Fade Friday – IndigoSkin V-Series (11 Months, 2 Soaks, 1 Wash)

Fade Friday - IndigoSkin V-Series (11 Months, 2 Soaks, 1 Wash)

Fade Friday – IndigoSkin V-Series (11 Months, 2 Soaks, 1 Wash)

This pair of IndigoSkin V-Series comes courtesy of Milanestar; who has been wearing his jeans for 11 months and submitted them to two soaks and one wash so far. While close-up “before” photos were unavailable, based upon photos of the denim’s second iteration via Facebook, we see a deep indigo and slubby texture reminiscent of any coveted pair of Japanese denim.

Given IndigoSkin‘s no-nonsense nature when it comes to detailing as well, it’s no surprise these 16 oz. unsanforized jeans feature American cotton woven in Okayama at the Momotaro factory and a gold, copper and silver selvedge line.

In terms of this V-Series‘ fades, the photographs show deep honeycombs on the back of the knee and a deep wallet fade on the back right pocket. On the front the knees are worn out to nearly white and there is some thick whiskering.

Unfortunately, this edition of the V-Series are sold out but IndigoSkin has upped the weight for 2013 and released their 18 oz. V-series model. If anyone is aware of stockists carrying this model, please leave a comment below and we will update the article.


  • Name: IndigoSkin V-Series
  • Weight: 16 Oz. unsanfordized
  • Fit: Slim tight fight
  • Denim: American cotton, Japanese selvedge
  • Number of Washes: 2 soaks, 1 wash
  • Length of Wear: 11 Months
  • Available at: Unknown

Photos – Before

front and back

Photos – After

After 7 months and prior to soaking

After 7 months and prior to soaking

After 9 months and 2 soaks

After 9 months and 2 soaks

After 11 Months, 1 Wash, and 2 Soaks

After 11 Months, 1 Wash, and 2 Soaks

IndigoSkin V-Series (11 Months, 2 Soaks, 1 Wash)

Ryan McDermott

Ryan McDermott

Ryan McDermott is a writer and journalist living in Washington, D.C.

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  • Geoff Dick

    Really nice, definitely some contrast tweaking but I’d imagine they’d still look amazing in person. Whats really interesting is the fading around the calves. Wonder what caused it.

    • BillygoatsGruff312

      Thick calves + tight taper.

  • Embe

    This was actually Thailand denim brand

    • http://www.rawrdenim.com Rawr Denim

      Apologies for the error, Embe. We’ve revised the article.

  • Jun

    IndigoSkin – The quality of Siam

  • Damian

    Phenomenal fades! These simply cannot get any better.

  • Dooder

    Holy leg-twist batman!

  • Loa

    I have this pair of jeans. Muhaha~

  • Dirty Denim

    Phenomenal!! I’v always loved the stitch color on indigo skins. Anyone know of online store that carry them? The Indigo Skin site lacks a shops that carries them section.

  • Lifted



    dope. cool timeline too.

  • BillygoatsGruff312

    Siam is not known for the quality of their fit pics.

  • Davil

    very nice

  • swissjeansfreak

    Awesome sick fadings and wear pattern on them. The honeycombs, front whiskers and stackings are very well developped and all just at the right place. Congrats to this great work done to them!!!

  • MuscleMane

    These edited high contrast photos need to stop.

  • Hey

    whats the real different between wash and soak?

  • Sad Panda

    Rad! So there was no pre-soak before first wear even though unsanforized? How were they washed and soaked?