Naked & Famous Okayama Spirit, Midnight Power: Just Released

Naked & Famous Okayama Spirit and Midnight Power - Just Released

Two new releases from the Canadian raw denim powerhouse Naked & Famous are here, and they’re sure to please those who are interested in uneven slubby denim and unique weft colour choices. Depending upon interpretation, the brand is well known for it’s extremely peculiar or extremely innovative choices, so it’s worth noting that these are fairly normal given some of their past models.

Naked & Famous Okayama Spirit

Channeling the legend and lore of denim from Okayama, Japan, this line of denim from N&F is made from a 16 oz. raw selvedge unsanforized cotton. Produced by a small studio mill in Okayama that specializes in unique, artisanal denim, the fabric features an uneven slub yarn construction that creates a truly unique texture. By conducting the weaving at a very low tension, the visible “hand-woven” look is achieved. The great-looking fades that slub denim can produce have been highlighted on the site before.

As they’re unsanforized, the brand notes that the denim will shrink about one full size after washing, and that any potential buyer should most likely size up. Details of note include special rivets that read “JE T’ADORE TOUTE NUE” (i.e. “I LOVE YOU NAKED”), a 10 oz. natural vegetable leather patch, an exposed selvedge coin pocket, and logo buttons. It’s available in the Super Skinny Guy, Weird Guy, and Slim Guy fits.


  • Name: Naked & Famous Okayama Spirit
  • Weight: 16 Oz.
  • Fabric: Unsanforized raw selvedge denim from Okayama, Japan
  • Not yet available

Naked & Famous Okayama Spirit - Just Released

Naked & Famous Okayama Spirit - Just Released

Naked & Famous Okayama Spirit - Just Released

Naked & Famous Okayama Spirit - Just Released

Naked & Famous Midnight Power Stretch

The second new offering, the Midnight Power Stretch, is only available in the narrow and straight Skinny Guy fit, and appropriately features great stretch recovery with its 95% cotton, 5% elastane makeup. Like the Okayama Spirit, this fabric is also woven in Okayama, Japan. However, it is significantly lighter – coming in at only a 12 oz selvedge.

This jean’s rich, deep indigo colour is achieved by its black weft construction  The warp is dyed a deeper-than-usual indigo, reinforcing the hue. Similar to the previous release, this pair of jeans features rivets reading “JE T’ADORE TOUTE NUE” (I LOVE YOU NAKED). A unique detail is the full grain black leather patch used on the jeans which almost blends into the dark coloring.

The images below feature both the denim in its raw state and also how it looks after worn for 5 months with 2 soaks and 1 wash.


  • Name: Naked & Famous Midnight Power Stretch
  • Weight: 12 Oz.
  • Fabric: 95% cotton, 5% elastane stretch selvedge with a black weft for a deep indigo color
  • Not yet available

Naked & Famous Midnight Power Stretch - Just Released

Naked & Famous Midnight Power Stretch - Just Released

Naked & Famous Midnight Power Stretch - Just Released

Austin Bryant

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  • whorebucks

    I seem to be seeing something “naked and famous” every week. But I’ve also noticed people commenting on how poor the construction is on their jeans and overall subpar to many other brands. My question is how they keep getting featured? Are they good and undeserving of criticism?

    • Devan Prithipaul

      They attract a lot of traffic for the site, and they are good for their price point. If you want good construction, get flat head, but then you have to pay 300. If you want raw denim and “quick” fades, get N&F. N&F isnt really trying to be “really” good quality.


        yo midnight power 5 percent elastane, they stole and marketed your attitude, man..

      • Cruel_Angel

        I think “really” good quality is subjective. Many of the Japanese repo brands do their own thing. They recreate vintage jeans as accurately as possible. They have slower methods, smaller runs, made in Japan, and this will greatly effect the cost. I happen to own several repo jeans made with 100% cotton threads, and after days of wear i have threads busting. Since the old time jeans used 100% cotton threads, the repo brand will use 100% cotton thread. It is far less durable than modern jeans that use poly cotton thread which is extra strong.

        N&F takes the spirit of Japanese denim brands and merges it with modern construction and fits. I don’t think they are not trying to be good quality. Quality wise there aren’t any details you won’t find in jeans that are twice the price.

