Fade Friday – A/B P.I Hagberg & Co. 19 Oz. (1 Year, 1 Soak)

Fade Friday - P.I Hagberg 19 Oz. (1 Year, 1 Soak)

Fade Friday – P.I Hagberg 19 Oz. (1 Year, 1 Soak)

Following up the first pair of women’s raw denim to make an appearance on last week’s Fade Friday, we keep the momentum going and debut our first pair of raw jeans from Sweden’s A/B P.I Hagberg & Co. Submitted on our forum by user PederBohme, this pair of high contrast 19 Oz. was worn for one year and endured just one soak.

In case you’re unfamiliar with A/B P.I Hagberg & Co., the company was founded as a workwear denim brand in 2011 by the late serial entrepreneur, Per-Ivan Hagberg. As a sister label of K.G.A.T. and DunderdonHagberg largely draws on heritage inspiration for it’s denim and strikes the balance between a contemporary fit and traditional construction.

The company offers two denims – the 12 Oz. and 19 Oz. – which both use Japanese denim in a regular tapered cut and incorporate several unique features; such as hand-hammered copper rivets, reinforced back pockets, a hidden iPhone pocket, and triple needle sewn yoke. Sadly, as A/B P.I Hagberg & Co.‘s founder passed away late last year, it’s uncertain what the future holds for this young, yet promising, Swedish company.

If you’d like to take a closer look at these Hagberg 19 Oz.‘s, feel free to hop over to the original thread on our forum.


  • Name: A/B P.I Hagberg & Co. 19 Oz.
  • Weight: 19 Oz.
  • Fit: Tapered
  • Length of Wear: 1 Year
  • Number of Washes: 1 Soak
  • Other Details:
    • Hand-hammered copper rivets
    • Reinforced back pockets
    • Hidden iPhone pocket
    • Triple needle sewn yoke

Photos – Before

P.I Hagberg 19 Oz.

Source: Norse Store

Photos – After

Fit - A/B P.I Hagberg & Co. 19 Oz.

Back - A/B P.I Hagberg & Co. 19 Oz.
Front - A/B P.I Hagberg & Co. 19 Oz.

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  • Devan Prithipaul

    fades are ok, nice whiskers, but phone pocket and arcs are pretty cool. also i noticed there hasnt been much said about Japan Blue denim, a fantastic denim company.

    • loki

      It’s the best quality for the money you can get!
      I think it’s like a cheaper version of the Momotaro brand. They also have Zimbabwe denim, but more denim variations.
      Great cuts as well.
      Bought a pair in Berlin at the 14 oz. Store and am really impressed with the quality. It’s much better than my Tellason jeans. Naked and Famous and Nudie don’t even compare!! They are another class…
      Love them so much!

      • Devan Prithipaul

        wow! that makes a lot of sense, thank you. I love them too!

        • loki

          But I have to admit, I am not a fade junky. I like fades, but I like to wear my jeans long. So, I wash them every three months. Still, they fade of course, yet not to the extent they do when you don’t wash them.

  • Vinyl Scratch

    Interesting how he keeps he phone more to the side of the pocket… I usually see them (and therefore the fades) against the inner edge of the pocket and thus closer to the crotch. I like the variation. =)

    Also, the denim itself doesn’t look too shabby, either. It seems to have produced some pretty solid honeycombs and whiskers, and has a nice color.

    Overall, not bad. They still have a lot of life left in them and much potential for more evolved fading later on, but this was still a nice display.

  • Jun

    Why can’t they make a special hidden Android phone pocket? How do they expect me to hide my Note 2, Xperia Z Ultra and all those with screens above 6″?

    • Rodspeed

      Why do “they” have to do anything? If you want it, build it.

      • haha


    • Devan Prithipaul

      if its big enough to fit an android it stops becoming a pocket and becomes a bag.

    • trehsu

      Just get a phone holster to put on your belt. Haha but no seriously I feel your pain.

  • BillygoatsGruff312

    Not a fan of pocket fades at all. But, for people who are, a special “hidden” iphone pocket might expedite that process.

  • whorebucks

    Where can I buy one of these?

  • Quoc Nguyen

    what brand is that belt? Anyone?

    • http://www.gilt.com/invite/tman916 Thomas

      Looks like N&F

    • PederBohme

      It’s actually a Levi’s Made & Crafted belt that I picked up at their sample sale. Don’t know if it was ever put in production…

  • swissjeansfreak

    Nice evo on those pants with still plenty of life left in to them

  • showbe

    What kind of leather keychain is that and where can I buy that?

    “The lanyard is from DenimDemon and the key holder itself is from Nezumi.”

    Can you please be more specific? Ive tried googling both of them and cant find anything on where to buy either of them at. Thanks