The Denim Run, Eindhoven: A New Way to Express Denim Love

Denim Run Wet Plate Photograph Two weeks ago the sun was shining on the Dutch city of Eindhoven, but a mass of blue figures on the streets overshadowed the bright day. This was the passing of  The Denim Run, a ride set up by two denim enthusiasts, Emiel Gerardu (Scotch and Soda) and Wing Mok (Vielgut Store), who had the vision of mixing two of their most beloved hobbies, denim and bicycles.

Inspired by the London’s famous Tweed Run, they thought of starting a similar run, but using denim as a main uniform for the participants rather than tweet. Given that the Netherlands is well know for their massive use of bicycles for both transport and leisure activities, as well of love for denim, the way was paved for the two to put their plan into motion.

Left, Emiel Gerardu and Wing Mok, Right Het Ketelhuis Cafe

Left, Emiel Gerardu and Wing Mok; Right, Het Ketelhuis Cafe

Denim Run Start

The Start of the Denim Run

The group was gathered at the Ketelhuis, once the formal Phillips factory, just outside the city center in Eindhoven. From there the group cruised on their bikes for about two hours, going through parks, old factories, industrial terrains, the local university campus and the city center, finally arriving at the same square from which the ride originated. After the enthusiastic cyclists returned and congregated together, they were surprised with an old fashioned wet-plate photo shoot to commemorate the ride.

Denim Run Riders

The Ladies of the Denim Run

Denim Run Riders

Plenty of Denim

Gerardu and Mok are aiming to set up a new tradition with this ride. They’re already in the planning stages for the next Denim Run and they seem to be thinking big. Who knows, maybe with the beginning of denim rides we are witnessing the birth of a new way to express our love for denim.

Paul Travi

Paul Travi

Paul's first experience with raw denim was at the age of 10 when his parents purchased him a pair of raw Lee Jeans. After many years, he found the very same pair of jeans in the U.S. and since then his interest in denim became a passion. Now based in Holland, Paul is constantly researching and experimenting with the amazing fabric.

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  • loki

    “Tweet Run”

  • Worn Out London

    Great idea. Would love to see this in London!

  • Ryan Chinaski

    why you call it a denim run when no one running

    i for one have actually run in my jeans

    • growe13

      Tried this once. There’s a reason one avoids running in jeans (though it might be fine in lightweight/cashmere/silk denim).

      • Ryan Chinaski

        ran in 15 oz. still damp. 4 miles, no issues. better work out anyways. adds a good 5 to 10 pounds to your bottom half.