Fade Friday – Flat Head BJ-3 (12 Months, 5 Washes)

Though The Flat Head‘s denim has been featured on Fade Friday several times before, this week is a first for Rawr Denim: a pair worn by a female denim fan. These BJ-3 jeans come from The Flat Head‘s Balder line of women’s clothing and were actually worn by the Flat Head staff member who helped develop the Balder line in the first place.

Flat Head‘s female employees apparently have some of the very best fades in the office, and these jeans are no exception. Made with Flat Head’s famous unsanforized 3000-series denim, they exemplify the high contrast and vertical fading for which the Nagano-based brand is famous. As you can see, they’ve also faded into the ideal blend of a soft, broken-in feel and detailed texture.

According to the staff member, this pair of BJ-3 have been repaired several times, including tearing at the knees and inseam resulting from (relatively) infrequent washing. They’ve been hemmed due to damage at the leg opening caused by heeled shoes, so there’s not much roping to be seen despite the chain stitching. We couldn’t convince her to pose for some fit pictures, but they are solid proof that ladies are no less capable of achieving impressive fades.


  • Name: The Flat Head Balder BJ-3 Tight Straight
  • Weight: 14.5 oz
  • Fit: Tight Straight
  • Denim: 100% Cotton, Loomstate denim from Okayama, Japan.
  • Other Details:
    • Iron button
    • Large copper rivets
    • Universal locking zipper
    • Rolled belt loops
  • Length of Wear: Twelve Months
  • Number of washes: Five
  • Available at: Self Edge for $295.00

Photos – Before

BJ-3 Front and Back

Photos – After

BJ-3 Front Fades

BJ-3 Back Fades

BJ-3 Front Detail

BJ-3 Back Pockets

BJ-3 Fades

BJ-3 Honeycombs

BJ-3 Honeycombs


Kyle lived in Japan for several years and has worked in the denim industry. He likes writing, playing electric guitar, and listening to Japanese indie rock bands.

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  • Davil

    you go girl!

  • john digiweed

    5 washes in 12 months seems like a lot

    • Kyle

      Not for Japanese. Everyone I know from Flat Head washes their jeans far, far more often than internet denim fans (probably one wash every 2-4 weeks, on average.)

  • adam w

    Something about these…. I don’t like them. Maybe they would look better on?

  • Lone Airedale

    This post is worthless without fit pics!

  • Richalicious

    these look quite nicely understated. I’m trying to get my missus into raw denim but she’s having none of it as she thinks not washing your jeans for 6 months is disgusting…… oh how wrong she is !! apart from flat head does anybody recommend any other brands that carry a ladies raw selvedge line ?

    great to see lassie’s getting in on the Fade Friday act !! more please :)

    • Grimtomato

      I know Selfedge carries some selvedge women’s denim from 3sixteen

    • Anon

      Rail Car, Baldwin, 3sixteen, Deep Pocket Jean Co, Imogene & Willie and Naked & Famous all have raw selvedge for the ladies.

    • Damian

      My girlfriend likes a very slender, “feminine,” slim fit jean, and the Naked and Famous selvedge model was the only one that really worked for her. She looks amazing in them, and at $155, they are a steal. The Japanese denim brands that she tried on at Blue & Green (PBJ’s, etc.) had a very “boy-ish,” boxy cut to them. Also, a lot of the jeans made by companies who use large back pockets on the women’s line (Nudie, etc.) look odd IMO on women as well.


      I also just saw a new womens jean by tellason.

  • swissjeansfreak

    Well done denim evolution!!!! considering the many washes

  • dumphone

    leg twist is cool, good knee whiskers and honeycombs. people who flip out about number of washes are taking their denim a little too seriously.

  • MuscleMane

    i havent really hated on anything any fade friday yet, but these have got to be the worst pair i have seen.

  • Grandier

    very nice! and plus you don’t see a lot of ladies wearing raw denim and break it down like this, so it’s another point

  • technicalbastard

    Looks like lost of wasted potential. But nice pair nonetheless.

  • skonrach

    Same type ,but not same fade. This is my BJ-3.

  • skonrach

    My Bj-3