Roy Big Bro Jeans (CB-1) – Just Released


Roy and Self Edge have announced Roy‘s latest release, the Big Bro CB-1 jeans. The Big Bro is made from a lighter weight denim made specially for him by Cone Mills and is pumped full of details and life, making it a unique jean.

Beginning with the fabric, the Big Bro utilizes a 11 oz. 2X1 unsanforized selvedge denim that has 100% indigo dyed warp yarns and unbleached natural weft yarn. When combined with the 2X1 weave as opposed to the typical 3X1 weave this pattern gives the jeans a deeper colour that is reminiscent of Deep tone denim that Cone Mills first introduced in the 1930s to provide an alternative to the burlier workwear denim.

For those who may be a little dismayed by a lighter weight 11 oz. denim, the lighter weight allows Cone Mills to pack in more yarns per square inch, giving the fabric a much tighter weave and making the overall jean tougher and more durable.

big bro

The Big Bro jeans also uses duck canvas for the pockets as well as for accents throughout the jean, also, in keeping with tradition, the “Roy” brand is chain stitch embroidered onto said duck canvas pocket bags. As a throwback to vintage jeans, there is a cinch with a steel buckle on the back that sits flush against the jean while still providing a functional role in getting the jeans to fit better on the hips, a nicer execution than most cinch back jeans posess.

For those who appreciate the smaller details, the brass buttons are tin plated and brass rivets are copper plated. One of the more subtle, but interesting, details is the use of different coloured Pima cotton threads which gives it the strength of poly-core thread but is 100% cotton.

In case you’re wondering if the jean is going to fit like an old timey railroad worker jean with more than generous leg room, the fit of the jean is actually more modern, likely fitting in between a straight and slim taper. The cut should allow those looking for a slimmer cut to size down and for those looking for a looser cut to size up.

There is plenty more about the jean that will get even the most discerning denim head excited but we’ll let you discover them when you see them in-person or online. As with most Roy releases, it’s most likely a good idea to get to these soon as they’ll probably sell out quickly.


    • Name: Roy Big Bro CB-1 Jeans
    • Weight: 11 Oz.
    • Denim: Custom made unsanforized selvedge 2X1 denim from Cone Mills
    • Other Details:
      • Cinch back with a steel buckle
      • Duck canvas pocket bags and details
      • Tin plated brass buttons and copper plated brass rivets
      • 3 colored Pima cotton thread
      • Letter pressed leather patch
      • Roy” chainstitch embroidery on pocket bag
    • Available at: Self Edge for $360.00 USD
closeup 1

Tin plated brass buttons


Duck canvas pocket bags with “Roy” chain stitch embroidery


Cinch back with steel buckle




Young Lee

Young Lee

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  • BillygoatsGruff312

    Good looking jeans. That back buckle is a deal-breaker though.

    • adamW

      completely agree. I probably wouldn’t rock that back buckle even if the jeans were given to me free. I don’t think I’d like to sit on it and it doesn’t look good IMHO.

    • The Swayy

      I originally felt the same way but after looking at these 100 times since they went up Saturday I think that I could totally live with the cinch.

  • cyberkip

    Does anyone else think it looks as if the warp looks like broken twill with both left and right hand directions, but the weft seems to indicate it’s fully right-hand twill?

  • Paul

    What a shame that this is the guy who used to sell direct to [ever increasing in numbers] supporters. Nowadays 40% of the final price goes to Self Edge which is about the mark-up. Flimsy buckle-ette, deeptone denim Levis used for overalls in the 40s and not 501s. Use of Levis arcs is not going to change the end product. Thanks but I’ll pass…

    • Altoclefchris

      Yeah, I feel like Roy has just become way too expensive of late.

    • CS2014

      It’s sad when something grows away from you, but its inevitable and all the pieces of the puzzle are in your original post. … It all comes down to what it takes to satisfy “[ever increasing in numbers] supporters”…

      It’s my understanding that he is cranking Jeans out as fast as he can without bringing on an employee. As someone who worked in retail (specifically, shipping and receiving) for years I promise that the amount of organization and customer service required in sales and order fullfilment would keep him so busy I doubt he would ever be able to sew another pair. Id rather he was on his sewing machines than a keyboard if I have to pick one. Plus, particularly with the more finicky buyers found in higher end item….. i’m pretty confident that SE is earning that mark up.

      Hidden worlds are nice, but nothing is forever.