Iron Heart Devil’s Fit 21 Oz. Superblack Denim (IH-666SB)

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As the Devil’s Fit is one of the most demanded styles from the team over at Iron Heart, it should come as no surprise that they received numerous requests to produce the denim in black and responded with an amazing jean.

The Iron Heart’s 666SB boasts a 21 oz. superblack denim that is constructed with reactive dyed warp and weft, meaning that the dye has a substituent which is made active and directly reacts to the surface of the thread. This creates a unique combination that actually prevents the fading process from occurring. Or in other words, your superblack jeans will look ever-crisp and retain its colour with time. 

IH-666 Line

For those concerned about what to expect in terms of shrink and stretch, the 666SB is already sanforized – thus, one can expect minimal shrinkage, between 1% – 5% – but should still plan for net 1″ stretch. On the aesthetic and construction side too, you’ll notice Iron Heart opted for a red overlock stitch on their side seams rather than a more common red-line selvedge finish.

Besides these details, the Devil’s Fit is usually outfitted with a button fly, there’s reinforced taping alongside the front pocket openings, and the belt loops are sewn into the waist band. They does offer different lengths for this fit, so for those interested, be sure to check out their measurements.

IH-666 Fits


  • Name: Iron Heart 21 Oz. Superblack Slim cut Jeans (The Devil’s Fit)
  • Weight: 21 Oz.
  • Fit: Slim Cut
  • Denim: Iron Heart’s Superblack Denim with Reactive Dyed Warp and Weft
  • Other Details:
    • Sanforized
    • Button Fly
    • Reinforcing tape on inside of front pocket openings
    • Red overlock stitching
    • Polycotton constructional stitching
  • Available at: Iron Heart for $370.00 USD


IH-666 Patch

IH-666 Interior

IH-666 Back Patch

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  • mf051404

    Heavyweight denim is purposely used so that jeans fade faster and better but this one won’t (as the article suggests), so it seems a bit ironic to have such heavyweight denim that won’t fade. Denimheads go after the character put into jeans during the fading process, so I can’t think of a reason why a denimhead would buy one of these, except maybe “just for a change”.

    • Tafiya

      Well you know, I think more than anything this one could be for the people that really like holding onto a solid pair of jeans for a long time and have them get softer, but want to retain that original dark colour. This keeps the denim relevant for them when they go to nice outings or things like that. The fit looks damn good! As someone who likes to fade denim, I understand where you’re coming from.

      • Devan’sBoyfriend

        “This keeps the denim relevant for them when they go to nice outings or things like that.” If you consider denim an acceptable article of clothing for a “nice outing”, you’re a scrub. Put on some damn pants.

        • Vinyl Scratch

          Sir, maybe you need to get with the program. It’s 2013. If it’s a flattering slim cut and a dark wash with no distressing, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a solid pair of jeans on a “nice outing” (and it has been for several years now).

          Maybe you should learn to diversify your wardrobe a bit more by wearing things in new ways.


        • Devan Prithipaul

          This relationship isnt going to work out.

        • de wander prick a paul

          i cant see why a nice odd jacket cant go with a nice slim cut jean and some tan brogues, a solid shirt and a nice slim tie!!! but hey… feel free to live in the 30’s

    • BillygoatsGruff312

      The brand is called ironheart Motorcycle Specialties. I recon if you were a denimhead that is also a biker and want a pair of heavyweight denim that will stay black, wont fade to gray, and is tough as shit…this might interest you.

      I’m tempted by the jeans, however the lack of selvage outseam is huge deterrent. I figure the folks at IH are aware that it is a dealbreaker for alot of heads and have made the corporate decision not to give a fuck.

      • lzwer

        Your last line sums it up. Haraki doesn’t care about the selvedge detailing.

        I’m with you, though. Selvedge outseams look sick with black denim.

  • Devan Prithipaul

    At first I thought this was stupid, but this really gives a company a chance to show off their quality since people wont be doing crazy things to fade them. Its not a bad idea for Iron Heart at all, its a bit expensive though considering its not selvedge.

  • Thisis myrealmane

    Pussy shit made by pussy nigga’s. plain wack, oh and im sure the $300+ price tag is totally ok for these fucks.

    • Richalicious



      • Civil

        There is alway one. Rasist? Please anyone who thinks that word refers to a race is not only out of touch with real world street talk or just doesn’t get it. keep it civil Scratch. These parts? Sounds like a KKK call.

        • Vinyl Scratch

          I’m not sure how many “KKK calls” you’ve heard in your time, but I can assure you I’ve heard none and wouldn’t know how one would be worded. What you extract from my use of language is your own business, but I can assure you that what you’ve accused me of was not my intention. All I was saying was, maybe he could have suggested why he felt distaste for the product instead of needlessly berating it?

    • Vinyl Scratch

      I miss when we kept things civil around these parts here on Rawr Denim. Go back to Hypebeast, my friend; you’ll feel much more at home there.


      yo chill holdup. im bout to create a google plus hang out for all of us who are mad about the release of the jeans.

  • alwaysright

    tight jeans for small bollocks and you pay the IH cartel for the privilege!