Fade Friday – Studio D’Artisan 25th Anniversary Jeans (5 Years, Unknown Washes)

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Fade Friday – Studio D’Artisan 25th Anniversary Jean (5 years, unknown number of washes)

It’s not often that we feature Fade Friday‘s where the wearer is well known in the workwear-inspired fashion world.  This week’s segment comes courtesy of Emil Corsillo, better known as the man (along with his brother Sandy) behind The Hill-Side, a line of made in the USA accessories inspired by vintage workwear. The brothers also own and operate Hickoree’s, an online and brick-and-mortar shop concentrated on well-made clothing, accessories, and home goods.

The pair he’s wearing, as featured on Denim Debate, are from Studio D’Artisan – a popular Japanese brand that was founded in 1979 in Osaka, Japan. Their products earned them legions of fans in the 1990’s, although they may now be better known for when they were sued by Levi’s for trademark infringement. Regardless of your thoughts on their legal issues regarding back pocket stitching and leather patches, Studio D’Artisan is still known as one of the originals when it comes to high quality Japanese selvedge.

Corsillo’s jeans are the Studio D’Artisan 25th Anniversary Jeans, which he bought back in 2005 and has been wearing off and on for 5 years. A limited edition release of 300 pairs, the jeans features several interesting details like exposed dome rivets and use of a classic Wrangler‘s font on the leather patch and design of the coin pocket also referencing Wrangler.

Repairs have been made to the crotch and to the knee, featuring a hand-made patch via Chris Grodzki of Stanley & Sons. These jeans were even traded by Corsillo to a friend for 8 months, only to be traded back when his pair of Ooe Yofukuten denim had shrunk too much in the wash.

Details on this specific pair are hard to find, so please feel free to comment with any additional information.


  • Name: Studio D’Artisan 25th Anniversary Jeans
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Denim: 100% Cotton, Origin Unknown
  • Fit: Unknown
  • Other details:
    • Limited edition release of 300
    • Natural Indigo Dye – Multiple Treatments
    • Exposed dome rivets
    • Wrangler’s-referencing font on leather patch and design on coin pocket
    • Hand-made knee patch
  • Length of wear: 5 years
  • Number of washes: Unknown

Photos – After

SDA Fit Front and Side

SDA Knees

SDA Honeycombs

SDA Pockets

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  • Davil

    These are excellent. Basically everything about them impresses me. Im not so familure with SDA from 2005, but the accurates look more like what samuri is using now? The wrangler references are pretty unique. I only wish that there were more pics and information on this pair.

  • DevanPrissypants

    Garbage. Fit is trash. Next…

    • BillygoatsGruff312

      Your screenname is gay.

    • whorebucks

      dad jeans

  • chuckles

    meh… the fit wouldn’t be that bad if he didn’t roll ’em up like a five year old.

    • showbe

      Most people roll up there jeans if they are selvedge. Pretty common. Most of these fade fridays are denim that are rolled up you just dont see it because they unravel it to show the fades.

  • rik.WAHYT


  • CVanDriel

    One of the best examples of a well faded jeans. Lovely colour and contrasts. The fit looks fine and concerning the cuffing and the height thereof, it is a fad it will pass. It doesn’t bother me, the heavily coloured / patterned do. But again thats just my opinion.


    are these left hand twill??

  • Richalicious

    i’m probably going to get slated for this but why would you want to have a leather patch with a similar font that wrangler use and back pocket stitching that is similar to levi’s ?? why run the risk of being sued in the first place ?

    nice fades though and overall they look great but surly it would be more unique to come up with an original font idea and back pocket stitching ?

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