Fade Friday – Pure Blue Japan XX-011 (26 Months, 10 Washes)

Plain and simple, this is just one of those Fade Fridays where we let the results speak for itself. Submitted earlier this year by forum member, malaujai, this pair of Pure Blue Japan (PBJ) XX-011 reminds us that not only is not all denim created equal, but also that washing your raw denim isn’t such a bad thing after all.

The PBJ XX-011 is the company’s slimmest fitting denim and made from a left hand twill fabric with indigo warp and grey weft. The denim’s makeup combined with what it’s had to endure – 10 washes over 26 months of heavy wear – it’s no wonder we see an immense variety of fades and just as much wear and tear.

Hop over to the original forum thread as well as the photographer’s, Bernard Chan, flickr for more info and images.

Note: We incorrectly referenced the forum thread and the denim was worn for 26 months, not 10 months. The article has been corrected.


  • Name: Pure Blue Japan XX-011 
  • Weight: 13.5 Oz.
  • Denim: 100% Cotton Selvedge Denim from Okayama, Japan
  • Fit: Tapered
  • Other Details:
    • Left Hand Twill
    • Indigo warp with grey weft
  • Available at: Rivet & Hide for approximately $340.00
  • Length of Wear: 26 Months
  • Number of Washes: 10 Months

Photos – Before

Pure Blue Japan XX-011 (source: rivetandhide.com)

Pure Blue Japan XX-011 (source: rivetandhide.com)

Pure Blue Japan XX-011

Photos – After

Fit - Pure Blue Japan XX-011 (10 Months, 10 Washes)

Front and Back - Pure Blue Japan XX-011 (10 Months, 10 Washes)

Details - Pure Blue Japan XX-011 (10 Months, 10 Washes)

Patch Wear and Comb Fades

Coin Pocket Hem - Pure Blue Japan XX-011 (10 Months, 10 Washes) Knees - Pure Blue Japan XX-011 (10 Months, 10 Washes)

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  • Opehn Face

    honestly these might be the most beautiful looking jeans i have ever seen

  • whorebucks

    This is denim porn.

  • Richalicious

    10 washes in 10 months…. seems alot ? my non selvedge high street denim gets less washing than that :) nice fades though !

    • Gordo

      Could be because you’re a fuckin’ filthbag who was never taught to wash their own clothes? If they’re non-selvedge and your gay denim sensibilities allow washing them more than once every two eons, why not NOT be such a dirty fuck and toss em in that large white thing in the basement that fills with water and spins around making bubbles when you add that “soap” stuff to it, resulting in clothes that don’t smell like your mother’s cunt after one of her nightly “dates”?? Wash your shit you fuckin’ animal.

      • Enigmatic Psychotic

        Holy shit.

      • Lone Airedale

        How do you really feel?

      • BillygoatsGruff312

        Don’t get your panties in a bunch. Jeans, selvage or otherwise don’t need that much washing.

        Hookers brush their teeth 5 or more times a day..because they have to. Maybe you have to wash out shame stains resultant from your chronic masturbation…but don’t put that shit off on the rest of us.

      • Richalicious

        Alright chief….. keep your knickers on !! i was only asking !!

        1. yes i’m fully domesticated and can use the washer
        2. i have a shower every morning and evening before AND after work so to be called a “dirty fuck” is somewhat misplaced
        3. my washer is in the kitchen not the basement and yes your are very perceptive… it makes bubbles
        4. if you want to know what my mothers cunt smells like….. ask your Dad he was round last night and left a tip

        5. why would i wash shit…. that would make the rest of my clothes smell awful

        You really are a bit of a knob jockey aren’t you ?

        BOOM…. you just got owned ! x

      • whorebucks

        I’ll be honest. I laughed at this.

    • malaujai

      These are mine… The photos above are actually from 26 months.

      The thread in the forum got a bit messed up and pics from 11 months didn’t show up which probably misled the author

      • Richalicious

        ah i see :) cheers for the info Malaujai. nice work !! :)

      • whorebucks

        can you give us a link to all the pictures please?

  • havok

    proof that you dont need to wait a year or even 6 months to wash.

    • swissjeansfreak

      It depends on your preferences. If you’re more on the natural fading side you’ll keep your raw denim stuff away from any water. Otherwise just treat your jeans the way which you like them most.

      • goldushapple

        It’s not so much preference. It’s so much what you do with your jeans and how often & long you wear them.

        Preferences my a_s.

  • Chris

    When photos like these make me want to buy the brand just to try to mimic the fades you know you’ve struck upon something gold.

  • swissjeansfreak

    Great results consideering the many washings. I don’t wanna imagine, how great they would look if they would be kept unwashed and unsoaked until the end

    • malaujai

      The problem is the fabric is only ~13 oz and without washing them, they would have started to tear/rip everytime I wore them….

      My first wash with this pair was probably after ~12-13 months but became a lot more frequent after that.

