3sixteen+ 34BSP Brown Weft Straight Tapered

3sixteen+ 34BSP

Recently, 3sixteen celebrated their 10 year anniversary by releasing a large collection of products that reflect the work they’ve done over the last decade, as well highlights their partnerships with other like-minded people; including brands like Viberg, Converse, and denim retailer, Self Edge. Their most recent release from the Decade Collection is a collaboration jean with Self Edge, the 3sixteen+ 34BSP Brown Weft Straight Tapered jean.

As many of you may know, 3sixteen and Self Edge have a close working relationship and have consistently collaborated together on their 3sixteen+ brand, which combines their obsession with Japanese fabrics and classic American styles. The 34BSP jean is made from a heavy 17 oz. sanforized fabric from Kuroki Mills that utilizes Supima pure indigo dyed warp yarns and brown pigment dyed weft yarns.

We’ve covered a couple brown weft jeans and it’s interesting to see that while the concept is the same, the execution and end results are always very different. The brown warp on the 34BSP is a lighter shade of brown that almost has a golden hue to it that is reminiscent of Strike Gold‘s SG2105 and SG2109 jeans. The combination of the brown and indigo yarns gives the overall jean a deeper color that should fade well over time.

3sixteen+ 34BSP Thanos

The straight taper cut of the jean was in response to the need by many customers for a jean that has a roomier top block but still has the more modern tapered look. Above the knee the fit is what you would expect from a classic straight jean, while below the knee the jean tapers to a smaller leg opening.

One of the more unique details of the jean is their comic book style “Thanos” style patch that shows Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet and 3sixteen+’s slogan, “Built To Last…Shall Be First“. The jean is a limited run and only available at Self Edge stores and website.


  • Name: 3sixteen+ 34BSP Brown Weft Straight Tapered
  • Weight: 17 Oz.
  • Fabric: Sanforized Denim from Kuroki Mills
  • Fit: Straight Tapered
  • Other details:
    • Pure indigo dyed warp
    • Brown pigment dyed weft
    • Supima cotton yarns
    • “Thanos” leather patch
    • Hidden rivets
  • Available at: Self Edge for $285.00

3sixteen+ 34BSP

3sixteen+ 34BSP

3sixteen+ 34BSP

Young Lee

Young Lee

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  • Michael Hughes

    The jeans look great but I really don’t see the appeal in a brown weft over the normal white, it makes such a minuscule difference in fading that it doesn’t even seem worth mentioning.

    • Altoclefchris

      I think the appeal of a different colored weft is more in the subtle color cast of the denim in certain lights. I have a pair of the green weft left fields, and they fade to white, but in certain light the green peeks through.

  • docmac

    When the model wears a t-shirt down to his hips it doesn’t make it easy to see how the jeans look and fit….seems kind of common sense.
    What’s next….jeans under a burkha?

  • JoesJanet

    Not a fan of 3sixteen. Empty feeling.


      empty feelings :(

  • sickpoopfadez

    I… I want them just for that patch.