Fade Friday – BIG JOHN M106D-000K (10 Months, 2 Washes)


For this Fade Friday our friends from BIG JOHN have presented us with an amazing pair of faded M106D-000K featuring a slim tapered fit and faux-slub fabric. These jeans were worn by Kiyo Kakemizu, the company’s sales manager, for a period of 10 months with about 5 days a week of effective use. Kakemizu is a devoted DJ on top of his role with the denim brand so we can safely say that those jeans have seen many hours of day light but also long nights at the best clubs in Tokyo.

We have seen this pair live at the Bread & Butter Trade Show last July and the fading at the time was already impressive. As mentioned earlier, the BIG JOHN M106D-000K boasts a slim tapered fit that runs slim in the top block and thigh, has a medium rise, and tapers from upper thigh to the leg opening.

The faux-slub (“000K”) fabric is their exclusive 14Oz. sanforized low tension selvedge denim. This fabric uses regular straight yarns that are dyed to leave the core of the yarn uneven. The denim’s surface has a soft feel when new but gives an uneven effect when fading patterns set in similar to slub yarn denim.


  • Name: Big John M106D-000K
  • Weight: 14 Oz.
  • Fit: Mid Rise, Slim Tapered
  • Denim: Sanforized faux-slub, Big John original Japanese selvedge denim
  • Length of Wear: 10 Months
  • Washes: 2
  • Available at: Blue Owl Workshop for $200.00

Photos – Before

Big John Before

Big John Before

Photos – After

Big John After Fits

Big John After FrontBack

Big John After Knees

Big John After Legs

Big John After Back

Paul Travi

Paul Travi

Paul's first experience with raw denim was at the age of 10 when his parents purchased him a pair of raw Lee Jeans. After many years, he found the very same pair of jeans in the U.S. and since then his interest in denim became a passion. Now based in Holland, Paul is constantly researching and experimenting with the amazing fabric.

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  • dan

    something about these just looks horrible, maybe its the fit. looks nasty.

    • Geoff Dick

      Its probably the pre-faded-denim-esque combs going on back there. Can’t really call them that when they look like a level from the original NES Donkey Kong if you know what I mean.

      These jeans look great from the front, especially with those moc-toes but the back just looks bad. Pockets seem too low for the rise or something and we already talked about the combs…

    • 123

      he’s wearing them too high

    • Gregg R

      Ha! I thought the same thing. For someone just looking to get into selvedge etc. pics like this will scare people away. Put it this way, if I were told this is how I was going to look…..I think I would run back to my big box stores and grab my $34.00 jeans.

  • CVanDriel

    The fading looks nice but nothing special, fades like a LVC 501 (Pre ’66.). A friend of mine had a pair of the these and they get a weird (Weird in a good/interesting way.) slubby feel and fade to them once worn in. The price is reasonable for a Japan made quality denim. Don’t like the selvedge watch pocket corner though.

  • BillygoatsGruff312

    These look great. Great fading for 10 months. Good price. Good write up. Gold star fade friday imho.

  • Chris

    Summary shot looks good and then it just goes downhill from there… Fit looks terrible from the front AND back. The fades are nothing spectacular. Shame.



  • swissjeansfreak

    Another great denim evolution seen on Fade Friday. Love the nice fading and wear pattern on them. And still wearable for another long time! Enjoy them for another long time!!

  • Nis

    Hm, hard to judge the fit on two pictures but the fades looks pretty nice. Though I find it pretty boring that only low rise jeans show up here on fade friday. Some high rises or even normal rises would be nice. Apart of that, great post!

  • bryan solid

    Those jeans are supremely unflattering in the fit pic from the rear. Obviously the guy is quite skinny, and it makes it look like his pants are hanging off a skeleton. Hard to know if this is a result of poor sizing choice or the cut of the denim, but based on these pics I wouldn’t touch these jeans with ten foot pole.

    The fades aren’t bad, though we’ve seen better. Obviously not every fade friday can be gold, but you’d think that with how pervasive denim culture seems to be now we’d have a lot more really good examples.

    I guess I’m one to talk, as I wear in my jeans so slowly that even though I’ve been buying raw for about three years now, I have nothing substantial to show for it. Then again, my oldest pair is some black N&F and they’ve been through the wash a few times now. They are just nicely broken in, no major contrast. But I do have some Pure Blue Japans that are coming along nicely and I’ve been wearing the shit out of some Scotch & Sodas, but I’m not sure what kind of results I’ll get as I bought them more for the fit than the possibility of sick fades.