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Levi’s Made and Crafted (LM&C), a division of the premium Levi’s XX line, offers up a broad selection of higher-end products each season. Covering all the bases from outerwear to shirts and bottoms, LM&C gives consumers a particularly strong selection for their Spring/Summer line. I myself was lucky enough to be sent a pair of the Tack model jeans and have been wearing them religiously since.

After spending some time with them and getting to know the jeans in more depth I am now ready to offer up my review of the Levi’s Made and Crafted Tack Rigid Selvedge Jeans.

Levi's Made and Crafted Tack Front and Back


  • Name: Levi’s Made and Crafted Tack Jeans
  • Weight: 12 oz.
  • Denim: 100% cotton Japanese Indigo Selvedge Denim (Rigid Wash)
  • Other Details:
    • Red Selvedge Line
    • Blue Levi’s flag
    • Made and Crafted Leather Patch
    • Zipper fly
    • Made and Crafted branded waist button
    • Interior Back Pocket Stitching
  • Available at: Zappos Online Shop for $198.00


Selvedge Made and Crafted

Selvedge Details

The selvedge denim used in the Tack jeans comes straight from the vintage looms used by Levi’s in Japan. Though the finish of these jeans are marked as “rigid”, do not be deceived. The denim used to make this jean is surprisingly soft and light coming in at about 12 oz. As far as looks go, the denim possesses a nice dark indigo tone that is consistent throughout.

As for the actual selvedge, the denim’s finishing is a bit different than most Levi’s denim that I have seen. While they’ve used the standard red line selvedge they’re famous for, the red is a little bit more subdued by the white selvedge stitching that borders it. This is an aesthetic detail that LM&C takes great pride in including, albeit many may not notice.

Considering the product is for their Spring/Summer collection I feel that the chosen weight of the denim was spot on. Coming in at about 12 oz, the light nature and breathability of this jean makes them a perfect pair for the upcoming warmer days and nights (and would be an excellent addition to our previous post, “5 Pairs of Raw Denim Jeans for Summer“).


Levi's Tack Front Back and Side

Levi’s Tack Front Back and Side (size 32 x 34)

The fit of the Tack is a bit different than the standard Levi’s 514 slim fit silhouette. As stated earlier, the fit of this jean draws upon a shape Levi’s previously used in the 1960s. The jean starts as a slim fit through the thigh and slightly tapers from the knee down to the bottom hem.

In classic Levi’s fashion, the jean’s fit  is quite true to size. I’m wearing a 32 x 34 above, which is a bit longer than I usually wear, but felt the cuffing at the bottom gives the jeans a slightly more old school look.


As the name Made and Crafted implies, immense attention was given to the denim’s construction department. All the stitching was done in two tone gold and yellow thread; sewn just thick enough to be noticed, but not too thick that it becomes obnoxious. Stress points are reinforced with a combination of rivets and bar tack stitching.

Levi's Made and Crafted Back Pockets

The leather backpatch comes in an unstained tan leather color with Levi’s Made and Crafted branding embossed on it. However, one aspect that really stood out to me was the back pocket’s interesting take on the classic Levi’s arc. Rather than being sewn on the outside, the back pocket arches are sewn into the inside seat of the pants themselves. Thus as you wear the pants the pattern wears into the pockets. Of course no Levi’s denim would be complete without the tag, which is included on the back pocket and instead comes in a wonderful blue color.

Levi's Tag

As we make our way around to the front of the pants we encounter traditionally styled rivets on the front pockets. There’s also find a nifty little hidden selvedge detail on the inside of the coin pocket. The jeans come with a zipper fly, Made & Crafted branded waist button, and the chain stitched hems keep everything together with a tight finish at the bottom of the legs.

Levi's Button

Taking a look at the interior of the jeans, there’s another hidden selvedge detail along the left side of the waist opening. Continuing to the left is a waist size tag and Made and Crafted branded pocket bag which also allows you to claim official ownership over your new jeans. The coolest feature of these pocket bags is that Levi’s paid extra attention to detail and sewed one side into the leg stitching so that they do not shift around during wear. The back of the waist features a Levi’s Made and Crafted tag which bears the model name and lot number.

