Self Edge x Iron Heart Type III Modified Jacket (SEXIH07IIIBK)

SEXIH07IIIB Type III Modified Jacket Cuf - SEXIH07IIIB Type III Modified Jacket Closeup - SEXIH07IIIB Type III Modified Jacket

The Type III Modified Jacket (SEXIH07IIIBK) is overdyed with black fugitive pigment dye, which will allow it to fade to a bright indigo (a.k.a. atari fade). It is 2” longer than other Iron Heart jackets, giving its wearer the ability to pair it with an untucked shirt or button-down.

It was constructed with a 3×1 weave right hand twill and out of the same unsanforized 19 oz. indigo denim as the SEXIH07. Needless to say, this jacket is bound to yield amazing results.


  • Name: Self Edge x Iron Heart Type III Modified Jacket (SEXIH07IIIBK)
  • Weight: 19 Oz.
  • Fabric: Unsanforized indigo selvedge denim
  • Other Details:
    • Dyed with Black Fugitive Pigment Dye
    • Selvedge Inner Placket Detail
    • Type III Body lengthened by 2” 
  • Available at: Self Edge for $535.00

2. Iron Heart Blanket Lined 21oz Indigo Rider’s Jacket

IH Blanket Lined 21oz Indigo Rider’s Jacket Collar - IH Blanket Lined 21oz Indigo Rider’s JacketLining - IH Blanket Lined 21oz Indigo Rider’s Jacket

As its name suggests, the Rider’s Jacket is composed of a heavy 21 oz. indigo denim, as well sports a necessary heavyweight leather zip pull with over-specced YKK zippers. A shop favorite at Self Edge, the Iron Heart team iterated on previous versions by adding a blanket lining and quailed satin lined arms.


  • Name: Iron Heart Blanket Lined 21oz Indigo Rider’s Jacket
  • Weight: 21 Oz.
  • Fabric: Sanforized Indigo Denim
  • Other Details:
    • Blanket inner lining
    • Satin lined arms
    • Navy blue corduroy inner collar stand
    • Action bi-swing pleated shoulders
  • Available at: Self Edge for $650.00

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  • J. Davis

    More ridiculously overpriced offerings from Iron Heart and Self-Edge. Nothing makes these jackets worth their asking price!

  • Sally

    I can understand if it has some motorcycle tech integrated into it , or even some places for padding/reinforced spots ie: Elbows , back , ribs . But these… these are just normal boring old overpriced denim jackets.

    • not a class rant website

      unnecessary. go cry someplace else please.

      • geoff st.john

        eat a bag of salty dicks

      • Sally

        Im just saying for a moto inspired company you would think they would give you gear that is somewhat worth the price point. I can go to my local bike shop and pick up a Leather jacket thats water resistant , zip out lining and some padding. For under 600 bucks. am i saying that i would never spend 600 bucks on a jacket? No , im saying you are not getting your moneys worth. 2 more inches and a blanket lining? For an extra 200 bucks? No thanks. Dont get me wrong . Ih has great fits and products, Its just when this type of shit happens ( over pricing products) It irritates me.

    • BillygoatsGruff312

      yo, I love IH and have a bunch of their gear. but what sally’s saying is spot on; they’re overpriced as fuck and it blows that they don’t offer any gear that’s truly specialized for riders despite the name “motorcycle specialties.”

      that said, they have great customer service and I’ll be getting more of their gear. but the shit is overpriced and most IH heads will admit that in a heartbeat. rt.

    • goldushapple

      I do like the look of the Rider jacket, but yea, I would rather buy a full leather, American made motorcycle jacket (in choice of color) than spend $600+ on a wannabe motor denim jacket.