Tellason Clampdown Shirt and Palmer Jacket – Just Released

Tellason Clampdown Shirt (left) and Palmer Jacket - Just Released

Tellason Clampdown Shirt (left) and Palmer Jacket – Just Released

As the end of summer and beginning of fall inches closer and closer, we see two new releases from San Francisco’s Tellason – the Clampdown Shirt and Palmer Jacket. Though both incorporate a White Oak Cone Mills indigo raw denim, the Clampdown is woven with a 10.5 Oz weight; while the Palmer is substantially heavier at 14.75 Oz.

In terms of the detailing, the Clampdown Shirt is sturdily constructed with tonal blue and triple needle stitching, features two breast pockets, and is finished with a subtle selvedge gusset near the waist-side. Those who fancy Tellason‘s Topper Denim Shirt will be very satisfied with the Clampdown as it is cut with the same fit.

Also built with tonal blue and triple need stitching, the Palmer Jacket offers two larger patch pockets which are very designed similarly – if not identically – to their denim jeans. Note the interior breast pocket and copper hardware as well.

Tellason Clampdown Indigo Shirt

Tellason Clampdown Shirt

Interior - Tellason Clampdown Shirt

Details - Tellason Clampdown Shirt

  • Name: Tellason Clampdown Shirt
  • Weight: 10.5 Oz.
  • Available at: The Woodlands for $220.00

Tellason Palmer Indigo Jacket

Tellason Palmer Jacket Interior - Tellason Palmer Jacket

  • Name: Tellason Palmer Jacket
  • Weight: 14.75 Oz.
  • Available at: The Woodlands for $275.00

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  • Devan Prithipaul

    After seeing these, I would rather get the Roy Portland shirt.


      you should go buy it then.

    • J. Davis

      That’s because you’re a complete idiot.

      • Devan Prithipaul


        • J. Davis

          Do you really have to ask? Let me tell you why: Because only an idiot would prefer to spend $370 on Roy’s Portland shirt. (Although to be fair, this shirt and jacket is overpriced as well. I’m just amazed that anyone would pay these prices on what amounts to nothing more than simple work wear.)


    handsome shirt.

  • Collintac3

    Just ordered the clampdown now. Looks great. I’ve got the topper shirt as well and love it. Can’t go wrong with tellason.