Livid Jeans Jakob Slim Black Selvedge Raw Denim – Just Released

Livid Jeans Jakob Slim Black Selvedge

Livid Jeans Jakob Slim Black Selvedge – Just Released

With Fall just around the corner, Norwegian denim crafters, Livid Jeans, have several new additions in the works; the first of which is the Jakob Slim Black Selvedge denim. Just released last week for online order and limited to 250 pairs, the model features a 14 Oz., heavily sulphur-dyed denim fabric that’s originally sourced from the Kurabo Mills, Japan.

Though the Jakob Slim Black Selvedge isn’t necessarily constructed in Livid‘s studio in Trondheim, Norway, the team was sure to not skimp on the details. All of the rivets and buttons are made from brass and the back pockets are finished with a same-tone poly core cotton thread. As well, a heavy ecru canvas material reinforces the bottom portion of the back pockets and is used for the front pocket bags.

Take a look below photos to get a sense of the fit, detailing, and how it will fade over time.


  • Name: Livid Jeans Jakob Slim Black Selvedge
  • Weight: 14 Oz.
  • Fit: Slim
  • Denim: 100% Cotton, sulphur-dyed from Kurabo Mills, Japan
  • Available at: Livid Jeans for approximately $285.00 USD


Front and Back Fit 1 - Livid Jeans Jakob Slim Black Selvedge

Side Fit - Livid Jeans Jakob Slim Black Selvedge

Front Fit - Livid Jeans Jakob Slim Black Selvedge

Back Fit - Livid Jeans Jakob Slim Black Selvedge Front Closeup - Livid Jeans Jakob Slim Black Selvedge Pocket - Livid Jeans Jakob Slim Black Selvedge

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  • Kohl

    I ordered a pair of Livid Jeans and immediately noticed a sharp, fart like smell coming from the jeans. even now i dont dare wear them due to the stink.

    • mf051404


    • Richalicious

      Horrific but also funny at the same time…… one word…. FABREEZE !!

    • Pushragner

      I bought a pair as well. They smell of sulphur and I figure they do so
      because of the sulphur-dyeing process. Gave em a soak and they still
      smell a bit. I kinda like the smell though, reminds me of fireworks.

      I wear them with no complaints from my girlfriend, so the small can’t be that bad.

    • Matt Reyes

      There was an article about getting rid of the sulphur stink a few months, maybe even a little over a year back. Just search up “oven treatment” or something like that. You basically bake your jeans for a minute or two on each side with very low heat.

  • Mister56

    Put them in a warm oven to get rid of the smell. Low temp, like 200 i think. Shit google it.

    • Guest

      The smell disappears after the first weeks wear. And it’s really not a bad smell. Like the other guys said, it’s like fireworks or matches. I’ve also got a girlfriend who would react if it was bad, and she doesn’t complain. These jeans have a generally rough/biker/grease monkey aesthetic. So if you’re the kind of guy that worries about smells and wants jeans to be sharp and pristine, these may not be the pair for you anyway. I love my pair.

  • Anon

    Any idea what boots the guy on the right is wearing?

    • track

      Red wing Iron rangers