Fade Friday – Edwin ED-49 Rainbow Selvedge Denim (7 months, No Wash)

Fade Friday - Edwin ED-49 Rainbow Selvedge Denim (7 months, No Wash)

Courtesy of forum user, Zin, this week’s instalment of Fade Friday is focused on a pair of Edwin ED-49 after approximately 7 months of wear and no washes. Though we wish we had more information on the denim, unfortunately little is known in terms of what activities were done in them. Zin was also unable to pinpoint the exact length of wear since he’s also working on a pair of Edwin Nashville.

An anagram of the word “denim” with the “m” inverted, Edwin has been in operation for nearly 70 years and grown to become one of the most successful premium Japanese in foreign markets. Among their various models, the ED-49 is one of the most popular; offering a regular and relaxed fit cut with mid-rise and slight taper.

What makes this particular ED-49 unique, however, lies within the selvedge detailing. Rather than utilizing a more common red, blue, or other solid colour selvedge line, this denim boasts a proprietary three-way rainbow selvedge that Edwin originally created in the 1960’s.

For more photos of this well-worn denim, hop over to our forum thread.


  • Name: Edwin ED-49
  • Weight: 13.7 Oz.
  • Fit: Regular, relaxed with a mid-rise and tapered leg
  • Denim: Edwin Rainbow Selvedge Denim

Photos – Before

Edwin ED-49 Rainbow Selvedge Denim

Photos – After

Flat - Edwin ED-49 Rainbow Selvedge Denim (7 months, No Wash) Stride - Edwin ED-49 Rainbow Selvedge Denim (7 months, No Wash) Fit - Edwin ED-49 Rainbow Selvedge Denim (7 months, No Wash) Back Close-up - Edwin ED-49 Rainbow Selvedge Denim (7 months, No Wash) Coin Pocket - Edwin ED-49 Rainbow Selvedge Denim (7 months, No Wash)

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  • Devan Prithipaul

    nice fades, although i think those arcurates are a bit distracting from the fades. very high contrast for relatively lightweight denim.

  • Grandier

    just reminding y’all before all the whine comes in, he has a thread that has more photos and a little bit more information about the wear.

    you’re welcome.

  • Richalicious

    These look great ! if Zin could post up more pics after a wash it would be good to see a before and after
    Great work Zin !! post your Edwin Nashvilles too please :)

    • Richalicious

      Hang on….. just read the forum thread and seen nice after wash pics….. top job !!!

  • whorebucks

    A shame they didn’t post all of his pics from his thread.

  • gggg

    any pics of the ‘rainbow’ selvedge?

  • Diet333

    Glad these got posted. Fades are good and all, but the wallet/belt really tie the jeans together perfectly. Nice reminder that Edwin should come with more thought attached than just “those jeans advertised by Brad Pitt”.

  • Dirty Denim

    Great pair of jeans Zin and love that u fully accessorized the post with wallet and rein ..Edwins and Ande Whalls are jeans i’d love to own eventually

  • Zin

    This was a surprise to find my ED-49 on fade Friday.
    I can provide some more information if you are interested. I am 34 years old and work as a verification engineer. I spend most of my working hours sitting in front of a computer. Shortly after I bought the jeans me and my wife and daughter moved to a new apartment in the building we live in. We got 117 square meters and most of the walls are covered with books. So I broke in my jeans by carrying cases with books up to the atic and then later down to the new apartment. Lots of stairs. But the biggest contributer is my daughter. She is att 2,5 years old. She keeps me down on my knees a lot while playing with her. I also sit cross legged while reading books for her. Make sure to check out the other pictures in my thread. I really like hos the jeans turned out after I washed them.


      those post-wash pics are beauties..

  • Dcinza13

    Edwin jeans fade so fast! Great fades overall. I have a pair of ED-71’s, my first pair of Edwins, I was blown away by how fast they faded, even with a soak and many hand washes.

  • Davil

    Nice fades right there!

  • iMStone

    Looks just the like the rainbow selvedge from the pair of Denim Demon jeans I just picked up!

  • swissjeansfreak

    Great fading results on those Edwins Zin.
    Keep us updated on them. Really beauuties