Stevenson Overall Co. Buck Jones Denim Shirt – Just Released

Stevenson Buck Jones
Against the background of brands that are making some of the most detailed and impressive garments available, Stevenson Overall Co. stands out in their almost obsessive attention to the smallest details. Their products have subtleties that may go unnoticed at first, but significantly contribute to the clothes fit, ability to age well over time and last with continuous wear.

Stevenson‘s newest denim shirt, the Buck Jones denim shirt, is a great example of their credo of making the highest quality clothing. Cut in a toned-down western inspired style, the shirt is made from an 8 oz. ring spun Supima cotton denim fabric that has the same softness and strength as you would find in a Zimbabwe cotton fabric. The yarns are dyed in pure indigo dye which will fade beautifully with wear. The dyeing method also leaves the fabric with a lighter blue color that would pair well with indigo denim.

The buttons are custom made stone buttons made by Belnap Company in Japan. The designing of the shirt show some interesting features such as the angled front chest pockets, double arch back yoke design, and slightly embellished 4 button cuffs. As with all Stevenson‘s products, the shirt has a super fine stitch count that is a great signifier of a well made garment.


  • Name: Stevenson Overall Co. Buck Jones Denim Shirt
  • Fit: Slim fit
  • Weight: 8 Oz.
  • Fabric: Pure indigo dyed 100% Supima ring spun cotton
  • Other details:
    • Belnap stone snap buttons
    • 4 button cuffs
    • Super fine stitch count
    • Double arch back yoke design
  • Available at: Self Edge for $260.00 USD

Stevenson Buck Jones Denim Shirt


Stevenson Buck Jones Denim Shirt


Stevenson Buck Jones Denim Shirt

Stevenson Buck Jones Denim Shirt

Stevenson Buck Jones Denim Shirt

Young Lee

Young Lee

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  • Johnson Benjamin

    Wow, a beautiful garment. The material looks perfect. I am glad to see non-typical details.

  • model citizen

    I’m in no financial position to be able to justify paying $260 for a shirt, but that is probably the dopest denim shirt I’ve ever seen. The unique details are understated but stand out just enough to make it interesting.

  • Barbosa

    beautiful but expensive

  • solo

    absolutely beautiful… stevenson is one of the best out there

  • Spooks

    The shirt should cost $40-$80. I know I know its japanese denim or something has to travel across the seas. Come on, get a real idea of what makes a man cool and it is not an overpriced designer denim shirt. Spooky looking guy!

  • mattdgold

    I took a look at a pair of stevenson jeans in person and wasn’t impressed…maybe I was looking in the wrong places if everyone seems to think they do good work.