Made and Crafted Interior Tag


Bar Tacks, Rivets and Stitching Levi's Made and Crafted

Bar Tacks, Rivets and Stitching

Levi’s has always been known for it’s sturdy construction as well as their meticulous attention to detail while putting their garments together. From when I opened the package I was excited with what lay in store for me and impressed to see that the pants fit well and felt great. However by the end of the first day of wear, the stitching on the crotch of my jeans had started to come loose.

I let it sit for a couple of days hoping that it wouldn’t spread, but when it did I eventually gave the jeans a quick little rescue sew job and they’ve held up nicely since. All the major seams and stress points seem to have been reinforced with chain stitching and while I’m no garment construction or sewing expert, you’ll have to take a good look through the pictures to gain a full understanding.

Dennis DePrimo

Dennis DePrimo

Dennis is a musician/producer, skateboarder and denim enthusiast. Follow him on instagram at: @dennistehmenace

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  • tonhash

    Came apart at the first day hahahaha. Come on I know they gave them to you but the construction is shit and they look shit as well.

    • BillygoatsGruff312


  • CVanDriel

    Being a huge Levi’s (Vintage) fan I wasn’t too happy in the beginning about the details (In fact of the whole Levi’s M&C series.)no (visible) arcs / blue tab but this is actually a good quality jean although a bit pricey. Had lots of positive feedback from costumers regarding these jeans.

    • scottelectronic

      People responsible for the creation of costumes have given you feedback on these jeans?

  • Sean

    The interior stitch (arc) of the back pockets left an impression on my wallet over time.

    • cyberkip

      I bet buying them also left an impression on your wallet.

      Ba-dum tsss!

  • Devan Prithipaul

    Very impressive, good article and the pair of jeans featured here are excellent! lots of cool details to brag over, not only that but the price seems to be great in relation to quality. I would love to see a review on the Oni 20oz secret denim.

  • Ryan Chinaski

    i have a pair of made and crafted. same denim. shits inky and doesnt crease. I use em as work jeans now.

    and the tack isnt a 514 fit. its a 511 if anything. you kids be confusing slim and skinny. that tack is skinny as shit.

  • yada

    Maybe I’m too dumb but what is so special about the selvage line? Looks pretty normal to me. And while we ar it, what is a ‘selvage stitching’? …

    The selvage detail on the ‘waist opening’ (what is that?) is a just a selvage fly construction. Nice to have..yeah

    And funny that Levi’s is now ‘copying’ the Japanese brands with their hidden&fading arcs (e.g. Samurai although I think also CK Jeans used this before)

  • David G

    Nice write-up. Are these sanforized?

  • AaronPerspective

    True to size, but do you think they will stretch given time? Also, are they sanforized?

  • guest

    Wow… definitely surprised by the comments on these. I own them and wiped out hard dirt biking in them (stupid I know but it was a spur of the moment thing) Surprisingly they made it out with two very small rips on the leg (actually look pretty well placed). Amazing considering my underwear were absolutely shredded in the process. If anything complain about the really low contrast fades, the fit and construction are great

  • fracktonofdata

    The only reason I would ever justify the price of these jeans is due to the LSM&C line using REAL indigo and natural dyes for their pieces. The reason they won’t have a high-contrast fade immediately is due to a process known as “mineral crocking”, which I will explain. Crocking is the industry term for dye transfer from one dry surface to another (as opposed to bleeding, that occurs in the presence of water). Mineral crocking is a finishing process used after sanforization, but before construction, that exposes the fabric to various metals/minerals in a dry “bath” to absorb any excess dye and helps the indigo penetrate the yarn farther. Additionally, I have been told that it conditions the dye to be less volatile, as natural dyes are known to change drastically in a very short time period, thereby producing a fabric that will fade very slowly unless worn for a VERY long time (1yr or more). What do you guys think? Do you prefer natural indigo fades or synthetic fades? (LVC products from the 60s/70s use a high-sulfur based dye that fades very quickly for example, as opposed to 40s/50s)