Railcar Fine Goods Sonny X001 Women Shorts – Just Released

Sonny X001 Mini

On my recent trip to see Steven Dang at Railcar Fine Goods‘ workshop in Arcadia, California, we ended up discussing women’s impact on raw denim culture. I’ve always praised Dang for his awareness of women in the world of raw denim and offering up a couple solid options – the Viper and Donna fits – for this segment of the market. Riding the momentum of these item’s success, Railcar recently produced a pair of women selvedge shorts, the Sonny X001, which are perfect for the hot, dry summer months.

In terms of the story behind the name, his main goal was to use a word or phrase with connotations of summer. In the end, he was lead him to name the shorts after his dad, Sonny, which is pronounced similar to the word, “sunny”.

Sonny X001 Front View

Constructed from Railcar‘s X001 fabric – a 13.5 oz Cone Mills red line selvedge denim – the Sonny X001 is an entirely new fit as well. They don a slightly lower rise than the women’s Viper fit, but with larger thigh openings so they’re not skin tight at the opening. They also fit slightly looser in the rear end and along the lines of a boyfriend cut.

On the technical side of things, the Sonny incorporates the new triple stitched seat seams and tucked belt looping that initially debuted on the RDCX013. While we’re not sure what sort of fades these will develop (if any), they certainly mark an innovative design and welcomed raw denim option for ladies.

SonnyX001 Selvedge Details


  • Name: Railcar Fine Goods – Sonny X001
  • Weight: 13.5 Oz.
  • Fit: Slim straight with low rise
  • Denim: 100% Cone Mills denim red line selvedge denim
  • Additional Details:
    • Cuffed exposed red line selvedge
    • YKK zipper fly
    • Raw leather Railcar branded patch
    • Triple stitched seat seams
    • Triple stitched tucked belt looping
  • Available at: Railcar Fine Goods for $128.00

Alexander Ramos

Based in Los Angeles, Alex spends his time studying management at California State University, Northridge. He also interns for HVW8 art gallery during his spare time. Brands that he enjoys consist of Edwin jeans, Iron Heart, Levis and Momotaro.

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  • Steven – Railcar Fine Goods

    Thanks for the write up guys!

  • BillygoatsGruff312

    OMG. I was gonna grab these for my ladyfriend but I cant see $128 for a pair of cone mills cut off shorts. The shorts themselves look nice; just a little too rich for my blood at this point.

    I’m not cheap with myself, but I am with others.. I wish there was a pair of 100% cotton selvage jeans for women at a $100-125 price point (like so UB joints). N&F is OK, but the put stretchy material in all of their women’s jeans. I’m looking for some cheap regular selvage for women.

    • Johnson Benjamin

      Well the thing is, there is less fabric… but these still require about the same amount of labor. Just shorter side seams and no hem. Other wise the labor is the same really.

      I feel ya, it is still hard. Ha.

      • Steven – Railcar Fine Goods

        Yeah Bengamin, your right! Same exact work to make them. Minus the bottom hem. Most of the cost is the time and labor it takes us to make them. Small batches on older traditional machines does take longer to construct a single pair.

        If any of you guys/gals are in the Southern California area. The Railcar Workshop is open to the public. Just give us a buzz to set up a time to swing in. Would love to give you a tour of the shop.

        • trehsu

          Yeah accept it’s still way less fabric so 128 still seems high to me

          • Johnson Benjamin

            No appreciation for the value of quality labor?

    • Chantel Pae

      Deep Pocket Jean Company has a pair of Women’s Raw 12 oz. Cone Mills Selvedge for $150 and its 100% cotton & 100% USA made just what your looking for. Fits like a men’s jean for a woman, finally a real pair of jeans for a gal. Check it out (:

      On another note, love those shorts. I’ll have to get a pair!

      • BillygoatsGruff312

        Perfect. Thanks.

  • Johnson Benjamin

    Hmm. Washing a car in rawr denim and a white tank.

    Asking for trouble. haha.

    • BillygoatsGruff312

      I doubt that woman ever gets in trouble for anything.

  • Jacopo

    I’m a male reader and i approve this message

  • Jun

    I would prefer the shorts to be way shorter than this…. I mean come on! Show some ass please!