Taylor Stitch Cone Mills Natural Selvedge Denim – Just Released

Taylor Stitch Natural Tag and Selvedge

Now that we’re officially into the heat of summer, it’s definitely time to think of a summer-appropriate denim. Even if you’re a diehard who’s still wearing your heavyweight selvedge, there are at least a couple of lighter colored options on the market to keep you from losing your cool.

Taylor Stitch was started in March of 2008 by three friends, initially setting out to create the best custom shirt possible.  Two years later, their first collection was released, followed closely in March of 2011 by their brick-and-mortar store which they opened in the Mission District in San Francisco.  These days, the trio produce a wide arrange of sportswear, denim, and accessories all hand-made in California. In their physical store they sell not only their own products, but those by well-known brands like TellasonJoshu + VelaMakr Carry GoodsDodo CaseAnonymous Ism, among others.

The fine people over at Taylor Stitch, the San Francisco-based made-in-California menswear shop, have released a 12.5 Oz. Cone Mills Natural Selvedge Denim.  The denim is sourced from the ubiquitous Cone Denim Mills in Greensboro, NC, and the fit is labeled as “Democratic,” meaning nicely tailored but not too skinny.  The selvedge is also a nice change of pace for a denim-head’s summer rotation, with the natural off-white shade serving as a simple and good-looking way to mix it up.

Be sure to check out their Independence Collection lookbook featuring the Natural Selvedge as well as extra content on their blog, where they announce and release new collections.


  • Name: Taylor Stitch Cone Mills Natural Selvedge Denim
  • Weight: 12.5 Oz.
  • Denim: 100% cotton Cone Mills Natural Selvedge denim
  • Fit: “Democratic fit” – tailored with room through the thigh (but not too skinny), and a medium rise
  • Available at: their online shop for $145.00
  • Other details:
    • Shape/rise designed to keep the back waistband against your skin


Taylor Stitch front and tab

Taylor Stitch cuff and selvedge


Taylor Stitch modelled fits

Taylor Stitch modelled fits

Austin Bryant

Austin is a denim enthusiast that hails from Boston, Massachusetts. He works in the fashion industry and has a passion for all things visual. His photo blog is Men of Charisma and his adventures can be seen through his Instagram: @ausbry

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  • kai

    Love the natural denim fabric ! Not to keen on the red and navy selvedge would like see a more neutral colour blend in with this type of fabric !!

    • Alan

      Not a fan of red, white and blue? What do you have against america? Do you hate freedom as well?

      • kai

        Who said anything about america ?

      • Richalicious

        LOL you must hate france, UK, russia, austrailia, NZ….. i could go on ha ha :)
        to be fair i’m not a massive fan either….. you can take our lives but you’ll never take our FREEEEEEDOMMMM !!

    • BillygoatsGruff312

      one of the better parts imho

  • mister56

    Love the natural denim fabric ! Very keen on the red and navy selvedge, it pops making for a cool look. Any other neutral colors would make these look like ladies pants, with this type of fabric !!

  • Arch Angel

    Gustin had this exact same denim a while back for $81.

  • shuttup

    poorly cut leather patch

    • BillygoatsGruff312

      They did that on purpose.

  • Philip Che

    The cut of the pants seem a little bit baggy