Fade Friday – Pure Blue Japan XX-013 (14 Months, No Wash)

Fade Friday - Pure Blue Japan XX-013 (14 Months, No Wash) This week’s Fade Friday showcases a pair of Pure Blue Japan xx-013, courtesy of Oliver Wockenfuss from Munich, Germany. Oliver has been wearing these for 14 months and yet to bring to get them a wash or soak. The fades on this pair aren’t incredibly prominent, maybe due to the fact that the indigo hasn’t been washed out yet. Overall, however, there has some promising wear.

From my own knowledge, I’ve noticed Pure Blue Japan denim typically take a longer time to wear. The indigo is still quite vibrant for a 14 month pair, but you can see slight progress around  the top block whiskers, which are coming in nicely. The creases around the thighs also shows that Oliver has a good amount of leg room.

The PBJXX-013 also has a taper from the knee down which can easily pick up fantastic combs’ and knee fades. Needless to say, we’re definitely excited to see this pair after a couple of washes, which will also help inhibit the crouch from any blowouts in the future.


  • Name: Pure Blue Japan XX-013
  • Weight: 14 Oz.
  • Denim: Unsanforized 100% Japanese Selvedge Denim
  • Fit: Slim Tapered Leg
  • Length of wear: 14 Months
  • Washes: No Washes
  • Additional Details:
    • Button fly
    • Hidden back pocket rivets
    • Right Hand Twill
    • Herringbone Twill pocket lining
    • Deerskin leather patch
  • Available at: Blue In Green for $305.00 USD

Photos – Before

Before - Pure Blue Japan XX-013

Photos – After

After - Leather Patch Pure Blue Japan XX-013

Fit - Pure Blue Japan XX-013

Back Pocket & Belt Loops - Pure Blue Japan XX-013

Top Block Whiskers, Stacks - Pure Blue Japan XX-013

Alexander Ramos

Based in Los Angeles, Alex spends his time studying management at California State University, Northridge. He also interns for HVW8 art gallery during his spare time. Brands that he enjoys consist of Edwin jeans, Iron Heart, Levis and Momotaro.

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  • weeksauce

    weeq saus..

  • SquareBottle

    wasted potential. hope this fade friday convinces kids that washing your jeans on a regular basis is necessary for high-contrast fades.

    • Ryan Chinaski


    • anonymous

      try a pair of pbj bro, you’ll realize how hard it is to fade it, even if you wash it regularly

    • swissjeansfreak

      Keep in mind that those pants havn’t 14 full month of daily wear in them, they have been worn much less days. Those pants would come out super greeat if worn another 500 -700 days without any washings. Don’t forget that PBJ needs a lot of time to receive strong fadings

  • Li Huang

    I agree with Alexander that this would look nice once washed and for 14 months the distress is very minimal. I’m not sure about his decision for not soaking a pair of Unsanforized jeans though.

  • swissjeansfreak

    As one of the few never wash or soak raw denim purists here around, I think those pants would come out super great if just worn the same way for another long time. I had the same denim evolution on my last old Denime pants and I have seen quite some really hard worn and beaten up but still unwashed raw denim stuff with great fading contrasts.

    But it’s true about higher risks of crotch blowouts and cracks in the honey comb areas

    • Ferdinand

      Sorry what? Are you saying that if one does not wash their denim, one’s denim becomes blow out prone? Is there something about washing that prolongs the life of the Material? I usually virgin wash my jeans only when they need a tailor’s attention, round the one year mark.

      • swissjeansfreak

        I never wash my raw denim stuff.
        The never washed raw denim fabric is stiffer and can effect more abrasions on heavy used areas like around the crotch area and for cracks in the honey comb areas. But I don’t care about this since I jsut don’t wanna loose the original shiny indigo colour

        Therefore I always wear my stuff in 3 steps: office-leisure/outdoor-work pants on construction sites,…

      • anonymous

        yes, you dont wash your jeans, your crotch blows easily, the dust particles just stays on your jeans grinding each other like there’s no tomorrow

      • ijustwishi

        I am not sure if dust has anything to do with crotch blowout at all, as anonymous said. I can tell you almost positively, however, that the sweat and body oils that naturally build up over time most definitely lessen the life of jeans.

  • Brad

    So he has never washed his UNsanforized xx-013………….

  • Oliver

    Unfortunately I forgot to add the info about the first soak after 1 month of wear…

    • Sillywizard


  • Mark Lemberger

    sorry to say that but they just look like my £19.99 Uniqulo pre-shrunk jeans after around 8 washes and around 2 years of wear

    • swissjeansfreak

      Like mentioned above, those pants have never 14 month of daily wear in them. For these hard to fade PBJ you need to go for another 500-700 days of hard wear without washing and I guarantee you impressing results!! Of course this is for the raw denim purists only who prefere the original raw denim indigo color tone more then the royal blue tone, which you get on all raw denim stuff after their first washing.

      There is just one simple suggestion to all: Jeans are made to be used. And use the jeans in the best way for you, no matter if you like the never washed shiny greenish fading color with patina or the often washed skyblue faded pants. They are your jeans so you decide, what you wanna do with them

  • coryla

    *washes* “this isn’t where i left my fades?”

  • guy

    hm… i actually recently brought the same xx013 pbj, But the jeans are already perfect fit before i soak them…so im struggling whether to soak them….. which raise the question since u haven’t soak them. won’t your jean shrink and shift your comb up?