Fade Friday – Pure Blue Japan XX-007 (3 Years, Washes Unknown)

Fade Friday - Pure Blue Japan XX-007

It’s a no-brainer that how raw denim jeans progress and fade over time is the result of many factors. Length of wear, number of washes, and activities done during wear of course have an impact, but the specific denim brand and model in question also need to be considered.

Having said that, there seems to be select denim brands that never fail to develop great looking fades, such as Pure Blue Japan. Long time readers will know this is not the first time we’ve featured the Okayama, Japan company on our weekly Fade Friday series, and for good reason too. PBJ is known for their unorthodox production techniques which churn out slubby, rough denim that almost always lead to drool worthy results.

Originally highlighted on their site a few months, this particular pair of PBJ XX-007 was worn daily for three years and endured an unknown number of healthy washes (we would guess at least 20+ though). Given the initial state possesses such a deep indigo and dark shade, the end result is well beyond our expectations. The thighs, whiskers, and combs are almost completely white, the black enamel paint on the buttons has chipped off, and the overall jean has kept it’s shape (albeit with much repair).

Take a look below and let us know what you think in the comments.


  • Name: Pure Blue Japan XX-007
  • Weight: 14 Oz.
  • Denim: 100% cotton, exclusive slubby Japanese denim
  • Fit: Straight slim
  • Other details
    • Indigo dyed warp and weft yarns with undyed cores
    • Deer skin leather patch
    • Slubby denim texture
  • Length of wear: 3 years
  • Number of washes: unknown
  • Available at: Blue In Green for $298.00

Photos – Before

Pure Blue Japan XX-007

Photos – After

Fade Friday - Pure Blue Japan XX-007

Front - Pure Blue Japan XX-007Back Pocket, Patch - Pure Blue Japan XX-007Front, Buttons - Pure Blue Japan XX-007Belt Loop, Repairs - Pure Blue Japan XX-007Waist, Knees - Pure Blue Japan XX-007

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    whenever i see Pure Blue im never disappointed, i wish they had some at a department store so i can try before spending $300

    • Altoclefchris

      Blue in green is the only department store you need

      • Vinyl Scratch

        I would agree if we all lived in New York.

        • Altoclefchris

          Haha I was only semi-serious, but while I’ve never bought anything from them, I hear Gordon could give you more help over the phone than any department store could in person.

          • Vinyl Scratch

            Heh I know, I’m just giving you a hard time. 😉

            And same here, friend. I’ve always wanted to pay them a visit.

          • BillygoatsGruff312

            There’s no substitute for a mirror.

          • Altoclefchris

            yeah, that’s also true. I know from experience how it feels to spend all that time measuring and remeasuring, only to find out that your dream jeans don’t fit when they arrive. I think every single one of us would prefer a raw denim department store in our neighborhood!

  • Altoclefchris

    It’s nice to see a double indigo fabric worn so hard, such a unique look.

  • Richalicious

    WOW these are sweet as f*ck….. top job mate !! :)

  • davil

    Jeans look paper thin in some places. Love pbj

  • Gabri

    It’s important to know the job and the lifestyle of the owner.. some doubts..

  • JB

    Wow amazing!. No fit pic tho. Anybody got an idea where they got their repairs? Denim Therapy?.. Self Edge? What are your preferences I’ve been trying to do my own

  • Quincy Williams

    Crazy Fades.