Naked & Famous WeirdGuy 13 Oz. Jade Selvedge Denim

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Since 2008 Naked & Famous has been pushing the denim envelope and continuing to design and produce some of the most unique and best fitting denim on the market. Their new “Weird Guy” Jade Selvedge does not disappoint and continues to build on their legendary reputation of innovation. This pair of jeans is made in Canada from 13 oz Japanese selvedge denim and has a unique Jade hue promising of extremely unique fades unlike any other pair of jeans on the market.

Specifically, these jeans incorporate a unique brown warp thread, rather than the more traditional white warp thread, that is dyed with a blue-green indigo, resulting in a Jade hue. This pair is offered in the now “Weird Guy” fit, which has a slim top block, medium rise, and tapers from the knee down, and is soon to be offered in other fits as well. Other features include a custom engraved American Bison leather back patch, hidden selvedge pocket detail, and a button fly closure.


  • Name: Naked & Famous “Weird Guy” 130z Jade Selvedge Denim
  • Weight: 130z
  • Fit: “Weird Guy”- slim fit top block, room in the thigh, medium rise, taper from knee to leg opening.
  • Available at: Blue Owl Workshop for $148.00
  • Additional Deatils:
    • Custom engraved Naked & Famous hardware
    • 1/4″ thick American Bison leather patch
    • Button fly closure
    • 100% cotton
    • Indigo dyed
    • Made in Canada


Naked & Famous WeirdGuy 13 Oz. Jade Selvedge Denim

Hardware - Naked & Famous WeirdGuy 13 Oz. Jade Selvedge Denim Details - Naked & Famous WeirdGuy 13 Oz. Jade Selvedge Denim

Darius Lalier

Darius is currently a student living in New York City, attending New York University. Darius has a strong interest in all things raw denim and a specific interest in American manufacturing. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @dlalier.

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  • kai

    A nice jean with a nice price !! If my exchange rate is right that works out at under 100 pounds it seems like good value compared to what I would pay here in the uk

    • john digiweed

      dont forget vat tho

      • kai

        I know ! and not to forget shipping ! it was just a comparison really a pity though .

  • wnz

    What are those boots?

    • guest

      Viberg Chukka. $690 at Tate and Yoko.

      • Johnson Benjamin

        Those boots might actually steal the ‘show’

  • Philip Che

    i wonder how the fade looks on these

  • Yeezytaughtme

    forget about these, Kanye x APC just dropped today and they got a raw denim!!!! everybody gotta cop!

    • Devan Prithipaul

      I know im surprised rawr hasnt covered it yet.

    • TheEndMills

      Were your parents cousins?

  • dtho100

    That leather patch is fucking awesome. Plus, these will most likely fade beautifully.

  • Johnson Benjamin

    Those look great and are affordable.

  • Grandier

    i’d buy this, but i think i’ll wear it only for special occassion like my Royalcast Selvedge….the color is too nice to be faded :(

  • thekiyote

    I want to just put in, I own this pair. The blue-green is more subtle in person, it comes across more as grey. It’s still a really interesting color, but if you order online, looking for that striking color, you may be disappointed.