Fade Friday – Momotaro 0201 Vintage (14 Months, Many Washes)

Fade Friday - Momotaro 0201 Vintage Label (14 Months, Many Washes)

Fade Friday this week highlights a pair of Momotaro 0201 Vintage Label jeans worn for 14 months and washed many times. This frequent washing has interestingly brought out drastic contrasts throughout the jeans, particularly in the thigh regions and honeycombs where the fades are even more prominent. The pair was shared with us by forum user dennyprilendi, viewable through this thread.

Momotaro‘s vintage label features a shrink-to-fit construction as well as a rougher, slubbier denim and keeping consistent with their other jeans. This pair was constructed with pink selvedge, a pink lined inseam, and a deer skin leather patch. The 0201 Vintage Label model also features herringbone pocket bags with branded embossing.


  • Name: Momotaro 0201 Vintage Label
  • Weight: 15.7 oz.
  • Fit: Slim Straight
  • Length of Wear: 14 months
  • Washes: Many Washes
  • Other Details:
    • 100% Natural Zimbabwe cotton
    • Rope dyed indigo
    • Deer Skin Leather Patch
    • Pink Selvedge
    • Pink Lined Inseam
  • Available at: Blue In Green for $315.00 USD

Photos – Before

Momotaro 0201 Vintage Label New

Photos – After

Momotaro 0201 Vintage Label Flat Front

Momotaro 0201 Vintage Label Flat Back

Momotaro 0201 Vintage Label Honeycombs

Benjamin Simons

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  • BillygoatsGruff312


    • BillygoatsGruff312

      But seriously, after a decent run of Fade Fridays, this one really sucks balls. Two steps back.

    • Devan Prithipaul

      This is kind of what i dont like. everyone talks about how X japanese denim brand has SUCH good quality, its made by blind seamstresses who are so good they dont have to see, the quality is so intense, and then 14 months later, with a couple of washes, already got crotch blowouts.

      • Grandier

        to be fair, not all brand can consistently produce an….’immortal’ product especially if it’s handmade. margin of error and faulty product should exists at some point of time (although it’s pretty rare), don’t you think?

        • Devan Prithipaul

          yeah i agree, but it just happens so often with (raw) denim. I mean crotch blowouts seem to be the “goal” for a lot of denim enthusiasts, and it seems to happen well before 2 years on a very consistent basis. i guess my frustration is with the marketing, why cant they be marketed as fashionable, nice fading jeans? why do they have to add so much emphasis on quality?

          • BillygoatsGruff312

            I think alot of folks(hipsters) get skinny(super tight) jeans and then go months without wash(wearing out the fabric) while gallivanting about the city in their trendy one-speed bicycles (increasing friction) until the crotch is blown. I’ve seen ironhearts suffer crotch blowouts after less than a year of this type abuse.

            I’ve still got Girbauds that are over 10 years old w/o ever getting a repair on them. Its the use/abuse, not the construction, that is the culprit of many a raw denims’ early demise imho.

          • Devan Prithipaul

            good point billygoat, although im not sure over the explosive interest in washing raw denim that has come up recently, i agree it could be the intensity of use.

          • Grandier

            japanese denimheads washes their raw denims more often than the western people since a long time ago, so it’s not exactly a recent thing for them. here in indonesia though(where that momo owner came from, in case you haven’t checked the thread link), we have people who do washings frequently and we also have people who do the 1-2 washes/year thing.

            it’s interesting to see the wear/wash habit of denimheads in other countries.

        • BillygoatsGruff312

          I think Momos tend to fall apart more b/c of the all cotton stitching. Speaking from my own experience, the back pocket stitching started fraying after about a week of wear. I don’t think Momos are known for durability.

  • reverendglasseye

    It clearly states on the BiG website that it’s $315. The only Momos I know that are $230 are from Okayama Denim.

    • http://www.rawrdenim.com Rawr Denim

      Sorry about that, article revised.

  • Jase

    Or blue owl for $295

  • Bertie

    Great fadings, with to much washes


    all of those washes couldn’t save the owner from a crotch blow out at 14 months or earlier.

  • whorebucks

    do the honeycombs look unusually large to anyone else?

    • Vinyl Scratch

      That would be the result of a loose fit; the extra fabric causes less honeycomb creases with greater spacing.

  • JB

    ….. no fit pic?

  • Unreal

    As odd as this may sound, loads of people actually work in their jeans. When it comes right down to it. Given enough stress, cotton will tear. Fact of life. I can’t believe people are actually hating on a beautifully, hard worn and lived in pair of momotaros. Check yoself before you wreck yourself fools


      no hating. these are beautiful. they should have been on fade friday a year ago, and not only now because we just found out “washing your jeans a shitload of times means they’ll last longer”, which is not true, and I highly doubt the reason for the sudden over wash propaganda.

  • swissjeansfreak

    Awesome fadings with too many washes. I just try to imagine the even more impressing results if worn hard without washings. I like the large honeycombs from relaxed fit.
    The crotch blowout thing is probably from the use of all cotton threads I assume I don’t have such problems with my never washed raw denim stuff since I wear them at least one size too big (but of course this is just for me as a non fashionable guy)