        This is why wear them over most of my repos. I like the fabrics from the Japanese stuff, but I hate the fits. With N&F you can get a lot of fabrics that are similar (and made in the same mills) as many of the Japanese brands, but in modern slim fits.

    • Grandier

      one possible reason is probably because they have more updates than most other brands. personally despite their subpar construction quality, i’m very excited to see what kind of crazy stuff they will make and i’m sure a lot of people feel the same way.

      and also, they’re good. but only as far as entry-level raw denim, and the quality for the price you pay is IMO very good.

      • Devan Prithipaul

        Also true, most japanese brands only do updates once or twice a year.

    • Cruel_Angel

      No other raw denim company brand comes out with an many jeans an N&F so there is always something to feature. As for the quality, I think if you ask anybody who has owned N&F they’ll tell you how great they are. Personally I own over a dozen and have had no major issues. I also own jeans from nearly every raw brand out there, Flat Head, Samurai, Big John, PBJ, Nudie, APC, Unbranded. Other than typical wear and tear damage that you’ll never have a pair of N&F fall apart on you. I think there is a bit of snobbery with some people because of the price, or because N&F isn’t as “exclusive” as some other products out there. And because it’s very accessible, and a lot of people wear them, so some people try to find a fault. I’m not really sure… You never see people on forums posting images of N&F defects, you’d think it would at least show up on the forums, but it doesn’t. Perhaps ask the people who mention construction as a negative what they mean, and I’m sure you won’t even get a logical answer.

      • Grandier

        while you’re at it, allow me to say that my N&F pair has its chain stitching on the hem broken after 4-5 months of daily wear. in comparison my nudie thin finn never had any broken stitching.

        you kinda pay for the quality in the end, but i’m still satisfied lol

        • Cruel_Angel

          I’d say if you wore a pair of jeans for 4 – 5 months daily and only had a hem break then that’s a great sign of quality. Your example shows just how strange a debate this is. Every jean you’ll ever own is going to be worn differently. Some will get worn more, some less, you’ll wear them though different environments and they’ll see different types damage. All it takes it’s a moment of heavy strain and you can easily bust any seam. I’m positive I could find a pair of jeans at the Gap or Wal Mart that somebody could successfully wear without breaking any seams. I think over all quality should be measured in the lifetime of the product. Will it hold up overall , how do the jeans fade, how does the crotch hold up, will you see any unusual damage that isn’t caused by wear and tear. We can all expect some damage to occur since we wear these things everyday.

  • lzwer

    They’re good for their price point. My main experience has been with their collabs and I find the construction of the Momo collab to be fine and the construction of the Flat HeadxTate&YokoxN&F to be lacking – front pocket stitching and hem stitching both undone within a few months of wear.

    I think the Okayama Spirit looks good and look forward to seeing them in person.

  • Matt

    Any word on Okayama Spirit price point?

    • Jon

      They’re 200 USD, available at Blue Owl.

  • denimhead

    what shoes are those, in first pic?

  • Grandier

    does anybody recognize the shirt on the 2nd pair? i kinda like the color of it.

  • thejewrican

    Which dumbass is responsible for making the inseam of the two best n&f jeans (the okayama’s and the oni’s) so damn short? According to Blue Owl, the inseam is 33.5 inches before a soak. Why do they insist on preventing tall people from wearing these? I would have bought the okayama’s, but I cant get any stacking with the inseam. So stupid.

    • bryan solid

      Yep. Hell, I’m just a six footer and I impulsively bought the N&FxOni’s because they looked awesome and I just wanted some new jeans. Of course, upon further wearing, I noticed that the inseam was really too short, something I chose to overlook while trying them on. Unfortunately for me, the jeans were bought during a sale and were a final sale.

      So now I just roll the cuffs three times and mostly wear them in summer and for cycling. I’ve seriously debated making cutoffs out of them too.

      • thejewrican

        Yeah, sorry you’re stuck with them, I can’t really do the super high rolled jeans thing, but props to you if you can.
        I guess it would be somewhat “sacrilegious” (if I’m not being too melodramatic) to make them into shorts, but imo they would be some sexy-ass cutoffs. At least as long as you’re stuck with them, might as well put them to good use.

  • SoleBelief

    Does anyone have fade pics (in progress) for the N&F Midnight one? I bought mine in October 2013 and still working on them but would like to see how others are doing!