Colimbo x Hickorees x The Hill-Side Indigo Sashiko “Game Carrier” Tote Bag

Colimbo X Hickorees X The Hill-Side Game Carrier Tote

Chances are that when you’re reading about denim you’ll see “indigo” mentioned several times when discussing how the yarns or fabric is dyed and how it will fade. Indigo is that special ingredient that gives fabrics the life and character that so many of us have grown obsessive about.

Given indigos growing popularity, it was just a matter of time before indigo dyed fabrics became more widely featured and from the looks of it, that time is pretty much now.

Colimbo X Hickorees X The Hill-Side Game Carrier Tote

Colimbo Hunting Goods, a Japanese brand that focuses on workwear inspired clothes and goods, has partnered together with their only stockist in North America, Hickorees, and fabric experts The Hill-Side to bring forth their Indigo Sashiko “Game Carrier” Tote Bag.

The name is a mouthful but appropriate given the amount of details put into the bag. The fabric is a heavyweight indigo-dyed “Sashiko” fabric which is a Japanese type of decorative embroidery that traditionally uses a white thread over indigo cloth but in this case both the thread and cloth are indigo dyed. The bag is stitched together with tonal thread, riveted at points of stress and reinforced with a single piece leather panel on the bottom as well as on the handles.

The name “Game Carrier” comes from bags used in the early 1900s that regulated how much game a hunter could carry at a time. As the name suggests, there are plenty of pockets for storage and as a whole, the bag is made to last whether you’re actually using it as a hunting bag or simply to carry your laptop to and from work.

Like denim, the bag is surely going to age well with use but for those wearing lighter coloured clothing you’ll want to be highly careful of crocking from the bag until it gets a little worn in.


  • Name: Colimbo x Hickorees x The Hill-Side Indigo Sashiko “Game Carrier” Tote Bag
  • Fabric: Indigo dyed Sashiko fabric
  • Other Details:
    • One piece leather panel on the bottom and leather lined handles
    • Tonal stitching
    • Copper rivets at points of stress
    • Two interior pockets and one exterior pocket
    • Leather tab closure
  • Available at: Hickorees for $364.00 USD

Colimbo X Hickorees X The Hill-Side Game Carrier Tote Colimbo X Hickorees X The Hill-Side Game Carrier Tote Colimbo X Hickorees X The Hill-Side Game Carrier Tote

Young Lee

Young Lee

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  • Devan Prithipaul

    Although pretty expensive this is really sick!

    • BillygoatsGruff312

      A $360 cotton totebag should be extremely sick dont ya think?

  • thebottomclef

    The design is definitely sweet, I love the pattern. I wish it came in a duffel bag, messenger, or briefcase style though, totes aren’t really my thing.

  • Sam

    Although it is a very good looking bag. If they are actually trying to sell it as a “game carrier” the must be kidding themselves. Cotton is the worst type of fabric for the outdoors because it gets wet and stays wet.

    • Grandier

      i can see where you’re coming from, but given that there are better alternatives that can be used for an actual “game carrier” in present times, i’m fairly sure that the cotton fabric (sashiko fabric) is used to give it a japanese touch and not meant to function as a “game carrier”.

      i’m wondering though, what kind of fabric was used for this kind of bag back then anyway?

      • Old Guy

        Canvas. Likely waxed.

    • BillygoatsGruff312


  • Self Edge – Kiya

    Aren’t Hill-Side and Hickorees the same company?

    • Rawr Denim

      As far as we know, same team but different companies. Hickorees is a retail store and Hill-Side is a menswear accessory brand.

  • Johnson Benjamin

    The exterior material looks super thick. Any idea on what the relative oz is? I like the chunky look a lot.