WP Lavori: A Japanese Denim Project

WP Denim Project

For the last 30 years, Italy’s WP Lavori has been curating and collaborating with brands and designers that bring forth high quality products that are made with authenticity at the forefront of their minds. This has lead to partnerships with well established brands like Barbour, Woolrich, and Baracuta which has helped them grow and expand into new markets.

WP Lavori‘s latest endeavor is a jean that involves one of the oldest Japanese factories in Kurashiki’s Kojima district, which is responsible for creating some of the best denim for brands like Momotaro and Eternal. Simply named “A Japanese Denim Project“, the jean is a classic 5 pocket straight leg jean made from a 14 oz. selvedge Kurashiki denim.

The jean is one washed and features details like a selvedge coin pocket, hidden rivets, multi-color stitching, and a simple leather patch. Aesthetically speaking, the Japanese Denim Project jean is not a standout looking jean but WP Lavori‘s preference for aesthetics has always leaned towards more classic styles solidly made from high quality materials.

Given the pedigree of the brand and the origins of the fabric, the jean is surely meant to wear and age well over time which will show off the subtleties of the denim and construction.


  • Name: WP Lavori “A Japanese Denim Project” Jeans
  • Weight: 14 Oz.
  • Fabric: Sanforized Kurashiki one wash selvedge denim
  • Fit: Classic straight cut
  • Other details:
    • Hidden rivets
    • WP branded leather patch
    • Multi-colored stitching
    • Selvedge coin pocket
  • Available at: WP Store for $230


Front WP Lavori: A Japanese Denim Project Front Fit WP Lavori: A Japanese Denim Project Back Fit WP Lavori: A Japanese Denim Project WP Lavori: A Japanese Denim Project Factory


Young Lee

Young Lee

Young is a self proclaimed taco and denim enthusiast who plays in the San Francisco bands, The Soonest , and Theres Talk. He regularly posts pictures relating to denim and menswear on Tumblr, Liverpool and Main and Instagram, Young of The Soonest.

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  • Chris

    I like the fit and colour of the jeans. Thanks for the article, one correction I would make ‘The jean is one washed’ either change to:The jeans have been washed once/the jeans have undergone one wash/the jeans are one wash (i.e. colour implication).

  • Support

    Another non U.S.A brand selling raw cotton denim for over $125. Really? When will every American man understand that we are being taken to the cleaners by these companies.

    Time to start supporting our own, and get these overpriced elite companies kicked out the door. Wake up America.

    • Regia

      USA will never ever beat Japanese Denim. The mouse can never catch the tiger. It is fate.

    • growe13

      What the fuck? Why is this political shit here? Most of us are here for the Denim. Please, cut this out. This isn’t what we’re here for. I like Japan. Many of us live in Japan. It is not an inferior state, and the USA is not being supressed. Denim is just crafted more often in Japan.
      Asides that, 3, maybe 4 stores hold Japanese denim in the US.

      • growe13

        so buy japanese denim and stop cursing tool!

  • selapidya

    One wash? For fuck sake

  • DonDOnDon

    Hey Regia. mouse tiger? who are you? American? I think not! keep wearing your $400 jeans. I love how you adore our culture to the point where you have little if any at all. Dress like us, talk like us, speak like us, cool man! yeah!.

    HA HA HA…. tiger mouse, what if the mouse has a ……..?

  • docmac

    Didn’t realize until I checked the site that it’s not button-fly, but zipper. If that makes a difference to you.