Naked & Famous Denim – “The World’s Most Innovative Jeans” [Documentary]

Naked & Famous Denim - "The World's Most Innovative Jeans" [Documentary]

Claiming to have “the world’s most innovative jeans” may be a lofty and ambitious statement, but when positioned alongside Naked & Famous, it seems to make a lot of sense. Since their inception a little over five years ago, the Montreal, Canada denim company has churned out more than 50 models; many of which are nearly unimaginable. If you need a refresher, look to a few their past products, such as the Glow-In-The-Dark and beastly 32 Oz. raw denim.

To showcase N&F‘s extraordinary approach to raw denim, Neon Films just released a short documentary exploring the brand’s vision, collection, and simply put, why they do what they do.

What do you think of the film? Do you think Naked & Famous truly creates “the world’s most innovative jeans”? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • kellybear

    why you guys don’t start to produce some crazy raw jeans for women? i will definitely buy one.

  • Brandon

    I appreciate and respect what they do, and I do think they innovate, quite possibly more so than any other denim brand. That being said, the fits on both their jeans and shirting is universally unflattering, and based on that I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone, nor would I ever purchase their denim.

    • Edwin

      Your def right

    • squatty

      definitely for not for guys with muscular legs… but rarely do jeans look good on those type of dudes.

    • bryan solid

      Disagree. I find the the Weird Guy fit is one of the best fits of any jeans I own, for my particular body.

      There is no universal fit that will flatter everyone and it’s really nice that there are lots of different fits for lots of different bodies.

    • trehsu

      I don’t know about all of their fits but their slim guys ended up being way way too baggy for me. I’m not even into super skinny jeans. In APC I like the new standard. Slim guy’s leg opening are ridiculously wide. More like baggy guy

  • lzwer

    ‘Universally unflattering’? That’s just a bit over the top, don’t you think? I tend to stay away from their standard stuff, but I’ve got both the Momotaro and Flat Head collabs and the fit on both is great. And if you’ve got a shorter inseam, the Onis also look good.

    Otherwise, good documentary.

  • Grandier

    fabric-wise, they’re waaaayyy ahead of the rest of the brands, where they would rather stay on the ‘safe side’.

    production-wise? IMO nudie is better than N&F. N&F is quite lacking in the construction part and the fits aren’t that special.

    i’m wearing their weird guy dirty fade for 8 months now, washed twice. the fades i have now is….not as dirty as advertised. still have a very long way to go i guess

    • trehsu

      I completely agree with your statement. That’s the exact same 2 things I would criticize them about is fit and construction. Namely construction since some people have a preference for a different fit than others; nobody likes shoddy construction. Their denim will often outlast their thread and hardware.


    I think hats of to them… Very Nicely done Video. its easy to criticise… Im sure they will introduce more fits- once the collection gets bigger. Its great to see this brand grow in these 5/6 years, Having travelled all over the world, the portfolios of stores they have is quite incredable – It will be more interesting to see where they go in the coming years, but the combinations in denim constructions are limitless, Im sure Brandon and Bahzad have many more ideas up there sleeve…

  • Devan Prithipaul

    Great documentary! I really love n&f, mostly because they’re made in canada, and being Canadian, there isnt much to be proud of in terms of fashion. they occasionally will produce some really neat stuff or collaborate with some cool brands. I think one of the best (and mysterious) collaborations was their collab with oni. keep going in that direction, a bit less gimmicky stuff.

  • J. Davis

    I’ll give Naked & Famous their due props for being willing to push the boundaries when it comes to denim, but if they have taught me one thing, it is that innovation for innovations’ sake is not a virtue. It’s one thing to challenge the denim status quo, it’s wholly another to be gimmicky. Unfortunately, Naked & Famous falls into the latter. And that’s a lot of money to spend on a gimmick.

    • bryan solid

      Why do their weird one offs have to cancel out the more standard and plain models they produce? There’s plenty of N&F that are simple jeans without gimmick.

  • John Holland

    Maaaannnn!!!! Y’all are just haten. They are marketing a product that requires devotion that the end will justify the means. When you see naked and famous next to other brands in the raw market they are clearly in the top 3. However they lead in innovation not tradition. That’s what makes them so special. Nobody has been rockin the steel wool denim long enough to say its better than the Japanese or NC Mill. We represent such a small market segment that you need to be happy our needs are this well catered too. Specialy in foreign markets.

    PS those bitching about muscular legs stop doing 12oz curls. I have been a hockey player for 15 years and I regularly squat Volkswagen Bugs. The problem ain’t your legs it’s motivation. All the ladies love my thighs in them!

  • trehsu

    Too bad I just think their construction is not up to par with other brands. And I’m saying this as the owner of a pair of black N&F. Also, they deleted my comment on facebook when I asked them how they sourced Zimbabwean cotton denim.