Old Blue Co. 3rd Year Special Anniversary Raw Denim – Just Released

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Old Blue Company was established in 2010 with one thing in mind – to create high quality denim goods that reflect the founders passion for vintage American workwear. Three years later the folks at Old Blue are continuing to stick to their mission, sourcing the highest quality fabrics, using distinctive, unique hardware, and crafting their goods with old-world machinery and skilled craftsman in their relentless pursuit. Combined, Old Blue are making some seriously impressive jeans.

To celebrate their third year of operations, Old Blue has released its first ever anniversary denim, and we must say, it’s quite the jean. The 3rd Year Special Anniversary Denim from Old Blue is offered in their signature 8.25″ cut that features a clean, slim-straight fit. This fit is designed to be perfect for daily wear, giving the wearer the clean lines typically associated with a slim fit while still maintaining the comfort of a regular straight cut.

The denim that Old Blue chose to use is a standout characteristic of the pant as the jeans are crafted from a 14 oz. pure blue selvedge denim that is woven in Italy from organic cotton and is sanforized to ensure a lasting fit. This fabric is extremely unique and has a hairy, streaky texture that is sure to yield some interesting fades. Adding to the character of this denim is the selvedge line. Old Blue chose to forgo the typical red or blue selvedge line seen on most denim and have instead opted for a neon green and orange selvedge, a unique and special touch perfect for celebrating their 3rd anniversary.

The details don’t stop with the denim though, as it becomes clear that every detail has been thoughtfully planned out and perfectly executed. The pocket linings are made from a 9 oz. navy hickory stripe fabric from Japan that is soft to the touch, but also strong enough to prevent rips after years of wear from cell phones and keys. The hardware is made in Japan from 100% copper. The button fly closure features the Laurel Leaf printed on iron plated doughnut buttons and has a black doff finish, which is also made in Japan. The Laurel Leaf is a symbol of peace and is used to symbolize the triumph of the human spirit. Levi’s even used this emblem on their buttons during World War II.

Even the leather patch has been thoughtfully crafted for the anniversary edition denim. Old Blue uses a Bison hide that they finish with what they call a “saddle colour”. The leather is imported from the United States and varies in both weight and thickness, from 3-4 oz. and 1.4-1.6mm respectively. The bison leather uses is up to 40% stronger than traditional cowhide and is sure to age just as beautifully as the anniversary jeans themselves.


  • Name: Old Blue Co. 3rd Year Special Anniversary
  • Weight: 14 oz.
  • Denim: 100% organic cotton, sanforized pure blue Italian selvedge denim
  • Selvedge: Green and Orange selvedge line
  • Fit: Slim straight fit, medium rise
  • Additional Details:
    • 9 Oz. Okayama navy hickory pocket lining
    • “Laurel Leaf” black iron plated doughnut button, made in Japan
    • 100% copper washer-burr rivets, made in Japan
    • Hidden rivets
    • Crotch rivet
    • Coin pocket selvedge
    • American bison hide
    • Open seam construction (with the selvedge line) from bottom to top
    • Two-tone double felled inseam construction
    • Two-tone chainstitched hem
  • Available at: Old Blue shop for $173.00


Old Blue Front and Back

Old Blue Fit Front Back

Old Blue Fly

Old Blue Details

Old Blue Selvedge Lines


Darius Lalier

Darius is currently a student living in New York City, attending New York University. Darius has a strong interest in all things raw denim and a specific interest in American manufacturing. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @dlalier.

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  • Damian

    I love the details on these (the hairy fabric, neon green/orange selvedge, buffalo hide patch, etc.), as well as the price point, but but I’m not crazy about the “anti-fit” fit.

  • dtho100

    Those are pretty nifty. I like the cool fabric, different selvedge line, and pretty much all of the unique details. I can’t say I love the fit though. But the price point is amazing! Special anniversary selvedge with all these features for under $200!

  • nick

    this is not just released, they are almost sold out already

  • Zakk

    I have a pair of raws using this same fabric, it’s pretty fantastic. The color is really stuck in, so expect some long term wear for fading.


    Pocket bags are a nice touch..

  • BillygoatsGruff312

    “…woven in Italy from organic cotton and is sanforized to ensure a lasting fit.”

    Huh? Since when did the fit on sanforized last longer than unsanforized?

  • Grandier

    it’s also worth noting (although it’s a minor importance), that the pocket stitch is the same one they use on their first denim ever, instead of the levis-style arcuate. they decided to use it as a “remembrance of those memories in the past”

    they still have the SLIM STRAIGHT fit on size 32 as of this comment being written. i remember this jeans has been around for more/less 2weeks

  • eryiğit kutluğ

    ne olursa olsun tüm kotlar levis taklidi ne yaparlarsa yapsınlar levis 1873 te atların çektiği güzelliği yapmış onun gibi olamaz

    • Devan Prithipaul

      my thoughts exactly.