Fade Friday – Samurai S5000S 21 Oz. (5 Months, 1 Soak, 1 Wash)

Fade Friday - Samurai S5000S 21 Oz. (5 Months, 1 Soak, 1 Wash)

Fade Friday – Samurai S5000S 21 Oz. (5 Months, 1 Soak, 1 Wash)

Samurai Jeans is a brand steeped in rich Japanese history. As the name of the brand suggests, the founder Toru Noogami‘s mission is to have the “spirit of the Japanese sword embedded in the jeans.” Holding true to Noogami’s mission, Samurai, like many other denim brands, refuses to follow pop culture.

Instead, they choose to stay true to their heritage by following decades of Japanese tradition such as the use of vintage shuttle looms and employing historical work ethics, as well as building products with durability, not trend, in mind. This week’s Fade Friday showcases a pair of 4 month old Samurai S5000S jeans that we believe Noogami would be immensely proud of.

One of the most compelling aspects of this pair of jeans is the ease at which we can determine the wearer’s lifestyle. From the heavy fading on the knees, we can conclude that the wearer, reader Andrew Richardson, works some form of labour. The impressively well-defined (in a relatively short scope of time) whiskers and coin pocket imprinting tell us that the jeans also spend a fair amount of time in a seated position.

Richardson reinforces both of these assumptions in the short bio that he provided – “I work construction, work on cars in them and go to school in them during the week” he says, “on the weekend they are my go to pair. I am trying to test the denim, doing whatever I can to beat them up”. 

The denim used in the construction of this Samurai S5000S is a 100% cotton 21 oz. Japanese selvedge denim. As is standard with Samurai Jeans, the denim is dyed using Pure Indigo dyes.


  • Name: Samurai Jeans S5000S
  • Weight: 21 oz.
  • Fit: Straight Leg, Mid Rise
  • Denim: 100% Cotton, Japanese Selvedge
  • Number of washes: 0 (1 Soak)
  • Available at: Blue In Green for $398

Photos – Before

Before - Samurai S5000S 21 Oz.

Photos – After

Fit - Samurai S5000S 21 Oz.

Front and Back - Samurai S5000S 21 Oz.

Front - Samurai S5000S 21 Oz.

Back and Side - Samurai S5000S 21 Oz.


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  • Kyle

    Wow, great fades for just four months. Lots of jeans don’t look that good with twice as much wear time! Maybe I’m wrong but it does look like the contrast levels have been adjusted in these pictures. At any rate, those are some great looking jeans. My S710xx is around the fourth-month mark and has been washed once, and I’m amazed by how fast they fade. You definitely can’t go wrong with Samurai denim.

    • Filthy Fresh

      Great fades indeed, mad indigo bleed in just 5 months?! I agree the photo’s look like they have been adjusted, a shame really. Better choose good pics in out of direct sunlight for a proper fade friday IMHO.

      Ps. Would love to see a good Rogue Territory fade!

      • Kyle

        I’ve found that the best natural conditions for taking denim fade photos is around 10 AM, in the shade near sunlight. That’s how I photographed the 1005s featured last month. I find that this is a nice substitute for fancy studio lighting (disclaimer: I’m no photographer and have no idea how that works), this seems to really bring out the natural color of the jeans without requiring photoshop trickery if you do it right.

  • CVanDriel

    Great fades. I just love the way heavier denim fades.

  • hello

    nice fades, now stay away devan!!!

  • Devan Prithipaul

    Very impressive fades in just 4 months. However the pictures look heavily edited, especially compared to the fit pick. still good fades though.

    • pickles

      …said a guy with a nice fit pick

    • Ryan Chinaski

      photos are edited. fit is ok. not too tight at least.

      • Devan Prithipaul

        yeah fit is fine, and the pattern on the fades is nice, it just needs a couple more months.

        • squatty

          i’ve missed you

          • Devan Prithipaul

            I’ve missed you too.

  • Drew

    No editing was done to the jeans , all photos are true . Fit pics are in a room with insufficient lighting with an iPhone. Check out drew_breeze on SUFU for the complete Evo

    • Rian Patterson

      How’d you get the japanese Samurai denim?

  • selapista

    Ilove to see people believe in fairy tales…. 4 months my big fat white knee

  • johnnybravvo

    Hmmm. Fit pics look NOTHING like other pics. Hmmm.

  • Drew

    Better light

    • drew

      better light

  • Guest

    I have worn my pair of G-Star Raw raw denim since October 2012. The wearing time is about 5 months and there isnt any color fade appears on the jeans, except a little of honeycomb. Any suggestion for me?

    • Gu

      live a more active lifestyle

    • BillygoatsGruff312

      Stop wearing G-star Raw. Its the Ed Hardy of denim.

  • brando flex

    sandpaper does wonders huh?

  • Matt

    No way these are fades from 5 months wear

  • Ley_Bach

    I would be so pissed if my denim broke in this quick. In a year(two tops) these will be dust.

  • gr8gr33nz .

    I doubt this fool had these fades past a year so yea 4months I call bs.