Roy Jeans The Portland Shirt For Self Edge – Just Released

Roy The Portland Shirt

As per our interview announcing the launch of their new store in Portland, the Self Edge crew have come up with some great new collaborations to celebrate the occasion. The centrepiece is The Portland Shirt from Self Edge and one man brand and sewing operation Roy Slaper of Roy Jeans.

Roy The Portland Shirt Fit Pictures

The Portland Shirt

This is only the second shirt Roy has ever produced and it more than lives up to the brand’s impeccable standards when it comes to fabric, construction, and details. The neat hideaway in The Portland Shirt is a tiny “cyanide pocket” sewn on the inner base of the placket so no one will ever take you alive – or if you want to put your keys or cash in it or whatever.

The Portland Shirt will be available exclusively at Self Edge stores starting August 3rd. So walk in or click quickly, because like all of Roy‘s goods this won’t sit on the shelves long.


  • Name: Roy The Portland Shirt
  • Fabric: 6oz Selvedge indigo slub-stripe fabric from Rampuya mill, Japan
  • Available at: Self Edge for $370.00
  • Other Details:
    • Sanforized for minimal shrinkage
    • Depression milk glass buttons
    • Three needle felling
    • High stitch count for longevity
    • Selvedge gussets and chain-off
    • Hemstitching on button placket
    • All made on Antique Singer Sewing Machines
    • Entirely made by one individual

Front View






Roy Portland Shirt Cyanide Pocket

The cyanide pocket!

David Shuck

David is the Managing Editor of Rawr Denim. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

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  • Kyle

    Amazing-looking shirt, I love the buttons, the pocket design, and fabric on these. I wonder if that’s a stock Rampuya fabric, or one custom-made just for Roy? Either way, it looks really nice.

    • Johnson Benjamin

      No telling, when it comes to Roy.

  • Devan Prithipaul

    Not a huge fan, the details seem really unnecessary and the fabric, although very interesting doesnt appeal to me.. Price is also pretty expensive, arent most Roy Jeans about 340$?

    • Zelch

      Cynicism isn’t wisdom.

    • lzwer

      ‘Details seem really unnecessary’? Certainly not more unnecessary than your comment. You have heard of Roy, correct?

  • aFoolAndHisMoneyAreSoonParted

    No shirt on the face of the Earth is worth $340. I don’t care who designed it, made it, how it’s made, or what it’s made out of. Anyone who thinks this kind of nonsense is acceptable is a fucking moron.

    • aFoolAndHisMoneyAreSoonParted

      It’s worse than I thought. $370. Insanity.

      • Johnson Benjamin

        To be fair, with Roy, it is more than a shirt or jeans when buying that brand.

        • J. Davis

          No it isn’t. The guy makes denim jeans and now he makes button down shirts. That’s it. Get a fucking grip and stop ascribing some “mystique” to his clothing.

          • Johnson Benjamin

            Thank you for your thoughtful response.

          • J. Davis

            Your welcome. Too bad you just don’t get it.

          • FRINGEEE

            “you don’t understand, this is what real life authentic train conductors circa the turn of the century wore, down to the last detail”.

        • whyusostupid

          I guess u are a spokeperson for roy jean hah? Well..stupidity goes a long way for some..

          • Johnson Benjamin

            I am a lightning rod of controversy apparently.

  • whorebucks

    Roy is a perfectionist and his attention to detail down to every strand is what makes him stand out for me. That being said, there is no way I would pay that much money for a shirt.

  • Johnson Benjamin

    I strongly disagree with some of the posts here. Considering, materials, quality, and the labor and time put
    into it, the price is justifiable. (shirts are not easy to make, or you
    would see more companies doing it). So, that makes the shirt worth $370.

    is that marketable, or reasonable for a shirt? No not really,
    especially for the common man. Although the shirt is really a work of
    art, no to be compared to regular brands.

    Roy does not make his items to be affordable and available to everyone. His work is very limited and exclusive. I have a strong appreciation for what he does, even while understanding I will most likely never own a Roy garment.

    • J. Davis

      You go right ahead and keep telling yourself that this piece of clothing is art and that somehow justifies the ridiculous price. I, for one, refuse to drink that Kool-Aid. Only a fool would pay that price for a simple button down shirt. Your attempt to justify the price a laughable and specious.

      • Johnson Benjamin

        You are full of thoughtful and helpful responses J. Davis.
        Though, it was full of negativity and condescension. It was so compelling. Really.
        Your words justify your post. I would not pay that price for a simple shirt either. Glad we can agree no simple shirt is worth that. Fortunately we are talking about a completely different entity.

        • J. Davis

          My response is directly proportional to the original post. You say on the one hand that you’d never pay that price for a simple shirt, then you go on to try and justify the price of the shirt by stating the unique nature of the materials, quality, labor and the artistic beauty. First, make up your mind. Second, get a grip. I don’t care if Roy took a year making this shirt out of mohair, it isn’t worth $370. Third, we’re talking about the same entity, and only a fool would pay that price for that shirt.

          • Johnson Benjamin

            I never called this a simple shirt.

          • J. Davis

            You should, because that’s all this is: A simple button down shirt. Oh, sure, it has some nice features, but it’s just a shirt nonetheless. The cotton was not grown by magical elves and the buttons have no mystical properties and the producer is not the mythical figure you make him out to be. I am starting to see why you and others believe otherwise; it’s because only in the grip of such delusions can you possibly justify paying $370 for this shirt in particular and the ridiculous prices for all things selvedge in general.

          • Johnson Benjamin

            Ha. Telling me how I should think.

          • J. Davis

            Your welcome. Happy to help.

    • vtgheat

      Roy.. the price is steep. Yet there is nothing to proud of. Hello roy…u shud see mister freedom quality n me..

  • Sean

    Spending more on something you use daily or a few times per week can be justifiable… bag, wallet, jacket, coat, jeans, and shoes. A shirt is not worthy of this type of investment. Only for the superfluous man.

    • growe13

      I invest in some really nice undershirts, and can wear a shirt for about 3 days before needing to wash it. Many people are capable of going for several weeks with only 1 or 2 shirts. Investing in a top notch, artisanal shirt is about as ridiculous as paying the same price for jeans. A shirt is as worthy, at the very least, to me as a nice pair of raws.

      Asides that, spending a good sum of money on clothing isn’t always superfluous. I make 7$ an hour and am capable of getting by while saving up money for a 300+ pair of raws. Why? Because wealth is relative.

      Additionally, please factor in the amount of effort the crafter of this shirt puts in to his products (Which, by the way, is a metric shit ton).

      • Sean

        Wealth is not relative at $7 an hour. Only someone working for spending money would write something so ridiculous. If that’s the case, your perception of value is not realistic.

        • Johnson Benjamin

          I agree this item IS for the man with an expendable income.

  • santos

    it is good to see a good shirt, but i am not going to put my money in it, coz it’s nothing special. Japanese mill, why do i buy Japanese products ? made by a individual? two or three or four people made it does not make the shirt cheap AND made by a individual does not make it show ” saint”. and the cutting is normal, just as the model shows.
    the details, is just ok, good, but 370$ for that, i am afraid not.

    if i saw a better shirt, i would pay it.