      • swissjeansfreak

        Yeah I know about the great problem of higher rsiqs of geztting cracks and crotch blowouts on never washed items. I’m using a little trick and wearing my stuff one size too big, so less danger of early damages. I’m one of the few raw denim purists who are hooked up on the original raw indigo color much more than the royal blue in which all raw denim stuff will change their color tone after first washing. I like the shiny greenish color of naturally faded indigo color so much that I even take the higher risks of earlier destroyings of teh fabric. But usually I don’t have that big problems. And I wear my stuff in 3 steps: office-outdoor-workpants before retiring tehm at the Jeansmuseum. And at the last step I don’t care about rips, tears, sweat, dirt or even filthy clothes, since they have to stay outside the buznkhose anyway in that stage. Watch out for some fading samples from my little Jeansmuseum of heaviest fadings on Instagram under swissjeansfreak

        • BillygoatsGruff312

          I’ll be looking out for that. I would like to see how your 25th Anniversary Ironhearts from VMC are looking now that you have had a chance to fade them a little. Good post. Thanks.

          • swissjeansfreak

            Thanks a lot for your reply
            My Iron Heart 25 oz have now close to 150 days of wear in a row. They fade very slow, still almost brandnew for me but will post them on Instagran later and also on the HWDC thredas on Sufu and Iron heart forums, when the fading progress has reached a stronger level.

            In case you ever visit Switzerland you have to stop at my place. I’m sure you would like to check out the little Jeansmuseum of heaviest fadings, where all really retired and beloved raw denim projects receive an eternal life at this safe place, no matter which brand, size and condition. As worse condition as better having millions of stories left in to them and showing the power of denim evolution caused by strongest natural fadings. That way the raw denim spirit shall be kept alive for ever

          • BillygoatsGruff312

            I just went to your instagram. The XHS look brand new after 140 days! I see that I will need to wear mine much more often if I want to get any contrast fading.

            I will be sure to visit the jeansmuseam next time im in switzerland.

          • swissjeansfreak

            I would be honoured if you would stop at my place.
            And yes the 25 oz jeans will probably last 3 years as my office pants every day in a row before I have to downgrade them as my outdoor pants. Absolutely no tears or any signs of rips on them after 150 wear days. I still hope I can survive them with my age of 54 already ha ha ha

          • BillygoatsGruff312

            You will…and the 40oz beasts that will surely follow.

          • swissjeansfreak

            ….or even 100 oz ha ha ha
            I think after the 25 oz I’ll probably go back to the lower weights then. At least with the lower oz’s I have better chances to destroy some more pants then those Heavy weight ones,…


    you guys can and should do whatever you want with your jeans. everyone on the anti 6 month mark bandwagon now sounds just the same as the people on the pro 6 month bandwagon just a couple of years ago. if I have to read another comment about how washing your jeans every week is cool….

    • Devan Prithipaul

      Yes, i agree, i see more of those “people that think that washing jeans every 6 months are stupid” than people who post “wash your jeans every six months”. its kind of getting annoying.


        right on, d. I think that swissjeansfreak put it nicely in his reply to havok below. its all personal preference and what you want out of your pair. theres pros and cons to washing and not washing. either way, your jeans will come out looking good. personally I like the philosophy of wearing often and washing infrequently.
        but now the time and wash amount has been fixed on the title, and the owner cleared everything up. these pbjs came out nice, btw..

        • swissjeansfreak

          Yeah that’s my philosophy as well. There are no rules about how to wear the jeans at the best way. It’s just a question of personal preferences. The main point is: Jeans are made to be used. And use the jeans in the best way for you. No matter if you love the never washed raw denim purist or if you’re a fan of skyblue faded jeans washed every week. You just have to know about the results. If you like strongest fadings with patina you can’t get this so easy with a weekly washed pair of jeans and vice versa

    • goldushapple

      If I need to read another comment on how people imply “two sides of the same coin … “

  • Unclegrandfather

    How did you fix the holes on the hip pocket?? It looks like the darning I’ve done by machine, but I can’t figure out how to do this on a pocket w/o sewing the pocket shut. Some of the best looking jeans I’ve seen, by the way!

    • malaujai

      thanks! i brought them to my local korean lady dry cleaners to get them repaired so i don’t really know, but most of the repairs were patches + stitching? lol

    • swissjeansfreak

      I assume that the korean lady had unstitched the back pocket and repaired it and then stitched the back pocket back on to the pants again

      • Unclegrandfather

        Well it worked. I’ve never had the guts to cut my pocket off, but I suppose if I left the bar tacking intact it would be ok. Thanks for the input!

        • swissjeansfreak

          Yeah, never unstitch the whole pocket just the lower part. It should work then

  • http://denimartistpp.wordpress.com/ P.P

    Nice. Looked like a 2 yrs old fading. He must be leading a tough lifestyle.

  • Cobalt

    I never see any PBJ XX-017 (cobalt). Anybody got a pair with any fading?

  • Quoc Nguyen

    I am planning to buy a pair of this. Does anyone know it’s sanforized or unsanforized? Do i need to soak it before wearing?

  • mattdgold


  • Chad

    I’ve a question before purchasing PBJ XX-011. Are the jeans sanforized or unsanforized?

  • http://instagram.com/the_true_great1 Mr.Amazing