Railcar Fine Goods Spikes X014 Raw Denim – Just Released

Pocket Bags - Railcar Fine Goods Spikes X014 Raw Denim As summer comes to a close, we’re introduced to the latest creation from Arcadia, California’s Railcar Fine Goods – the Spikes X014. Interestingly, rather than attempt to drastically iterate on it’s current offerings, Railcar chose for the Spikes X014 to be a more fully-featured jean. In other words, it encompasses some of the best benefits of it’s higher-end denims but at a reasonable price.

Starting from the top, we see a double waistband that’s continuously chain stitched, as well as seat seams and belt loops that are all sturdily triple stitched. The pocketing department is also well tended to with extra lining reinforcement and hidden rivets being present on the back pockets. Indeed, the Spikes X014 are reminiscent of the Spikes X009 but priced closer to the Spikes X001.

The only area that may disappoint some is the weight. For those needing a heavier denim, the Spikes X014 utilizes a Cone Mills red-line selvedge fabric that weighs a more mid-range 13.75 Oz. What are you thoughts though on this denim’s direction and what it has to offer? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Name: Railcar Fine Goods Spikes X014
  • Weight: 13.75 Oz.
  • Fit: Straight slim, medium-low rise
  • Denim: Cone Mills red-line selvedge
  • Other Details:
    • Triple stitch seat seams and belt loops
    • Hidden rivets
    • Extra reinforced pocketing
    • Branded hardware
    • Continuously chain stitched double waistband
  • Available at: Railcar Fine Goods for $228.00


Fit Front - Railcar Fine Goods Spikes X014 Raw Denim Back Pockets - Railcar Fine Goods Spikes X014 Raw Denim Back - Railcar Fine Goods Spikes X014 Raw Denim Hem - Railcar Fine Goods Spikes X014 Raw Denim

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  • Grandier

    question: does ‘seat seams’ refer to the T-shaped construction at the back of the jeans?

    • Unnmd

      Yes it does, also known as the yoke.

  • Devan Prithipaul

    Looks pretty clean, wish they could experiment with some different denim though instead of just cone mills.

    • Unnmd

      From what I understand about RCFG they want to be a complete “Made in the USA” brand and to use denim from any of the Japanese mills would go against that thought. I do know that every once in awhile they have Cone make a special denim for them.


        I commend that philosophy. seems like most brands stray away from cone eventually for Japanese denim that is perceived to be better. we need our cone American jeans. atleast I do. peace to rfg, tellason, and roy. and ill probably be picking these up.

        • Unnmd

          From what I have gathered people who prefer Japanese denim to Cone are looking for the drastic fade to happen much quicker, and I completely understand that thought process. I own pairs of both and love them equally so I’m pretty easy to please. Next on my wish list, after much saving of course, will be a pair of Roy and if Ande Whall does another special roll that has similar characteristics to the speckled denim of the SR5s. Don’t know if you have checked it out or not, but on the Ande Whall site the step by step process of how he puts the jeans together is very informative and a fun read.

          • FRINGECLASS

            nice. thanks for the heads up..

    • TheEnd187

      actually they have used Japanese denim in one of their previous designs, the spikes X011 uses a brown Japanese denim. I also own a pair and the color looks nothing like the ones posted in this article http://www.rawrdenim.com/2012/08/railcar-fine-goods-spikes-x006-just-released/

      • Unnmd

        Completely forgot about those!

        • RCDX013fan

          ALSO, they used Japanese denim with their latest jean for the contest. RDCX013

          • Unnmd

            And the double red line X010s!

  • BillygoatsGruff312

    All the stitching is the same color. The denim is from north carolina. Why do these jeans cost $228?

    • Unnmd

      I don’t see how the color of the stitching can be a determinant of price?

      • BillygoatsGruff312

        Devils in the details…think about it, I’m sure you can figure this out. Hint (in case you cant): look at other pairs of jeans priced $200+ and compare features.

        • Unnmd

          You mean details like double chain stitched waistband, triple stitched yoke as a throw back to how work wear was once made, hidden rivets where some of the same price point don’t have any at all, denim from one of the oldest mills left, and made in a small shop in Cailfornia? I think it’s a decent price point for what they are. Can you give me an example of a pair that is priced are the same and heads above a better pair?

          • BillygoatsGruff312

            Momotaro 201/701/901. $230.

          • Unnmd

            Where are they $230? I’ve only seen them in the 15.7 oz for $315?

          • BillygoatsGruff312

            okayama denim

          • Young

            momotaros are nice for sure but if you’re comparing details alone, these railcars provide a ton of details that aren’t typically all seen together in a jean in the $200 range…the waistband is a double waistband with a continuous chain stitch thats tucked into the waistband, hidden rivets, triple stitching throughout the jean, lined back pockets. all these details take a ton of time and work to put into a jean and to do it right is no easy task. cone mills gets an unfair rep as being inferior to japanese denim. Cone mills produces a ton of denim that range in characteristics, weight, feel, etc. the weight and red ID alone isn’t an indicator that it’s all the same kind of denim. just because they typically don’t have the fast drastic fading of some japanese fabrics, that isn’t the sole judge of whether or not the denim is good or not. plus all of railcar denim is made in house as opposed to sourcing it another factory.

          • Unnmd

            My feelings exactly, Momotaro’s are fantastic jeans, but when you are are saying that another pair needs more little details to support a $228 tag, yet Momotaro’s are $230-$315+ and pretty plain it’s a confusing statement. Not saying they aren’t worth it, the comment just doesn’t make sense.

          • BillygoatsGruff312

            You challenged: Can you give me an example of a pair that is
            priced the same and heads above a better pair?

            I just did. I’d be embarrassed, but I aint used to being wrong.

            If you would rather wear a pair of Railcars than a pair of Momos be my guest. Personally, I would feel like a fool paying $230 for a pair of domestic jeans that, from casual observation look little different than a pair of unbrandeds, and actually worse than a pair of LVCs.

            The jeans look generic. I grab a pair of FlatHeads and I’m like “Damn! I wish I had room in my closet/wallet for these unique artisan jeans.” These jeans inspire no such reaction.

          • Unnmd

            I didn’t challenge, I was just actually asking, sorry if it came off that way. I don’t think the Momotaro’s are hands down the better pair at that price point, but I know personal opinion plays a big part in that.

            As for the Railcars not looking any different from unbrandeds, the same point could be made for the majority of brands out there today including the Momotaro Vintage and Special collections. When you actually touch the jeans and get to look at them in person you realize why they are special. FlatHead, RJB, and Dry Bones are always ones that when I touch I never want to let go off haha.

          • BillygoatsGruff312

            Great response. Now I’m embarrassed for being such a troll. Anyways, when you put it that way, I must concede that I haven’t felt a pair of Railcars; I’m just judging from what I can see from the pictures.

            The domestic v. jap debate is matter of personality I think. I can justify spending some change on something unique from Japan I am unlikely to see anyone else in. I could spend the same on a domestic, but I would expect to get more bang for my buck. Personal preference…personal bias. I’ve looked at some other Railcars and they do look decent. Prolly wont buy a pair, but I’ll give them a feel next time I stop by Mildblend.

          • Unnmd

            I completely agree on wanting something unique, and it is the reason that I will spend a good chunk on a pair of jeans if they are what I’m looking for regardless of the origin.

    • B

      Because I can call up Steve, give him my measurements, and I’ll get a custom-made pair. No need to get them hemmed or altered. Done right and just for me.