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I was recently able to put a pair of Left Field NYC Chelsea jeans to the test, excitedly getting into the box to put the relatively emerging New York-based brand’s slimmest jean through their paces. The Chelsea is the brand’s second fit – a slimmed down version of the original Greaser jean – featuring a narrower thigh, knee and leg opening as well as a slightly lower rise.

As the jeans come with a recommendation that they’re not for guys with athletic legs, I was forced off the bat to size up a bit to ensure they’d fit me – but can now fully rebut this recommendation.


  • Name: Left Field Chelsea Green Heather
  • Denim: Cone Mills White Oak Plant Green Heather Selvedge
  • Weight: Midweight denim
  • Other details:
    • American-made Scovill tack buttons
    • American-made Universal rivets and burs
    • Custom American-made canvas pocket bags
    • 100% cotton
    • Woven, cut and sewn in the USA
  • Available at: Left Field NYC for $180.00 USD (on sale)


Selvedge Details and Pocket Bags Left Field Chelsea Jean

Selvedge Details and Pocket Bags

The denim on the Left Field Chelsea jeans that I was sent was a particular highlight as the jeans featured a unique White Oak Plant green heather selvedge denim from Cone Mills. The green is obvious when you turn the denim inside out or when you turn up the cuffs, but it gives the jeans an attractive subtle green tinge as well during normal wear.

I took a fair chunk of the summer off of wearing raw jeans, so I’ve yet to be able to attest to the way the green affects pronounced fades, but based on what I have seen I’d say that this is going to be a very unique denim by the time it hits the year/year and a half mark.

Despite not being given an official weight of the denim, I’d place it between 13 Oz. – 15 Oz. which sits it squarely in the middleweight category. It’s not too light, but also none too heavy. It’s distinctly wearable straight out of the box (though this also might have something to do with my decision to size up) and feels comfortable during the breaking in process.


Left FIeld Hardware

The Chelsea jean features all American-made hardware, including Scovill tack buttons throughout and Universal rivets and burs. The top button on the fly is painted slightly green in tribute to the fabric while the rest are simple but attractive copper. The back pockets feature hidden rivets which is becoming more common, but still a big plus. Not only do they provide the necessary reinforcement to the pockets, but they also ensure you won’t be scratching up any of your furniture.


Front and Back View Left Field Chelsea Jean

Front and Back Views

Left Field Chelsea Jean Fits

Left Field Chelsea Side View

The fit on the Chelsea is certainly relatively slim, as advertised, without becoming skinny. The jeans do fit quite snug, but what I felt was a surprisingly roomy thigh opening given the warning to athletic types to avoid the jean left me with a bit of room to move with. The rise of the jeans is quite high, which I liked as it means when I bike in the jeans there aren’t any issues with showing too much skin.

Left Field Chelsea Back Pocket

High Pockets

The one problem is that due to the construction, the higher rise pushes the tops of the pockets up a surprisingly large amount. As a result, it’s slightly awkward to put a phone or wallet in as they sit at an uncomfortable position on the derrière. Pocket placement aside though, the jeans are very comfortable and fit as you’d expect them to.


Left FIeld Craftsmanship

Left Field NYC put significant pride into their Made in the USA claims as well as the associated craftsmanship quality that tends to follow that distinction. In my experience with the jeans there have been absolutely no quality issues – all stitching is well done, there aren’t any strange loose stitches, no offset buttons, no seams coming loose. Just a solid, well built jean.


With such a unique denim, the Left Field NYC Chelsea jean makes for a really great choice for anyone looking for a slim fit denim. As much as I didn’t like the pocket placement, I’m willing to live with them for the rest of the benefits the jeans afford. I’d be willing to go on record to say they’re a great option for a medium priced, well built, slim fitting jean with a unique denim.


Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Connor grew an interest in raw denim thanks to the process, maturation, patience and craft that goes into each individual pair. He also writes at REPOSITORY which he started alongside Rawr founder Nick Coe.

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  • Ryan Chinaski

    lmao how you gonna call this a slim cut? that is a genital mashing skinny fit if ive ever seen one.

    • Geo

      I think it depends on how you size them. I have a pair and they look more like the first fit picture. I think the author could have gone up another size to achieve a more slim and less skinny fit. Look at the stretch of the button fly under the hardware pic.

      • Ryan Chinaski

        ya but no one wants to deal with a bunch of slack around the waist. i understand why the author chose the size he did. theres really only one ideal size for each wearer. somewhere between snug and tight at first wear.

        that being said, the model for left field is a total twig. the dude makes the miner cut look baggy as all hell when that cut is really more of a slim straight.

        • Altoclefchris

          I too am a total twig, and going true to my waist size produced a fit pretty much like the LF photos.

      • Ryan Chinaski

        but really im just being bitter. i have these horse thighs that dont fit into alot of mens clothing. the movement towards slimmer cuts has not been kind to me.

        • Geo

          I feel your pain. I have the same problem. These aren’t bad but I’ve all but given up on buying jeans that are tight hoping they’re gonna stretch. I’d rather them be comfortable from the start and just wear a belt if they’re big in the waist. Still, I think the author could have gone up a size. Have you tried Taylor Stitch? They have a pretty good fit for guys that are built like…you know…guys.

    • jay

      Seriously. If this ain’t skinny, I don’t want to know what is. If this seriously is how they fit, I don’t want them.

      “The jeans do fit quite snug, but what I felt was a surprisingly roomy thigh opening given the warning to athletic types to avoid the jean left me with a bit of room to move with”

      Come on man, really? you’re suffocating in those things.

  • Johnson Benjamin

    Oh wow. That is some cool denim.

    • Altoclefchris

      It really is, it looks even cooler close up!

      • Johnson Benjamin

        I would never fit into this cut, but would be stoked to have some green weft denim.

        • Geo

          Left Field has these in another cut called the Greaser. It’s more of a full/straight leg cut. They have a whole range of sizes in the sale section of their website.

  • Vinyl Scratch

    I’m loving how you have some solid Nike’s to rock that match that very unique weft color.

  • rawfreak

    Back pockets look ugly..seriusly.

    • Altoclefchris

      It’s not as strange looking in person. Also, they don’t stretch out like that when sized normally lol


        I agree. they always look lame in photos. but in person they look like normal back pockets.

  • Jun

    Someone is wearing their girlfriend’s denim…

  • loki

    I just wanted to add my experience with the left field chelsea fit as I see some confusion here.
    I am from Berlin, Germany and bought a Chelsea Black Maria. I am in no way skinny or thin. And coming from many years of football (am. Engl. Soccer), I have quite athletic legs and a well visible butt area, hehe.
    When I ordered the chelsea fit, I was quite afraid, it would be too skinny for me, but it’s not. If you order the fitting waist size, there is no way, you’ll end up like the writer of the article, when you are athletic like me. The sizes are well explained on the website.
    I can’t say much about the quality of the denim as I have just worn it for 2 weeks now. But I wanted a black selvedge denim jeans and I love the fit of the Chelsea very much. It’s much wider than my Tellason Ladbroke Grove, but it doesn’t stretch that much either.
    If you still think the fit’s going to be too skinny for you, they also have the Greaser fit, but I can’t say anything about that as I haven’t tried them but I think it will be too a baggy fit for my personal taste.
    Just so you know.

  • Anthony Lane

    I own a pair of the Chelseas, as well as the Greasers, and I wouldn’t consider the Chelsea’s to have a high rise, in fact, it’s pretty low, and fits rather tight in the crotch area. Definitely not a jean you can comfortably wear high up on the waist, not like my LVC 501’s or my Greasers.