Fade Friday – Self Edge x Flat Head x Real Japan Blues (21 Months, Washes Unknown)

Patch - SExFHxRJB

This might not be the first time we’ve featured the Self Edge x Flat Head x Real Japan Blues collaborative denim for Fade Friday, but this pair’s contrast and fade patterns were so vivid that it was hard not to give it some attention.

Using a unique 14 Oz. unsanforized, rope-dyed denim developed by Real Japan Blues, the SExFHxRJB is designed to worn comfortably in warmer weather but still evolve similar to any pair of Flat Head jeans. The denim also marks Self Edges first collaboration with two brands at once and is finished with some very clean details, such as the indigo-colored arc stitching.

This specific pair belongs to flickr user, jtgagarin, and unfortunately not much is known about them aside from being worn for 21 months. Be sure to visit his flickr page and scan through his other raw denim photographs, including this mean looking pair of Strike Gold‘s that are well on their way to joining Fade Friday.


  • Name: Self Edge x Flat Head x Real Japan Blues (SExFHxRJB)
  • Weight: 14 Oz.
  • Denim: Unsanforized Raw Japanese Selvedge, 100% Zimbabwe Cotton
  • Fit: Slim
  • Length of Wear: 21 months
  • Washes: Unknown
  • Available at: Self Edge for $365.00 USD.

Photos – Before

Self Edge x Flat Head x Real Japan Blues

Photos – After

Front Back Fit - SExFHxRJB

Front Back - SExFHxRJB

Pocket Arc - SExFHxRJB Hem - SExFHxRJB

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  • charlie_chase

    kiya would be proud..


      or maybe not. how do you know? maybe kiya saw this this morning and it threw his whole day off balance. maybe hes at the bar now tossing them back trying to forget about the whole thing..

      • guest

        these fades were shared a couple months ago on sufu so theyre nothing new and kiya probably saw them long ago

  • zzzzz


  • Grandier

    dat yummy honeycombs and stacks

  • Kyle

    Ahh, what a lovely looking pair. The sweet, powdery blue color of RJB’s denim doesn’t disappoint.

  • Kleetz

    Dat contrast!

  • Richalicious

    OFT !! nice jeans mate :)

  • whorebucks

    fade friday is on fiyaaaa.

  • Lifted

    Fucking beautiful.

  • Devan Prithipaul

    texture and contrast are really on point.

  • swissjeansfreak

    Those pants are showing the power of raw denim evolution at its best. Congrats to this great results and raw denim love put in to them

  • Justkidding


  • trehsu

    I think these look pretty sweet, especially close up where you can see the vertical fades.

  • Chris xavier

    These are the kinds of fades I like to see. For my taste, this is nearly the perfect pair. Not only are the whiskers and honeycombs awesome, but the color profile on these is gritty and deep. Are there any of these on the market? I would like to give them a try