Rising Sun & Co. Machinist Cap Indigo Selvedge – Just Released

Rising Sun & Co. Machinist Hat

While most of the attention when it comes to raw and selvedge denim is on jeans and jackets, it’s becoming more common to see the fabric being used in bags, shoes, and other accessories. Rising Sun & Co. are known for creating unique denim pieces (like the apron we featured previously) and this time around they’ve added to their hat collection with the release of their indigo selvedge Machinist Cap.

Made of a lightweight 10 oz. American-made selvedge, the cap is modeled after the 6 panel machine operators hats that were popular at the turn of the century. To help make the hat more breathable, the fabric features a 2×1 weave, as opposed to the more common 3×1, which is common in thinner fabrics like chambrays. As with anything made by Rising Sun, the hat features a multitude of details such as a selvedge internal headband, double needle chainstitching, and an embroidered eyelets.


  • Name: Rising Sun & Co. Machinst Cap
  • Weight: 10oz. 2×1 woven selvedge denim from Cone Mills
  • Other Details:  Utility watch and pencil pocket, branded leather patch, bartacked pockets, and riveted seams
  • Available at:  Rising Sun & Co. for $65.00
Young Lee

Young Lee

Young is a self proclaimed taco and denim enthusiast who plays in the San Francisco bands, The Soonest , and Theres Talk. He regularly posts pictures relating to denim and menswear on Tumblr, Liverpool and Main and Instagram, Young of The Soonest.

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  • Guest

    So where’s the selvedge?

    • Johnson Benjamin

      I do believe the selvage/selvedge line is on the inside of the cap. Maybe around the head band I think.

    • guest too

      so you wanna show off to the world that your hat is selvedge?

  • DiGertsi

    A 2/1 or 2×1 weave is a twill-weave and not a chambray. Chambray is 1/1 or 1×1 plain weave and will not show any diagonal like a 3/1 or 2/1 twill weave.

  • aDenimHatIsTooMuch


  • DenimHatsAreRidiculous

    The next article……selvage boxers

  • onekae

    sick ear fades

  • burgs