Fade Friday – Naked & Famous Left Hand Twill (15 Months, 2 Washes)

Naked and Famous Left Hand Twill Honeycombs

This week’s Fade Friday, submitted by user bongenaar on our forum, features a stellar example of the unique fades offered by a pair of Naked & Famous Left Hand Twill Selvedge. The diagonal lines visible on a pair of denim are known as the “twill weave,” created by the warp yarn and the white filling yarn. The standard pair of denim on the market will be right hand twill, or “z twill”, made famous by the likes of Levi’s.

The weave will run from the lower left to upper right. Left hand twill or “s twill”, on the other hand, runs from top left-hand corner to the lower-right. Used by Lee in the early days, left hand twill has been adopted by many premium brands, including Naked and Famous, as a way to differentiate some of their jeans.

Left hand twill tends to wear down softer than right hand twill or broken twill, especially after washing, and it can offer somewhat blurrier fades with the potential for streakiness and vertical fading. For a more in-depth discussion, stay tuned for our compare-and-contrast article of the three different twills.

Our forum member bongenaar wore this pair daily for a year and has since rotated them with another pair every other day. You will notice some patch-work on the left knee and leg opening, as well as standout honeycombs and a wealth of interesting fades.


  • Name: Naked and Famous Left Hand Twill Selvedge
  • Weight: 13.75 Oz.
  • Fit: Skinny Guy (Medium rise, Straight leg, Slim throughout)
  • Denim: Old-School Left Hand Twill Weave
  • Other Details:
    • Deep Indigo Dyed
    • Japanese Fabric
    • Made in Canada
  • Available at: Tate+Yoko for $140.00

Photos – Before

Naked and Famous Left Hand Twill Front Before

Naked and Famous Left Hand Twill Before

Photos – After

Naked and Famous Left Hand Twill Fits After

Naked and Famous Front and Back After

Naked and Famous Left Hand Twill Knees After

Jon Dalley

Jon is crazy about books, music, movies, motorcycles, and, of course, raw denim. He contends that the best method of breaking in a pair of raw denim is to ride a Triumph Bonneville T100 hard and often. Check out his Instagram with the handle RawrJonD.

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  • Ohheyiliekthese

    Almost like samurai fades . I really like !

  • whorebucks

    what waist size is this? 22?

    • trehsu

      I feel like these photos must be stretched vertically

  • Davil

    Nice fades

  • Devan Prithipaul

    really nice fades! contrast is just right, and its so easy to see the different fade patterns. fit pick is a good bonus.

  • felix

    awesome! but dude, you really need to eat!

  • Damian

    Outstanding fade patterns. One of the best MFFs in a very long time. However, the stretched images are killing me. For the love of God, people. If you’re using Photoshop, keep that “constrain proportions” box checked and go EASY on “contrast” and “saturation” (not an issue here, but sometimes an issue in other MFFs).

  • BillygoatsGruff312

    Another well executed Fade Friday.

  • model citizen

    Those honeycombs and those stacks are awesome. Sharper contrast than I would have expected given LHT’s reputation for softer fades. Very nice!

  • swissjeansfreak

    Great fading , stacking and wear pattern on them, congrats!!!

  • Johnson Benjamin

    I have been wanting a pair of left hand twill.

    Are these pics distorted or is the wearer really that tall??

  • Julian Champ

    One of the best faded pairs of N&F’s I’ve seen in a while!!! Superb

  • bongenaar

    It’s 30/36
    may moderator solve this photo to actual pixel
    Thanks for your appreciate!

  • Hwenei

    Omg! A real skinny guy!

  • e.hatcher1

    thats sick

  • goldushapple

    Those are some skinny legs.