Naked & Famous Elephant 3 and 32 Oz. Heavyweight Denim – Just Released

Naked & Famous

Naked & Famous has just released the 3rd installment of their heavy Elephant denim, the appropriately named, Elephant 3. Those who have looked around for heavyweight denim know that choices for denim heavier than 14-16 Oz. are limited, so it’s no surprise that the Elephant series has been immensely popular not only for its weight but also its price point.

The Elephant 3 is made of 19 Oz. sanforized Japanese denim with a deep indigo warp and beige weft. If you’re keeping score, you’ll notice that the Elephant 3 weighs a little less than the Elephant 2, which were 22 Oz but at 19 Oz, it’s still be more than enough fabric for heavyweight fans. Keeping in the same vein as the previous Elephants, the Elephant 3 has tonal stitching and a quarter-inch thick heavy leather patch.

Naked & Famous Elephant 3

  • Name: Naked & Famous Elephant 3
  • Weight: 19 Oz.
  • Fit: Weird Guy (Medium Rise, Tapered Leg) and Skinny Guy (Medium Rise, Skinny Leg, Slight Taper)
  • Denim: Sanforized 19 Oz. Japanese Indigo Selvedge, 100% Cotton
  • Available at: Blue Owl for $175.00
  • Other Details
    • 1/4 inch thick Leather Patch
    • Indigo warp and Beige weft
    • Tonal Stitching

Selvedge Details and Leather Patch


Indigo warp and beige weft. Tonal Stitching throughout


Naked & Famous Elephant 3

Along with the Elephant 3, Naked & Famous has announced their plans of releasing another round of their 32oz denim. We had previously covered the 32oz denim when it was first released and Brandon Svarc, the founder, had mentioned that it was possible they would not be able to do this again due to difficulties encountered during the manufacturing process. However, it seems they’ve worked out the kinks and are set to take on the challenge again. Full details have yet to be released but this run will limited to 50 pairs of black and 100 pairs of indigo. Pre-requests can be made through Tate & Yoko.


  • Name: Naked & Famous Weird Guy 32 Oz Super Heavyweight
  • Weight: 32 Oz.
  • Fit: Weird Guy (Medium Rise, Tapered Leg)
  • Denim: Unsanforized 32 Oz. Japanese Indigo Selvedge and Unsanforized 32 Oz. Japanese Black Selvedge, 100% Cotton
  • Pre-order available at: Tate & Yoko for $495.00 (Indigo – limited to 100 pairs) or $545.00 (Solid Black – limited to 50 pairs)
  • Other Details
    • 15 Oz. Leather Patch
    • 1″ x 1.5″ thick yarn (the same used to make carpet)
    • Made in Kojima, Japan

Naked & Famous 32 Oz Denim

Young Lee

Young Lee

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  • Grandier

    holy mother of denim…..the 32oz is coming…and it’s unsanforized….

    i wonder if it’ll turn to 36oz after soak? or maybe it’s too much lol

  • kai

    REAL MAN JEANS !! With a touch of class I would like to see more macro shots of this denim though,

  • Ryan Chinaski

    the denim may last forever but N&F construction is built for 6 months at best

    • kai

      Ryan have you had any past experience with n&f before ? The reason I ask is because I personally haven’t owned a pair of those jeans and I really like this style .

      • Ryan Chinaski

        Ive had a couple pairs. Been dissapointed each time. They release cool concept denim at a good price but you get what you pay for. I actually have a pair of asian made Levis Made & Crafted I got on sale which are leagues ahead of my N&F as far as structure and ruggedness goes. I feel like with N&F, I can pull a belt loop off with about ten pounds of pressure.

        • tacoma_native

          I agree with you about the quality of N&F in general. The stuff is not made to last and relies on the whole “after six months you can expect a crotch blow out” myth. That being said…As far as their heavy weight denim goes, it’s actually pretty well made considering the price point. I have had a pair of the elephant 2 for a while now and they have held up better than any other raw denim i’ve owned. but I’d credit that to the weight of the denim and not the brand.

          • Ryan Chinaski

            that and the carpet threading they use to stitch the whole jean together.

        • greySky

          Whaaat I’m sad to hear this, I’ve had two pairs and they’ve lasted over 8 months each, with no signs of any real tearing….I’m sure theyll go for another while. Maybe I wear my jeans less hard.

          • coolfadezbro

            Ryan never stated that he actually wore pairs, and the fact that he doesn’t quantify the amount of pairs that he had, or failing to mention the areas of a tear/rip make his post even more unreliable.

            For the record, I have 13oz Skinny Guys that I’ve worn on runs and jogs with my dog, 5 days/week for 15 months and there have been no signs of tears or rips.

      • iak

        you sounds just like devan

        • kai

          Is that a good or a bad thing ?

          • Devan Prithipaul

            it’s a very good thing. You want to aspire to be like me here.

          • kai

            The reason I asked if it was a good or bad thing ? Is that I dont know who you are . I don’t aspire to anyone other than myself ! Look I am new to all these type of forums. posting responses to question’s it’s new to me I look at some forums and people can be at each other’s throats for months and even years on end personally that’s not me I am only interested in all things denim !!!

          • John

            as an FYI, this isn’t a forum, it’s just a comment section, so there isn’t much interaction between readers. And why are you being so defensive?

          • kai

            Sorry if I sound all defensive no harm done (ha ha) as I said before all this posting and stuff is all new to me !!

          • iak

            yep, you sound just like devan indeed

          • doug

            it’s a very very bad thing.

      • Cruel_Angel

        I own a bunch of pairs of N&F over the last few years and haven’t had any major issues. A few small repairs, but nothing unlike any other raw denim brands I’ve owned.

        The haters here just don’t know what they are talking about. I think they confuse price with quality and can’t wrap their head about N&F’s pricing. They assume that there must be some sort of trade off.

        I’ve been wearing Raw’s for over 10 years now, I own jeans from Flat Head, Momotaro, PBJ, RJB, Big John, Burgus Plus, Samurai, APC, Nudie, Levis, ect ect.. My N&F’s hold up just as well if not better than anything out there. I’ve never had seams rip on me, or even belt loops pop off.

    • Sean N.

      I agree. My two year old APC’s have outlasted my seven month old N&F’s…

    • The Bandanna Almanac

      Hence the price.

  • Johnson Benjamin

    Some scary ounce jeans.
    Once again, it is very refreshing to read about innovation within this industry. More aptly perhaps, risk takers.

  • BillygoatsGruff312

    Any fade or fit pics out on the 32 ouncers?

  • jon

    I’ve had my deep indigos for about 2 yrs and they’ve held up just fine. No quality issues what so ever

  • Brandon

    The N&F Weird Guy and Skinny Guy are far from a medium rise, but instead a rather uncomfortable and unflattering low rise. Apart from the quality, they are some of the worst fitting jeans I’ve ever encountered. That being said, I can appreciate their innovation and willingness to experiment, though.

  • Robert

    Will the Elephant 3 also be available in other countries?