Iron Heart 634S 19 Oz. Left Hand Twill – Just Released

Iron Heart 634S 19 Oz. Left Hand Twill

Known for making some tough as nails denim, revered heavyweight specialist, Iron Heart, brings us the 634s 19 oz. Left Hand Twill denim. Contrasting their previous work, Iron Heart  incorporated a new type of denim for this jean which employs dark indigo dye, and a left hand twill.

This means that in appearance, you will be able to see that the yarn used to weave the fabric will tend to run a diagonal line from top left to bottom right in the jean. Due to this unique weaving method, the 634s will tend to possess a softer hand despite its heavy weight.

Iron Heart 634S 19 Oz. Left Hand Twill

The straight cut and heavy weight of the jeans will make it an ideal piece to have in your line up for the upcoming chillier months. The jeans also seem to have a slubby, hairy characteristic to them as well making for an interesting appearance. For more information on how slub differs to nep texture, be sure to check out our previous guide.


The denim used to make this jean is unsanforized. As a note to those worried about shrinkage, Iron Heart states that the jeans have been once washed to ensure that further shrinkage is minimal to none. The sizing to this specific pair also seems to be different due to the way that the denim behaves, thus the they also suggest that you refer to their size charts.



  • Name: Iron Heart 634S 19oz. Left Hand Twill Straight Cut Jeans
  • Weight: 19 oz.
  • Fit: Straight Cut
  • Denim: Left Hand Twill Super Dark Indigo Selvedge (unsanforized, once washed)
  • Other:
    • Red Selvedge Line
    • Lined Rear Pockets
    • Button Fly
    • Branded Waist Button and Rivets
    • Belt Loops Sewn Into Waistband
    • Over Gauge Constructional Stitching
    • Pocket Bag Detailing
  • Available at: Iron Heart for $400

IH 19 lefty



Dennis DePrimo

Dennis DePrimo

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  • alwaysright

    $400!!!! Come on, seriously?

    • yada

      Come on, it’s Ironheart. They were always overpriced

      • myron

        stick to wearing your cheap naked and famous denim

        • tammo

          Mr Giles from IH UK (the overseas retailer, not the owner of the brand) drives a C63 AMG, a Land Rover, has his own boat, goes fishing all over the world + multiple trips to his customers and you really think you only pay for Ironheart’s quality? Wake up!

          If Haraki would do/own all this (ok, he collects Harleys) I’d be fine as he is the creator of the brand.

          All that said, IH doesn’t last significantly longer than brands like Denime, Warehouse, Samurai, Fullcount, Strike Gold…so..yeah

          • BillygoatsGruff312

            IH is a gotta-have-it purchase. Folks who get them do so because the product is unique and they can afford it.

            People who buy IH stuff do not do so based on value/budget consideration. They get it cause the want it and can have it.

  • Neverright

    The price is just fine with me, you get what you pay for in Ironheart’s jeans they honestly outlast most any brand.

  • Michael Hughes

    the price isn’t a problem for me, it’s the cut that is 50 years outdated. If this was released in the 666 or 555 I would love it, but I can’t deal with the cowboy jeans.

    • bryan solid

      Yup, I can’t even with the straight cuts. I’ve actually had some of my selvedge jeans tapered, GASP, removing the selvedge edge. I will say though that that’s more often an issue from me because I’m a 6′ 185lbs dude and it’s hard to find jeans that fit my waist and thighs without having big flappy cuffs at the bottom.

      One reason, for all the naysayers out there, why I like N&F. They actually made a cut that works for us moderately sized guys.

      • mattdgold

        same. The best is when I can find super-high quality jeans with slim/tapered cuts and a lower rise. They’re out there for sure–I’m starting to like self edge because they do collaborative jeans with the fabrics of high-end japanese companies (sugarcane, flathead, RJB) in modern cuts. Otherwise, the N&F collaborations seem to be a good bet for NF cuts with higher-quality denim.

    • robjamdj

      my pair of lefties are 666S-19L slim fit, so they do have them but not sure why you cant get them in the us, mine were bought in tokyo november last year

  • T.K.

    Very funny! All those people thinking it’s OK to pay for a pair of jeans, whose quality is supposedly worth 400 USD. A lot of people get rich due to clever-viral-sheepish marketing and a lot of people on the other side become highly delusional/lost touch with reality justifying it is absolutely OK to pay such a price for a pair once 4$ pair of dungarees.
    So, buy these jeans if it is OK for you, but don’t claim the price is equal to what you receive, because it is not only expensive, but grotesquely ovepriced (and do not compare the whole situation to a tawdry designer brands asking the same amount of money for a much worse quality).

    • mattdgold

      of course the price isn’t equal to what you receive. After a certain point the cost is no longer making the jeans any more durable. The cost is attributable to, in no particular order of significance:
      1. higher labor costs
      2. more expensive materials
      3. importation
      4. brand tax

      It’s exactly like a $1000 givenchy t-shirt. But since it’s “workwear”, it is implied or perhaps suggested through marketing that these will last longer. Obviously not necessarily.

  • T.K. rules

    Im with T.K. really crazy $400 price, its cotton! with thread and some rivets. Maybe the Japanese are ok with the price point but its crazy, plain crazy.

    Evisu original back pocket design was supposedly a flying seagull, oh wait wasn’t Levi’s original design used to this day a flying eagle USA’s national bird. The similarities are too much, make your own stuff start to finish and then maybe we will respect your work, not the price but at least the work.

    These jeans boast “Essential of USA clothing” but again you guys are way missing the point their is nothing essential about a $400 pair of jeans. Enjoy your limited time on the market, because I know me and my friends laugh at over priced imitations!

    • robjamdj

      the japanese pay 250 dollars for the same jeans as i did but i did pay a airfare!

  • Shyam

    I am getting desperate this part of the world cud someone tell me where can I pick an iron heart in dubai

    • robjamdj

      you may have to fly to bangkok and visit Take 5 in siam square

  • bambu

    I just picked these up last weekend on my way through Tokyo. BTW, they are way less than in the US. 2nd pair of IH. Although a ‘lighter’ 19oz than my first 23 oz, the difference is negligible. The left twill is a nice touch…as is the lined back pockets. While I wear a 31w in the black black 23oz (picked up at Self Edge PDX), I had to go to a 33 w on these. Same cut. I think these jeans rock.

  • robjamdj

    I live in Shanghai so I managed to get to Iron Heart The Works whilst on a trip to Tokyo at the end of November 2013. The sales staff were great and i ended up picking up two pairs of jeans. The price was great of course. The first pair were these 19oz lefties which cost me about 24,000 JPY. I also picked up a pair of 25oz IH-666-IHX’s for about 32,000 JPY. I do prefer the 19Oz and the guy selected them for me as i am tall and thin. The rough feel is great and the shape is perfect for a slim fit. The dark colour is also awesome. Starting to get some fading now although vie a long way to go!

    The sales assistant explained most Japanese don’t go for a slim fit but that they would be best for me and they were! Very happy with them. 3 years ago i bought a pair of Pure Blue Japan’s which are also great for slim fit, they almost have this boot cut vibe going on where the knee goes in and then they go out slightly to the hem although not as much as a bootcut.

    Wrangler broken twills are a great pair of cheaper jeans that fade real well. Pick them up in the weekend market in Bangkok, Thailand, not sure they are real but they fade great, made in Thailand i believe.