Mister Freedom Lot. 64 “Californian” Blue Jeans – Just Released

Mister Freedom Lot. 64 "Californian" Blue Jeans - Just Released

Denim inspired by vintage designs is not a new phenomenon, but California-based Mister Freedom has its defining “Californian” influence proudly at the forefront for the Lot. 64 “Californian” Blue Jeans. Inspired by a fairly popular brand and its timeless 501 fit, this pair exudes 1950’s cool.  Started by French expatriate Christophe Loiron, Mister Freedom takes its classic inspiration very seriously.

Based on a vintage silhouette, the Lot. 64 “Californian” Blue Jeans come with a traditional mid-rise and a slightly tapered straight leg. The fabric is Sugar Cane‘s ’66 denim – a 13.75 Oz. Japanese selvedge milled on vintage looms in Japan and then cut and sewn in the USA. It’s a right hand twill, with a white and pink selvedge ID.

There are tons of other details, so be sure to check them out below. The recently-released pair is available now on Self Edge‘s online shop.


  • Name: Mister Freedom Lot. 64 “Californian” Blue Jeans
  • Weight: 13.75 Oz.
  • Fabric: Unsanforized 100% cotton Sugar Cane ’66 right hand twill Japanese selvedge
  • Fit: Traditional mid-rise straight leg with a slight taper below the knee
  • Other details:
    • White/pink selvedge ID
    • Original “M” pocket stitch design and solid un-branded cowhide leather patch on back right pocket
    • Printed MFSC cloth patch on waistband
    • Hidden back pocket rivets with top pocket reinforcement zig-zag stitching
    • NOS 100% cotton woven plaid, indigo dyed yarn pocket lining
    • Original MF® metal cast waist/fly buttons and unmarked copper rivets
    • Made in the USA of Japanese denim
  • Available at: Self Edge for $330.00 USD


Mister Freedom Lot. 64 "Californian" Blue Jeans - Just Released

Mister Freedom Lot. 64 "Californian" Blue Jeans - Just Released Mister Freedom Lot. 64 "Californian" Blue Jeans - Just Released

Mister Freedom Lot. 64 "Californian" Blue Jeans - Just Released

Austin Bryant

Austin is a denim enthusiast that hails from Boston, Massachusetts. He works in the fashion industry and has a passion for all things visual. His photo blog is Men of Charisma and his adventures can be seen through his Instagram: @ausbry

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  • Sam

    Ugly and don’t fit

    • goose

      hey jackass, the jeans are unsanforized. they’re not suppose to fit properly until you give them a soak

      • Sam

        They’re ugly because of the patch in the middle of the back pocket. I do like their logo though, its classy and original. If you’re attempting to sell a product it makes sense to either use a model who fits the product or tailor the product itself.

        • Action Jackson

          who cares what you think, whitey!

        • Action Jackson

          these jeans also cost 330 dollars because they added an extra button!

      • Vinyl Scratch

        Would it not make sense to have a post-soak fit pic then to demonstrate how the fit is “supposed” to look?

  • Barbosa

    i dont like them

  • Jonas Dees

    The leather patch on the seat ruins the jeans for me. The cloth patch is a nice detail and that should have been enough for this pair.

  • Matt Brandon

    Got to agree with posters above: leather patch on pocket too Wranglers and Ms on pockets stick out like sore thumbs. Not a fan.

  • William Harris

    pix may not show the the detail and quality, but all their items are superior

  • Johnson Benjamin

    I am kind of disappointed to see a more traditional jean here. I love MF’s unique pieces. Nothing wrong with the jean, I was just hoping for a spotlight on something different.

  • alwaysright

    Mister Freedom + Self Edge = jacked up prices.

    Just like Iron Heart.

    • Ed Mitchell Innes

      It’s simply not legit to post a comment like yours without qualification – you need to step up and prove it. These are made in small production runs by skilled craftsmen in the USA – not huge overseas pricepoint production runs with cheap fabrics thrown together underpaid overworked foreign labour. If it wasn’t for Selfedge there wouldn’t be an outlet for this kind of craftsmanship / aesthetic for those that appreciate it. Look at the percentage markup Levis will make on their jeans compared to original unit cost, and you will find that Mr Freedom and Selfedge are doing it for the love, not gross profit margin.
      My point really is that newbies come on this forum and may actually swallow your opinion, which in this case is way off mark. Why not use your voice to comment responsibly instead?

  • Ed Mitchell Innes

    This is a denim forum. I would have hoped people would want to post with something positive. However most people seem to post with angry reactions though – just accept that they’re not for you and move on, what good does your negative subjective opinion do? Okay, my positive opinion is these will be a great fit esp after touching water. Perhaps folks can’t remember where all this denim thing started or are new to denim and think they know more than they do? That’s right, looser work wear inspired fits have a place in today’s aesthetic too. Jeans don’t have to be tight ass to look good. This pair fits the guy’s build well, they’re just not as skin tight as some folks expect.