The Flat Head Tapered Loomstate 3012 – Just Released

The Flat Head New ReleaseThe Flat Head isn’t just one of Japan’s best vintage-style denim brands – they’re also among the most innovative. While many similar companies are content to enjoy steady sales domestically, Flat Head has been carefully pursuing overseas expansion through attending trade shows internationally.

The company’s open-minded philosophy has become more evident over recent seasons as they’ve begun offering new fits and features in response to their broadening market; meeting not just the needs of a Japanese clientele, but a foreign one, as well.

While straight cuts reminiscent of vintage jeans are the most popular among Japanese denim heads, the foreign market is the exact opposite, preferring slimmer, modern fits – one reason why Flat Head introduced the slim tapered 3002 cut. Only a year after the introduction of the 3002, Flat Head returns with another entirely new standard fit - the 3012.

The 3012 features the same specifications as other Pioneer series jeans, such as the 3001 and 3005. The jeans are made with loom state 14.5 oz selvage denim that develops Flat Head’s unique vertical fading over time, in addition to the rich, deep blue color of the denim itself, which can remain dark even after many washes.

The details are a blend of vintage-correct specifications – like hems chainstitched on the Union Special 43200G, rolled belt loops, hidden rivets, and all cotton stitching – contrasted with the brand’s unique features, such as iron buttons and a goatskin leather patch.

The cut, though, is entirely new. The 3012 has the longest rise of any Flat Head jeans, with a comfortable thigh. However, the leg has a strong taper and slims down to a narrow leg opening. Flat Head designed the new model in response to denim fans looking for a fit that has plenty of room for moving around, but with a slim appearance overall; and also in response to numerous requests for jeans with a higher rise.

In short, the 3012 is a model with an intriguing blend of vintage and modern features, sure to be a success with more athletic denim fans and the fashion-forward alike.


  • Name: The Flat Head 3012
  • Weight: 14.5 Oz
  • Fit: Tapered
  • Denim:  Loomstate selvage, rope-dyed twenty-four times, woven in Okayama.
  • Other Details:
    • Sewn with vintage Union Special machines, including the 43200G
    • Rolled belt loops that show contrast fading over time
    • Iron buttons that age along with the denim
    • 100% Cotton stitching
    • Copper rivets, hidden iron (copper plated) rivets on back pockets
    • Printed pocket bag fabric
    • Button fly
    • Goatskin leather patch
  • Available at: TBA


Flat Head 3012


Kyle lived in Japan for several years and has worked in the denim industry. He likes writing, playing electric guitar, and listening to Japanese indie rock bands.

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  • charlie_chase

    they look lil an odd fit on the model. I suppose one would have to just have the body to pull these off..

  • docmac

    Once again, it’s a little hard to get an appreciation of the rise on these when the model has a shirt hanging over the top of the jeans. And in this case there was such an emphasis on how high the rise is…wish I could see it…..

  • Johnson Benjamin

    Really like this fit. I look forward to when more information is available.

  • Devan Prithipaul

    Is loomstate the same as unsanforized?

    • michaelstnto

      Yes it is

    • Grandier

      was about to ask the same thing, thanks for that.

    • David

      Well, it’s not technically the same as unsanforized. However, all loomstate is unsanforized, but it is also nepped, since the imperfections aren’t singed off. It’s unadultered after the loom…

  • goodtaste


  • geoff st.john

    They kinda look like levi 508. So you need to have a thicker build. Big thighs and ass. So few models actually have that.
    I think I like them. not sure about the rise. Is there a price attached to this article?

  • Charlie Browning

    These jeans look sweet! a straight slim fit for me is to tight in the thigh but I love a tapered leg opening. Like these jeans but i’m sure the price will scare me.

    • N. Wolfe

      $242 pre-order on Rakuten so not that bad considering. Would probably come out to be a little bit cheaper (w/ shipping) than if you waited and bought them at Self Edge who would most likely charge aroung $350

  • patsmack

    Put some shoes on nerd.